Process designing of automatic numerical control

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One, the important facet that the work out that summarizes CNC Machining program is CNC Machining technology, to program level affects the quality that machines to the spare parts and efficiency directly. Accordingly, high quality, efficient process designing method, it is one of main tasks that numerical control technology studies all the time, at present domestic and international research developed many numerical control software of automatic process designing. Numerical control is automatic process designing system basically is comprised by hardware and software. Hardware is main comprise by the computer, card punch, graph plotter, disk or facility of tape substandard department; Software basically includes programming language and order system (compile systematic) . The basic symbol that character of process designing Wu is a regulation, letter, number and the grammar that describe spare parts treatment with them, accidence is regular. These symbols and regulation are adjacent use Wu daily at the workshop, use a description to be moved by the correlation between element of the geometrical appearance of treatment spare parts, geometry, cutting tool orbit and a few necessary craft parameter. Programming language understands legibly, easily, revise easily. The method of automatic process designing is by the requirement of process designing personnel according to part drawing, undertake craft is analysed, the source program that the spare parts machines is written on the computer with programming language, send the computer this source program, after be being handled through computation, the computer outputs sheet of program of spare parts CNC Machining automatically, draw gives a spare parts to machine contrail of center of cutting tool sports, the punched tape that make. The process block diagram of automatic process designing is shown like graph 2-25 place. To handle source program, must one cover the process that deposits the processing of spare parts source program inside the computer beforehand, namely alleged " compiler " . This program translates the source program of the spare parts into the machine language that the computer can accept, hand-in-hand travel advocate information processing and postposition processing. Among them, advocate computation of computation of the information processing numerical value that finish, contrail of cutting tool center, make the work such as auxiliary function. Postposition handles the numerical control system that is aimed at different numerical control machine tool, will advocate the CNC Machining course that the data after information processing changes into system of this numerical control to set. 2, numerical control is automatic programming language APT from 20 centuries 50 time United States develops system of APT(Automatically Programmed Tools) the earliest since, a lot of industry developed countries already also developed a lot of numerical control now system of automatic process designing. Be like: American ADAPT, AUTOSPOT; British 2C, 2CL, 2PC; German EXAPT, 1(is nodded) , EXAPT, 2(turning) , EXAFF, 3(milling) ; French IFAPT, P(is nodded) , IFAPT, C(outline) , IFAPT, CP(is nodded, outline) ; Japanese FAPT, HAPT. Our country from 20 centuries 60 time metaphase began numerical control the research of respect of automatic process designing, already developed a ZCX, 1, ZCX, 2, the system of practical and automatic process designing of a variety of types such as SKC. In systems of all sorts of automatic process designing, APT system is to provide one of representative systems most, introduce APT system roughly below. APT language uses similar English language to describe, be close to people everyday expressions very much the form of character, facilitating memory, write, the spare parts source program that writes with APT language is comprised by statement of level-headed of APT processing system and data. (One) the main statement of APT language 1. Statement of cutting tool appearance if: CUTTER / 1, 0.

25 state the diameter is 1 inch, top is smooth end, horny ministry radius is 0. 25 inches cutting tool. 2. The geometrical shape that geometry defines statement geometry to define a statement to use rough sketch of demonstrative spare parts, feed nods the position and feed direction to wait. It is below the basis that describes cutter track line, common expressive form is (geometrical element identifier) word of type of =(geometry element) / (geometrical element defines way) equal-sign left is the name that the user is each geometrical element place to rise, after facilitating, cite. The special word that equal-sign right is APT and given geometrical definition form and parameter. The kind that the geometry that APT language offers defines has: Dot (POINT) definition, linear (LINE) definition, circular arc (CIRCLE) definition, planar (PLANE) definition, columnar face (CYLNDR) definition, general 2 curves (GCONIC) definition, spherical (more than kinds of 10 geometry such as SPHERE) definition defines a kind, the geometrical element of every kinds of type has a variety of definition forms again. Be like: 2 POINT of P1 / 2, 3, the 0 three-dimensional coordinate that express to be X=2, Y=3, Z=0 nod "P1 " . Be like: 2 LINE of L2 / P1, ATANGL, 30 express to pass a point what become 30 degrees of part with X axis is P1, linear. Be like: C3=CIRCLE / CENTER, p1, RADIUS, 3. 5 state circular arc center is for P1, radius 3. 5 inches circle. 3. Be like,allow needs a statement: OUTTOL/ .

Error of the 001 side outside expressing workpiece outline allows a value for 0. 001 inches. 4. Statement of exercise of cutting tool of statement of cutting tool exercise uses the athletic contrail that describes cutting tool. To specify the tool concern relative to workpiece clearly, APT system defined 3 control area (2-26) seeing a picture: (Face of 1) spare parts (PS of Part Surface) abbreviation, point to the curved surface that place of cutting tool underside forms; (2) drive face (DS of Drive Surface) abbreviation, with will conduct cutting tool campaign, control curved surface of cutting tool lateral; (3) examines an aspect (C5 of Check Surface) abbreviation, with the curved surface of the position that will decide the cutting tool that takes a knife every time is stopped. To maintain cutting tool successive cutting, must make place of on one paragraph of program given examination face, make the drive range of below one paragraph of program. Distinguish the different meaning of 3 kinds of afore-mentioned surfaces, can understand cutting tool axes and the opposite concern that control an aspect correctly. If graph 2-27 place is shown, the explanation of position of its cutting tool is: TO(walks along) , show cutting tool goes to examination face as tangent as its; ON(is on) , show cutting tool center is on examination face; PAST(has walked along) , show cutting tool has taken an examination the face is as tangent as its; TLLFT(is left slant) , show cutting tool is in drive side is left; TLRGT(is right slant) , show cutting tool is on the right side of drive face; TLON(indifferent) , show cutting tool center is on drive face. The statement of cutting tool exercise of APT language can be divided to order a process designing statement and statement of outline process designing. Nod a process designing statement to have initiative sentence (FROM) , absolutely statement (statement of exercise of GOTO) , increment (GODLTA) . Statement of outline process designing has FROM, GOTO, GODLTA, GO, OFFSET, GOLFT, GORGT, GOFWD, GOBACK to wait. Be like: TLRGT, GORGT / L3 states cutting tool is in of curved surface on the right side of move along linear L3 rightward. Be like: GOFWD / C1 states C1 of circular arc of cutting tool edge is ongoing. 5. Mechanical operation function if: CDOLNT / ON expresses to put through cooling fluid. Be like: FEDRAT / 50 state feed speed is Min of 50 inches of / . Be like: SPINDL/2400 states main shaft rotate speed is 2400r / Min. In addition, still other injunction and statement wait, if macroinstruction and loop dictate, computational function statement, statement of input, output, specification. APT handles a program to be divided into a few phase, change source code into the in-house code of ApT above all, undertake maths is handled next, according to taking cutter track line computation gives a knife the coordinate of the dot, form a knife file. Source program and the result of phase of each the processing intermediate all but printout, so that the examination is mixed,dog mistake. Undertake postposition is handled finally, be about to general Dao Weiwen the machine tool type that specifies according to the user, the CNC Machining order that changeover can accept into system of this numerical control and make punched tape (2) give typical examples of APT language process designing 3, personal computer is automatic process designing system is afore-mentioned numerical control is automatic process designing system, tall to hardware configuration requirement, system of automatic process designing suits development personal computer particularly our country national condition, have great real sense. Personal computer is automatic process designing system, element of body of method of applied substance modelling, feature states a law, wait for the design that undertakes part drawing or input into group technique, by personal computer automatic or interactive type undertakes software of automatic process designing analysis of spare parts craft, machine tool of affirmatory numerical control processes wants complete information, make sheet of program of spare parts CNC Machining and numerical control medium automatically, use for numerical control machine tool. Have graphical user interface, the person loses in the graph there is element of main spare parts body in the system, wait like element of body of element of cylinder element, circular arc body, cone element, whorl, input part drawing through body element, can have an edition to part drawing; After part drawing is inputted, the detailed list of CNC Machining program that can make a spare parts automatically machine labor situation to the process is expressed and accord with ISO format according to menu clew and numerical control medium. Have undertake by drive of numerical control code the spare parts machines function of imitate of process trends graph, with examining the validity of code is replaced partly try cut. 4, technology of automatic process designing develops the development numerical control of technology of automatic process designing very fast. System of first numerical control process designing basically replaces handiwork to undertake the computer assists geometrical parameter computation. And present process designing system, should give out only the final treatment dimension of the spare parts, precision and material, the computer can be calculated automatically the complete information that the treatment process place such as a geometrical parameter wants. Some systems can solve the problem of process maximize partly even like EXAPT system. 1. Interactive automatic process designing is in interactive system, give the computer the order beyond language of certain numerical control, process designing personnel has proper control to the computer at any time with the command. These commands can send the computer through clavier, the computer will handle a result (answer) show in time through CRT or typewriter. In system of meeting work automatic process designing, process designing member the basis quizs and reply, input necessary data and instruction through clavier, undertake editing modification to spare parts source program, till receive right order,sheet is mixed till numerical control punched tape. The NCPTS of General Electric Company of the FAPT that Japanese Fuji connects, United States, and the SAPT of our country is system of interactive automatic process designing. 2. System of process designing of numerical control graph this kind of system controls smooth pen, fluorescent screen, clavier by the computer, process designing personnel is in pen of the consumed when process designing and clavier on fluorescent screen draw gives spare parts rough sketch, the computer can have consideration by the program that stores beforehand, show processing as a result go up in fluorescent screen. Next the contrail that cutting tool of consumed pen edge machines this spare parts is mobile, the computer can weave the machine program that gives a part makes numerical control take automatically. This kind of system holds the function of language system concurrently, can come true " real time speaks " , simplified process designing process, reduce process designing accident, shorten process designing time. 3. The computerized numerical control of direct process designing in computerized numerical control (the computer in CNC) is divided use as outside control, still can use at process designing, what input the computer right now is the treatment source program of the spare parts, handle the machine program of the spare parts by system of computerized numerical control next, control treatment of machine tool cutting. Have the numerical control machine tool of function of direct process designing, can input the appearance of spare parts geometry, source program such as craft parameter with the language directly, the machine tool can machine this spare parts. 4. Objective and process designing of objective of speech process designing also say to digitlize processing without dimension graph, when the spare parts that treatment has model or in kind and should not have dimension, usable coordinate is measured machine, measure the size of the model first piece, and the CNC Machining program that the control computer that surveys machine itself can undertake handling to data and exports a part is only. Also machine tool of a few numerical control has place to call show teach emersion (the function of Teach And PlaYback) , the machine tool contains sensor, according to effective treatment course, measure the measure that gives objective or model, memory is inside numerical control system, become machine program via handling having a youthful appearance, after this undertakes machining to the following spare parts according to machine program. Speech process designing is by process designing member in inputting means of the conversation that be passed by the process designing information of treatment spare parts the computer, handle the machine program that gets this part via the computer next. CNC Milling CNC Machining