The model has double lubricious mould and bag glue why to be distinguished

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Double lubricious mould: Two kinds of plastic material note model in same table model is noted on machine, cent second shape, but the pattern that the product gives a model only. General craft of this kind of moulding also calls of reinforced material to note model, finish by a mould normally, and the double lubricious machine noting model with special need. B of standard of power fast double quality.

The mould that include glue (shape 2 times) : Two kinds of plastic material do not note model in same table certainly model is noted on machine, cent second shape; After the product goes a model to be taken out from inside a mould, put into a mould to undertake Injection Molding the 2nd times again. So, general craft of this kind of moulding is finished by 2 moulds normally, and do not need the special double lubricious plane that note model. Do mould of double color of   of the model that include glue and bag glue mould summarize: ? Xiu Buhang  of ⒁ of plain ψ of bail of expostulate with of Hui of > of  bad news mu ㄎ ? needs to accomplish but a glue of * and in glue on have oppose rake opening, prevent to pull glue to be out of shape.

Double lubricious pattern is current on the market increasingly be current, can make the exterior of the product more beautiful at this kind of craft, change color easily and need not use spray, but cost is high, technical demand is high.


Two appearance of Cavity are different, shape respectively 1 kind of products. And the two appearance just the same of Core. 2.

Of the mould before, hind the model rotates with the center after 180o, must be identical. This examination motion must be made when the design. 3.

The attention carries the position of pinhole on the head, 210mm of the least space. Old pattern must increase the amount of aperture carrying a rod on the head appropriately. And, because note the thimble with model machine accessary itself to grow not quite, lengthen thimble must be designed in our mould so, thimble grows left and right sides of 150mm of modular embryo motherboard. Hind 2 position group must be designed on modular motherboard. 4.

The total ply that modular face plate adds A board before cannot little at 170mm. The other reference data of the machine noting model that examines this kind of type carefully please, for instance, distance of the biggest ply that contain a module, the smallest ply that contain a module, aperture carrying a rod on the head. 5.

The water mouth of 3 board models is best can design movement of OK and automatic drawing of patterns. The movement of drawing of patterns that should note weak sizy opening particularly whether but * . 6.

The deepness of side SPRUE does not exceed 65mm before. Upside (flood mouth) the coping of SPRUE is not less than 150mm to the distance of modular embryo center. 7.

When designing the CAVITY that notes model the 2nd times, insert to avoid CAVITY (or brush) the product glue that the injury has shaped for the first time, can design one part to avoid empty. But must consider each place to seal glue cautiously intensity, namely: In noting model, whether can have fall in the great pressure that note model, plastic happening be out of shape, bring about the 2nd times note model to may have batch sharp edge the likelihood of generation? 8.

When noting model, the product measure of first time Injection Molding is OK slightly big, in order to make it can be pressed more closely with another CAVITY when shaping the 2nd times, in order to achieve the effect of a glue. 9.

When noticing to note model in the 2nd, whether is plastic flow met the product that actuation first time has shaped, make its glue be out of shape? If have this is likely, must think method is improved. 10.

Before A, B board combines a model, whether are Slider of the model before wanting to notice or Lifter met first restoration and crush a product? Such, must think method makes combine a model first in A, B board, later before modular SLIDER or LIFET ability restoration. 11.

The carry water of two CAVITY and CORE is decorated as far as possible sufficient, and balanced, same. 12.

The circumstance of 99% is the hard glue share that registers model product first, register the soft glue share of model product again. Because soft glue is easy,be out of shape. CNC Milling CNC Machining