The "6802 that breath out a quantity 3 coordinate measure machine " to develop a success

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A variety of technologies such as surplus of light of collect of limited company of group of Harbin measure cutting tool, machine, report, computer, gas at an organic whole, use small-sized, hand to move, a lot of newest achievement that mobile bridge-type designs structure and coordinate to measure technical respect, the high accuracy that can realize a variety of circumstances is measured, the operation is simple and easy, agile -- the newest series that 3 coordinate of this company measure an instrument product " 6802 model 3 coordinate are measured machine " development is successful a few days ago. The fundamental of this machine is put the part that be measured its concessional measurement inside the space, measure the geometrical information that will get the disperse on face of spare parts shape to nod through what nod to spare parts surface, the measurement point that measures a part that be measured accurately thereby passes computer data processing and computation in the exact position on coordinate graph, public errand of the geometrical appearance that can measure a part that be measured, position, geometry measures data. Integrated position error is this instrument odd axis (4.

5+L/250) µm, resolution 0.

001mm, the biggest measure heavy 120kg, the biggest measure dimension to be 630mm × 1100mm × 500mm. This machine applies to the experiment of the workshop of all sorts of dimensions, workshop section, checkpoint and universities and colleges and scientific research. CNC Milling CNC Machining