The world's fastest Laser Cutting aircraft: CONTOUR LM3015 of law benefit Lai

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2008, in market situation very austere economy setting falls, lai of Wuhan law benefit adjusts development strategy actively, undertake own technology innovates, grind piece rolled out the machine of Laser Cutting of ConTOUR LM3015 numerical control that condenses multinomial core technology. Than at other Laser Cutting machine, the characteristic high speed with the biggest ConTOUR LM3015, high power. Of this equipment most high-power is 4000W, traversal speed can achieve 200 meters / minute, be worthy of is called the fastest Laser Cutting aircraft on the world. It uses machine of Laser Cutting of ConTOUR LM3015 numerical control the advanced structural type that crossbeam hangs, the traversal speed of crossbeam is higher, move smoother, use perpendicular litre fall type pallet changer, promotion ability is greater, installation is more convenient, equipment still used control system of Xi Menzi and steep drive system, driving force is larger, acceleration is taller, move smoother, electric control is simpler, the system is more reliable. The operation is more convenient. Since this year, be aimed at the demand that Chinese market increases increasingly, lai of Wuhan law benefit undertakes investigation and fractionize to the market, increased the strength of research and development to new product, rolled out ConTOUR LM series to be mixed high subtly early or late machine of Laser Cutting of numerical control of face of WALC series wide cut, these new products have home's advanced technology level, have international competition ability, huge satisfied the requirement of the market. CNC Milling CNC Machining