Get numerical control do you know what distinction 3 axes, 3+2 axis, 5 axes have?

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At ordinary times the treatment program such as the 3 axes that we often mention, 3+2 axis, 5 axes, what is their distinction? Give everybody introduction first: 3 axes machine means of 3 axes treatment to be undertaken machining by X of linear feed axis, Y, Z. Machine a characteristic: Direction of cutting cutting tool is moving along whole cutting method keep changeless in the process. The cutting position of point of a knife is achieved impossibly in real time perfect. Means of 3+2 axis treatment rotates twice the axis secures cutting cutting tool first tilt in the position, undertake machining by feed axis X, Y, Z again. This kind of machine tool also calls fixed position 5 axes machine tool, the CYCLE800 function that can use Xi Menzi undertakes process designing is machined. CYCLE800 is changeover of plane of a kind of static state, can machine through 3+2 axis machine tool (for example circumgyrate head or circumgyrate stage) definition space rotates mediumly the job is planar. The job is here planar, can process designing 2D or 3D treatment operation. Machine a characteristic: The position that rotor always rotates to machine planar and perpendicular Yu Dao to provide an axis undertakes machining, treatment plane keeps fixed during treatment 5 axes treatment reachs the random in circling the A of runner shaft coming back of X, Y, Z, B, C by feed axis X, Y, Z the linear interpolation of 5 axes moves. Athletic changeover of Xi Menzi dictates the 5 axes of supportive with can very good TRAORI are changed. Machine a characteristic: Moving along whole way can undertake optimizing to cutting tool direction in the process, undertake cutting tool moves point-blank at the same time. Such, can hold optimal cutting position on whole way. 5 axes machine 28 spare partses at the same time how is the advantage of machine of that 5 axes reflected, here shares machine tool of UMC-750P of a Ha Si to machine the example of 28 spare partses at the same time. Adopt the design of revolving stage and clamping apparatus, and in 5 axes the 3 treatment face of spare parts of machine program lieutenant general incorporates in a machine program, implementation reduces the goal of cycle time. Revolving stage can adopt the fixed position with exact essence, expand originally treatment space. Through the clamping apparatus of elaborate design, can improve the efficiency of treatment not only, and what still can reduce a machine is unused, operation personnel also can take out a body to machine next graphs for instance from which before 3 faces of such spare parts, if use the clip of vice to maintain pattern, every spare parts needs 264 seconds in all (the time that hold clip not plan) . Through designing more compact fixture, make full use of the treatment space that revolving stage provides, can have an opportunity to machine 28 spare partses. In clamping apparatus make, choose a dimension to serve as matrix for the aluminium alloy of 114mm*114mm*550mm, choose fixed position to sell as fixed position, choose take up the impaction clamping apparatus with treatment less space, so that faster outfit is placed. Again 4 faces of mill smooth matrix, for treatment of every spare parts a fixed position sells aperture, 2 are used avoid the chamfer of empty locking clamping apparatus, and 2 whorl opening that use locking, this is all measure that make. The composition of a complete set of of clamping apparatus includes: 28 fixed position are sold, locking of 56 fixed position piece (but repeated usage) , 56 screw, spanner. Such clamping apparatus is designed, can will originally handling time 264 seconds shorten 202 seconds (the time that hold clip not plan) . This meant handling time to had decreased 23.

5% not only such, had incorporated the 3 treatment face of the spare parts as a result of machine program in a machine program, the cycle time of so single program became 95 minutes, during this, the machine is in all the time retain treatment, the frequent outfit that need not wait to operate personnel is placed, this will reduce the labor intensity that operates personnel greatly. CNC Milling CNC Machining