The innovation method of the turning of man-made hip joint of medical industry

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Shanteweikekeleman made an industry provide efficient treatment tool for medicine, it is the fast turning method of component of man-made hip joint and cutting tool. Photograph of method of embedded and articulatory treatment compares the cobaltic chromic alloy that is the same as a tradition and hip joint of titanium alloy man-made, the car razor blade of use circle has more advantages. Round razor blade is had overcome ability of point groove tatty and impact resistance is stronger, manufacturing efficiency breaks up, cost of cutting tool loss is reduced 1/3. When the tool cutting edge angle of lathe tool is less than 45 ° , circular razor blade can overcome the groove of point to wear away, ensure treatment surface quality is stable and reliable. When cutting deepness is less than radius of circular arc of point of a knife, the ply that cuts bits can attenuate, the point length that participates in cutting is met lengthen, the feed that can raise lathe tool so is measured, believe the temperature that machines area is very low. Also had with the razor blade that machines a method at the tradition efficient the material of treatment pledges and groovy form, such razor blade is used at CoroTurn107 arbor, cooperate Easy-Fix gripping sleeve, can go up in the machine tool fast and acquire cutting tool center correctly tall. We still can provide the finish machining knife handle of full range, these knife handle are inside of difficult treatment of globose turning and other model the choice of ideal cutting tool of the turning inside the face. CNC Milling CNC Machining