Research and development of boat tool works gives high speed on the west broach of 3 blade face

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Recently, in works of tool of boat industry Xi Hang another batch of high speed broach of 3 blade face sends scientific research manufacturing site. Own research and development throws works of Xi Hang tool the high speed that batch produces broach of 3 blade face, via scientific research manufacturing site is as long as the try out of half an year and use, its broaching quality and broaching efficiency all exceed congener entrance broach. Each data that group of research and development collects makes clear, research and development of boat tool works throws batch of high speed that produce on the west integral performance of broach of 3 blade face exceeds congener entrance broach, ended broach of company high end to depend on the situation of the entrance, to continue broach of high end of series of research and development accumulated valuable experience, for Xi Hang tool works ascends research and development of broach of bound of one's life experience made advanced cavalcade lay solid cornerstone. CNC Milling CNC Machining