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After 10 years, in German machine treatment company Isselburg is cast and machine limited company, milling cutter of Octomill8 face blade by brand-new Double Octomill double place of 8 blade milling cutter is replaced. Because the economy of this cutting tool is good, in the success was gained after the treatment of 6 months merely. What is there to concern between Fu Ertai and the most advanced milling technology? This French writer with 18 well-known centuries said one lets common people the logion of be convinced: Perfect it is to show besides enemy. This also is two hill the Isselburg that Tt of tall ü of colleague Stefan Sch and Hn of Stephan K ü want to be in the Isselburg town that approachs Emmerich to go up in De He border is cast and the processing factory proves. Contented demand has time of 10 years about, the cutting tool of a lot of cast and machines a company treatment working procedure that the milling cutter of Octomill8 face blade that contains 8 horn bit is this tradition all the time chooses. But, the addition that produces demand asks to seek new approach to satisfy goal of production. The Tt of ü of technical adviser Stefan Sch of hill tall cutting tool and Hn of ü of technical service Stephan K accepted a challenge, with the client one step aside issues a kind of appropriate technology plan, can reduce manufacturing time on one hand, on the other hand, its " side-effect " it is to reduce cost. The essence that passes precondition of pair of requirements, technology and manufacturing cost follows an analysis, they decide and Wolfgang Kock of engineering department inspector general is carried out together fulfil new hill Gao Dao to have milling system plan. Using after the experiment is being obtained to succeed on designation cutting tool and machine tool, undertake optimizing then, had done not have any obstacles on the road that implements this plan. Zun Qi: Tt of ü of Stefan Sch of technical adviser of Hn of ü of Stephan K of service of technology of tall cutting tool of Wolfgang Kock of inspector general of department of Fer of ü of technical service Christian Kn, engineering, hill and hill tall cutting tool. Successful key rises from December 2007, new and ' better ' Double Octomill double 8 blade milling cutter is cast in Isselburg and treatment limited company has been in treatment score a success, replace in a lot of places alleged ' good ' milling cutter of Octomill8 face blade. StephanK ü Hn is in the talk of the Fer of ü of colleague Christian Kn with Mr Wolfgang Kock and him explanatory path, what the key of this overwhelming victory depends on this kind of cutting tool is high-powered the organic couple that owns part of 16 point of a knife with every razor blade. Wolfgang Kock summed up treatment of the first year for certain: "Razor blade of pottery and porcelain once was used at discussing to whether want to replace milling cutter of Octomill8 face blade, because its treatment is outstanding, reliable, still use at finish machining in a few machine tools now even. But we decide DoubleOctomill double 8 blade milling cutter serves as successor. We notice its economy is first-rate very quickly, in cutting speed 500m/min and feed speed 6, below 500mm/min, every razor blade has lower cost. Ascribe its feed rate is high increased stability at the same time, "Double Octo " double 8 blade made a proof for us in practice. Wolfgang Kock summed up this success with a word: "In the final analysis, the handling time that we are talking about considerably cut should be attributed to feed speed to rise nearly 380% ! " Isselburg is cast and treatment company is not a common manufactory, it has itself cast a factory. Wolfgang Kock explains in travelling: "Our automobile industry client takes seriously cast, treatment and constructional band. Be in Germany, resemble us the amount of such company is can be counted on one's fingers. " first time of record-breaking production value throughout history, isselburg is cast and treatment company exceeded euro of 6 ten million to be employed in the production value last year had about 250 workers. The company history that they can look round 213 years. Have in the Campagna all round Isselburg geological the rare sex that go up, this brought about 18 centuries to be built inside this area a lot of cast a factory. Here, rich iron ore can be in with hoe and shovel the strip mine that is next to upper range (iron ore of so called billabong) excavate. The first casts a factory to begin to be over there from 1794, the first machinery plant also was joined 1830. Here, cast-iron pan, radiator, produce mailbox of Prussian royal appropriative even. For the 200 anniversary of this company, a duplicate by new mould and the adornment that takes great pride the ground is used at administrative building hall now. Today, isselburg is cast and machine limited company to devote oneself to the production of top class casting pig and component of nodular cast iron. Its client orders flywheel, apply the brake and transmission shaft component, gasoline tank, shaft coupling and transmission case. Two very proud Xiang Shan's tall technician reveal Wolfgang Kock and Fer of Christian Kn ü a lot of Double Octomill double the applied place of 8 blade milling cutter. The axle housing that produces for Deutz company is on the Nbh260 of H ü Ller Hille undertake machining. The housing of electric machinery stator that produces for ABB is being cast in Isselburg by pile and on the Nbh290 of the Ller Hille of ü of machining center H with treatment the biggest limited company. New milling machine also machines the vent-pipe of the gasoline tank of Deutz and Cummins. The flywheel product line of photograph adjacent can have mass production, those who make person impression very deep is annual can produce for Perkins derv engine nearly 80, 000 flywheel. Wolfgang Kock is opposite this to be about to install, the new line that can develop mission of 9 new treatment is very proud. Accordingly, double Octomill double 8 blade milling cutter has made the preparation that meets tomorrow. CNC Milling CNC Machining