The element of the consideration answers when semifinished product chooses

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(The craft character of the material of 1) spare parts and data of hardware of mechanical performance demand and mechanical function decided the sort of semifinished product roughly. For example cast-iron spare parts is used cast semifinished product; Steel pledges the spare parts is become appearance is simpler and commonly used club expects when mechanical performance demand is not high, to important steel qualitative part, to acquire good mechanical property, should choose forging, when appearance cast steel is used when demand of complex and mechanical performance is not high; Nonferrous metal spare parts is commonly used profile or cast semifinished product. (The structural appearance of 2) spare parts and over all dimension are large and the part semifinished product with simpler structure is multi-purpose sand mold is cast or free forge; The semifinished product with complex structure is multi-purpose cast; Small-sized spare parts can use modular forging or die-casting semifinished product; Simple spare parts of board state steel is multi-purpose forging semifinished product; Axis kind the semifinished product of the spare parts, if step diameter differs not quite, usable club expects; If each step dimension differs bigger, criterion appropriate chooses forging. (3) the size of production program large quantities of mass-produced in, should use the semifinished product with precision and more expensive productivity to produce a method. Cast uses model of metal pattern machine and nicety to cast, forging uses die forging or nicety forgings. In sheet wooden model handiwork is used in pre production modelling or free forge will make semifinished product. (When 4) has manufacturing condition to decide semifinished product, must combine specific manufacturing requirement, the actual standard that makes like spot semifinished product and ability, outside assist possibility, otherwise not actual. (5) makes full use of new technology, new material is managing material and the sources of energy, improve machining productivity, should mature nicety is cast, forge of essence of life, cold rolling, cold extruding, pulverous metallurgy, profiled bar and project are plastic wait for the application in machinery, such, can reduce machining amount greatly, do not need to undertake machining even, economic benefits is very remarkable. CNC Milling CNC Machining