What does the processing technique with jumpy radial of numerical control machine tool have?

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: In process of treatment of CNC Milling cutting, the reason that causes machining error is very much, cutting tool radial beats brought error is a among them main factor, the sum of errors of the smallest figure that it affects a machine tool to be able to be achieved below good treatment condition directly is machined geometrical appearance precision of the surface. In actual cutting, surface roughness of the treatment precision of the spare parts of radial and jumpy influence of cutting tool, surface, cutting tool wears away inhomogenous degree of cutting process that reachs much tine cutting tool is characteristic. Cutting tool radial is jumpy bigger, the treatment status of cutting tool jumps over what do not stabilize, affect treatment result more. One, the production error of cutting tool of   of   of reason of radial and jumpy generation and main shaft component, error that hold clip causes cutting tool axes and main shaft ideal mix adrift between rotor line prejudicial, and specific treatment craft, tool produce CNC Milling cutting tool possibly machining. What does the processing technique with jumpy radial of numerical control machine tool have? 1. Radial of main shaft itself beats brought influence     produces main shaft radial to beat the main reason of the error has main shaft the coaxial between all sorts of errors that the coaxial of each journal spends itself of error, bearing, bearing spends deflection of error, main shaft to wait, what the influence size of precision of radial to main shaft circumgyrate follows treatment pattern is different and they are different. These elements are the production in the machine tool is mixed assemble what in waiting for a process, form, the handlers that serves as a machine tool avoids the influence that they bring very hard. 2. Cutting tool center and main shaft rotate the center is abhorrent in the process that cutting tool of brought influence     is installing main shaft, if the center of cutting tool is mixed the whirl of main shaft the center is abhorrent, the radial that also can bring cutting tool necessarily is jumpy. Its are specific influencing factor has: Of cutting tool and collet cooperate, on knife method is accurate and the quality of cutting tool oneself. 3. Because,the radial that the cutting tool of influence     that specific treatment craft brings produces when treatment beats basically is aggravate of radial cutting force radial and jumpy. Radial cutting force is total cutting force the component of force in radial. It can make workpiece bends to be out of shape and produce the vibration when treatment, it is the main component of force that affects workpiece to machine quality. It basically gets cutting dosage, cutting tool and work the influence of the element such as angle of geometry of a material, cutting tool, lubricant means and treatment method. 2, because,the cutting tool of methodological     that reduces radial to beat produces radial to beat when treatment basically is aggravate of radial cutting force radial and jumpy. So, reducing radial cutting force is to reduce radial and jumpy important principle. Can use the following kinds of methods to reduce radial to beat: 1. Use the part before   of sharp cutting tool   chooses bigger cutting tool, make cutting tool sharper, in order to reduce cutting force and vibration. Choose the actor after bigger cutting tool, reduce cutting tool advocate hind knife face and workpiece transfer exterior flexibility renews the clash between the layer, can reduce vibration thereby. But, of cutting tool before the horn after horn is mixed cannot be chosen too greatly, the strength that can cause cutting tool otherwise and medicinal powder hot area is insufficient. So, want to combine the part after the horn before particular case chooses different cutting tool is mixed, can take when rough machining a few smaller, but when finish machining, stem from the consideration that reduces a knife to have radial and jumpy side, should obtain a few bigger, make cutting tool more sharp. 2. The   of cutting tool   with use great strength basically can pass two kinds of means to increase the strength of cutting tool. It is to be able to increase the diameter of arbor to be in be issued by the circumstance of same radial cutting power, arbor diameter increases 20% , the radial and jumpy quantity of cutting tool can reduce 50 % . 2 it is to be able to decrease what the penknife provides to extend length, cutting tool extends length bigger, the cutting tool when treatment is out of shape bigger, in constant change lying when treatment, the radial of cutting tool is jumpy can change ceaselessly subsequently, bring about workpiece to machine the surface thereby not smooth and same, cutting tool extends length to reduce 20% , the radial and jumpy quantity of cutting tool also can be reduced 50% . 3. Of cutting tool before knife face wants smooth     to be when treatment, smooth before knife face can be reduced cut the bits attrition to cutting tool, also can reduce the cutting force that cutting tool gets, the radial that reduces cutting tool thereby is jumpy. 4. Main shaft taper hole and taper hole of main shaft of   of collet cleanness   and collet are clean, cannot have dirt and the ort of the generation when workpiece is machined. When choosing treatment cutting tool, use as far as possible when extending the knife on the cutting tool with shorter length, strength wants reasonable and even, do not pass big or too small. 5. Quantity of penetration of a cutting tool is chosen want penetration of a cutting tool of reasonable     to had measured a hour, the phenomenon that meeting occurrence treatment skids, cause the constant change of radial and jumpy quantity when cutting tool is being machined thereby, when amount of not smooth penetration of a cutting tool that makes treatment goes out is too large, cutting force can be increased subsequently, bring about cutting tool to be out of shape thereby big, increase the radial when cutting tool is being machined jumpy quantity, the surface that also can make treatment goes out is not slick. 6. When because arrange mill,  of the   that go against mill is used when finish machining, the clearance position between guide screw and nut is change, the feed that can cause workbench is inhomogenous, have concussion and vibration thereby, machine exterior surface roughness and using of the life that affects machine tool, cutting tool and workpiece when going against mill, cutting ply by small greaten, the bear of cutting tool also by small greaten, cutting tool is more smooth when treatment. Notice this to just be used when finish machining, still want to use suitable mill when undertaking rough machining, because the productivity of suitable mill is tall,this is, and the service life of cutting tool can get assure. 7. The aqueous solution that fluid of reasonable use cutting gives priority to with cooling action is opposite   of   of fluid of reasonable use cutting cutting force impact is very little. The cutting oil that gives priority to with lubricant action can reduce cutting force significantly. As a result of its lubricant action, face of the knife before can reducing cutting tool and cut bits between and hind knife face and workpiece transfer the attrition between the surface, reduce cutting tool radial to beat thereby. Carry out a proof, should make sure the machine tool is made partly each only, partial accuracy, choose sound technology, tool, the influence that the radial of cutting tool beats to workpiece treatment precision place arises can be reduced to the greastest extent. CNC Milling CNC Machining