Elder brother transducer is in Shanyounikang solution of numerical control machine tool -- drive of open loop of machine tool main shaft

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One, at present servo of main shaft of machine tool of domestic numerical control basically uses the preface to shed servo continuously, the main shaft servo that uses communication timing partly counts an import entirely, the price is high. Great majority of system of transmission of communication of other asynchronous electric machinery also is to use entrance transducer, basically be to ask to have bigger low frequency torsion, stability is good, answer fast. Homebred transducer uses V/F control mostly, because rotate speed precision suffers,turn poor rate and laden influence, cannot control the actual rotate speed of electromotor accurately, existence control precision is low, dynamic function difference, fault rate function of tall, control is little wait for defect, and the compensation that heightens stator tension matchs completely with load hard, low speed torsion is insufficient. Accordingly, v/F controls transducer especially the claimed accuracy such as main shaft of machine tool of numerical control of not applicable such as is tall, answer sharp transmission machine. 2, the AF200 series transducer of the characteristic blame Ni Kang of transducer uses Younikang not to have speed sensor vector advancedly to control a technology, below the means of open loop vector, 0.

25Hz can provide the starting moment of force of 180% , and can achieve ± 0.

Of 2% firm fast precision, to electric machinery of high speed main shaft, can achieve faster response speed, those who realize main shaft electric machinery is fast start, stop machine. Especially inferior to running frequency electric machinery, its are started, inactive is fast the gender is more apparent. Younikang's machine tool is special transducer is to build in high-powered control technical platform foundation to go up without speed sensor vector, at the same time industry of combinative machine tool applies a when the characteristic rolls out special transducer, compare with the general transducer of other trademark the following advantage has on machine tool application: 1.

Stronger cutting capability: Below same condition, younikang special transducer compares the machine tool the transducer of other trademark has stronger feed capability and cutting depth (about 1.


5 times) , can improve treatment work efficiency and produce can, bring rise in value for machine tool and client. 2.

Faster urgent quicken, urgent decelerate trends is characteristic: Younikang the machine tool is special transducer is urgent quickly, the transducer that urgent decelerate movement compares other trademark is made an appointment with quickly 1.

35 times, can make the machine tool has taller treatment likewise efficiency and produce can. 3.

Ability of better low speed cutting and treatment precision: Younikang special transducer is in the machine tool 0.

25Hz can stabilize output the rated moment of force of 150% , and other trademark arrives 0.

5Hz ability has pitching moment to output, and pitching moment has pulsatile not quite smooth. 4.

Super- fight mutation by force to pound overload ability: Younikang special transducer has the machine tool accurate voltaic annulus control, when concussion load or mutation of bound of substandard of electrified wire netting disturb, more not easy tripping operation protects transducer, can make sure successive stability runs manufacturing facilities better. 5.

Good craft outward appearance: Younikang the machine tool is special the bulk of transducer is more compact, the modelling of installation space; that is helpful for economic equipment is more beautiful, be helpful for promoting systematic whole image. 6.

Other and main character: Younikang special transducer is in the machine tool 200Hz can be achieved below vector control means, v/F is quantified to control in arrow 3000Hz can be amounted to below means, higher cutting capability and precision can be offerred inside wider working range for the machine tool. 3, transducer is in Younikang special transducer is in the uses Younikang AF200 series engine on the machine tool on some client machine tool use, solved entrance brand transducer inextricability start quickly, stop the difficult problem of machine, realized the client's requirement. Systematic principle pursues: Use comparative result: Note: Above test gives priority to an axis from 0 fast mix to 4000r/min quickly arrive from 4000r/min decelerate 0 fast time, the running frequency of electric machinery is 200Hz, resistor of apply the brake is received outside (1800W, 50 Ω ) , rapidder rate can be achieved when transducer is starting Younikang, but the client feels too fast, lowered the rate that its start so. Transducer is 7.

5KW, main shaft electric machinery is 7.

The frequency conversion electric machinery of 5KW. Nextpage4, last word Younikang transducer is mixed with its outstanding performance extremely high gender price is compared, rise abruptly quickly on the application of numerical control machine tool, can replace the transducer of the entrance completely, can show better than importing brand transducer performance even, can achieve the requirement of client system not only, and can save cost to the client, create more benefit for the client. CNC Milling CNC Machining