Delta robot packs the application on automation product line in food

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Delta robot belongs to the shunt-wound robot that carries high speed, gently, 3 freedom spend the space that is a model shunt-wound orgnaization, integral structure nicety, compact, drive part all cloth at securing platform, often apply at the product automatic product line, the random sex that can arrive to the product undertakes sorting, hand-in-hand travel high speed is packed, code battlements. Delta robot oneself and its fittings have IP69 grade to defend, use titanium alloy and stainless steel DIN1.

The design of 4404(316L) , make its special apply to food product line. The packing box to the many breed in food beverage industry and much norms or contractive film are wrapped, delta robot sorting criterion more show its powerful flexibility. Delta robot can the norms according to the product, sorting program that puts the condition such as means and tray norms to generate correspondence, the behavioral process that needs to choose correspondence only in producing a course perhaps is received go up the directive of a machine, can finish the automatic sorting of different product. And robot grasper can use vacuum sucker pattern, splint type or finger to smoke pull the configuration such as type, the fast capture that ensures all sorts of paper box or contractive film are wrapped and shift. Delta robot can be in already on expect workshop section has case of have enough to meet need tear open a battlements, implementation of the path after also can packing a line piles up a battlements automatically. In the process that tear open a battlements, be opposite first commonly battlements form undertake transverse as corrective as fore-and-aft position, next the robot is used tick off point to form grasper, the box of have enough to meet need that gets on tray by formulary order places conveyer to go up, implementation tears open a battlements automatically function. Capture means can adopt only kind, the means such as whole capture. In the process that pile up a battlements, the product guides the directive that presses a robot into conveyer undertakes the amount is accumulated, carry capture paragraph hind, perhaps tick off grasper pointing to type to finish the automatic stow of paper box or box of have enough to meet need by the splint type grasper of the robot. CNC Milling CNC Machining