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Seek the way that tire mould machines directly: Zun Qi, chris Sipe of Mike Christie of vice president of company of Northeast tire pattern, president and hill Gao Dao provide technologist Dave Ivory. Company of pattern of American Northeast tire is the expert that tire mould produces, it is the supplier of a lot of OEM tire manufacturer, produce about 500 different tire patterns every year. This company was finished recently from cast the mould change to machine treatment mould. A lot of year previously, the hold of Northeast tire mould person Chris Sipe realizes the only method that holds lead position in the industry is to pass technical get victory. He decides to invest new facility to make a factory can direct on the mould treatment gives tread figure, have with typical foundry technology very big different. The mould of immediate treatment is taller than casting the precision of the mould, it needs minimum only clean and go burr. In addition, the mould of immediate treatment by 8-12 module composition, a module in false if encounters a problem, this part can be machined afresh by rapid ground and rather than casts whole pattern afresh. Increase this kind of ability to ask to have a large number of investment to new facility. Mr Sipe chose him to feel special to agree with the Alzmetall machining center of this application. But before investing equipment, the group that he established to be comprised by Northeast employee and supplier will be done to purchase seek advice, optimize the choice of new facility and treatment operation in order to help. The group is the technologist Dave Ivory that comes from hill tall cutting tool a medium. The confidence with tall to hill Northeast is based on long-term cooperation relation of 12 years. "When we had machining center of the first turning, we begin as tall as hill collaboration, " the vice-president Mike Christie of Northeast says. "We and they work together, because they have first-class service " . "Rotate speed of the power that we showed us to hope production part lets him analyse a machine tool to Dave, main shaft and cooling fluid pressure, so we can combine a cutting tool ability of optimization machine tool to wrap. " the part that as a result of what machine directly cent piece mould involves, they must want to be installed in undertake assembly inside tailor-made on press container, all parts clip is held together undertake solidify is handled. Finally, northeast company invested an Alzmetall5 axis for tire face treatment machining center, and the treatment that is container invested machining center of an Alzmetall four-axle. In a mould that moving on tire press. Before undertaking inclusive those who insert mill and whorl milling to be machined for many times, the initiative outfit condition of mould container is the gas cutting plank of 1020 steel. Treatment craft uses as in the workshop of Northeast the gas cutting plank that the material status of container is 1020 steel, it resembles a large compressed buoy or gasket, its overall diameter is as high as 1424m. These tremendous gasket move on the center of 3 axes turning of a Defum above all, use the hard metal with tall hill but dislocation turning cutting tool (DNMG432TP2000) undertakes rough machining. Next aperture treatment is the four-axle machine tool in an Alzmetall of aspirant travel. "The top of container looks true like cheese of a Switzerland " , mr Ivory says. "Its above the opening that so much differs and groove " . The most time-consuming part in container treatment process ought to be nine deepness 51mm, wide 76mm model antrum, they along circumferential direction all cloth. On former machine tool, this is a treatment that costs 6 hours. As changed new machine tool, we can hill tall R217.

Milling cutter of 20 fast feed is used at inserting mill treatment, this time is fallen to come 34 minutes. After the treatment that insert mill, container will be entered auger cut treatment. Above all, 72 diameters use the broach of Feedmax whole hard alloy with tall hill to undertake getting cutting for the aperture of 7mm, use 7XD standards will satisfy deepness to the requirement chooses SD-207 with respect to need and use the cutting parameter of 7500r/min and 134mm/min. Next, the Threadmaster of milling cutter of whorl of integral hard alloy with use tall hill goes to every Kong Jin whorl milling. Then, tall CrownLoc imperial crown gets use hill to arrive from 13mm to 46 size scope the aperture of 20mm undertakes getting cutting. The head of imperial crown knife that can exchange makes its can use very high cutting rate, for instance SD-100 runs at 2, 350r/min and 520mm/min in order to reduce finished cost. These parameter machine the aperture of high accuracy, for the finish machining ready-made of whorl milling. Finally, 4 big Kong Cai are machined with the Perfomax broach with tall hill, of this kind of high strenth but dislocation broach can use very high metallic excision rate. Economic time " altogether, " Mr Sipe says, "Original we produce a spare parts to develop to produce 4 parts inherently nowadays from a day. The greatest time is saved is the treatment that insert mill, we should be compared almost former 19 times faster. " " our target is to solve the difficult treatment, pattern that has technical difficulty extremely. We hope to use best machine tool and the each thing related to its, foundation, knife handle, collet, first-rate raw material... , and we think hill is tall is the one part with this technology crucial group. And we think hill is tall is the one part with this technology crucial group.. CNC Milling CNC Machining