The system of open sex numerical control that is based on PC applies mediumly in Intranet

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Summary: Introduced the feature of system of open mode numerical control and advantage, analysed the Intranet network application in the enterprise. The idea that advanced network of direct computerized numerical control is picked since especially both union, give out an application model, analysed its working technological process. System of numerical control of introductive and open mode with its huge advantage, had made the development trend of system of prospective numerical control. As a result of computer technology, especially the high speed of PC technology develops, more brought infinite lease of life to its. Network technology also obtained huge development in last few years, in the enterprise the dilate of Intranet network already was become inevitable. It is under Lntranet environment many more compositive the automation of open sex machines equipment, form network of direct computerized numerical control, the facility exactly the amount that makes an enterprise medium accuses a machine tool to wait put huge flexible, can accuse gender and can recombine a gender. This will raise an enterprise to get used to the ability of changeful market greatly. Before system of numerical control of 1 open sex as a result of computer technology backward, the performance of general microprocessor is very poor, cannot satisfy numerical control machine tool to ask to it, to improve the performance of numerical control system, design appropriative computer chip only, become interpolation operation directly for instance in VLSI, this makes each numerical control manufacturers designed special hardware system, develop special software system. System of henceforth numerical control walked up to close sexual road. If company of Fanuc, Siemens, All is medium,at present the production of numerical control system of the whole world is centered in a few a few big production business, the numerical control system that they produce closes commonly. This makes business of tripartite production cannot develop relevant application; Technology of newest computer soft hardware cannot use in numerical control system. As the flying development of computer technology, system of open sex CN12 more and more be fixed eyes upon. The thought of open sex is in early I987 year put forward above all by American scholar. System of open numerical control uses general soft, hardware to support a system, make systematic platform is opened. Open sex makes many production business can be offerred but answer used part, these components can make the numerical control system of high-powered low case together without the combination that seam the ground. Open CNC system is right the agreement of TCP / IP that makes world industry standard has perfect support. System of current numerical control has the open plan of two kinds of forms commonly. The first kind is the NC kernel that keeps original changeless, join PC front, provide the function such as friendly user interface. This is a kind of system that opens partly actually, it is to protect the eclectic program that original know exactly how things stand controls the interest of the manufacturer and offers. The 2nd kind is run by what PC controls machine tool of whole numerical control completely, use general high-powered computer and current operating system. The numerical control system that has open sex feature runs on wide-open soft hardware platform. This is a kind of wide-open solution. It has made the main trend that technology of system of prospective numerical control develops. Use PC to regard CNC as systematic core, form open numerical control system to having huge advantage. The first, can use technology of newest computer soft hardware, as a result of the compatibility of general personal computer, the PC with better performance can change old PC, use as the core of CNC system. The 2nd, can greatly the development expenses of system of city little numerical control. As a result of the numerical control system that close its hardware system, operating system is appropriative, it is extremely tall that consequently its develop fare, use open sex strategy, computer hardware system introduces current PC, it is OK to should design corresponding interface module only. The platform of Windows operating system in the PC provided extremely strong performance, still offerred a lot of strong application processes to develop a tool, wait like VisualC++ , LorlandC++Delphi, VisualBasic, JAVA. Use these to develop a tool to be able to develop the CNC system software with a powerful function rapid and efficiently, reduced software to develop charge and development cycle greatly. The 3rd, soft hardware price all can be reduced. As a result of the performance/price ratio with current extremely general personal computer, high operating system, lowered the price of CN12 system apparently. The 4th, be helpful for enhancing the performance of CNC system. Before the limitation as a result of operation speed, a lot of numerical control functions come true by hardware, these functions can have come true now with software, this can increase a system to upgrade on one hand ability, the function that on the other hand some cannot realize can use the method of software to come true now. The 5th, can improve CNc system greatly but expansibility, can safeguard gender and wait easily with the gender. Because use the soft hardware system of general PC. Make of CNC system patulous, safeguard, use and a common applied procedure is euqally simple. The development of computer technology makes system of open mode numerical control had powerful vitality. Its operation speed can amount to a common personal computer now 500MIPS (every second implements 500 million directives) , this had achieved the performance of medium-sized before aircraft. And the Mo Er with famous basis is mensurable, computer function every L8 the month raises one times, and half of its price fall. System of more and more powerful general purpose computer, make the system of open mode CNC that develops on this completely capable to catch up with or appropriative system exceeds on function. The arisen Intranet of 2Intranet is in-house net or intranet. Can define for: In the Internet network that enterprise interior uses. Intranet is as Internet (Internet) popular and development rises, it is had] everything of Nternet is characteristic. Use at enterprise interior as a result of it at the same time, its security, dependability got strengthening. Lnternet is based on agreement of TCP / IP. Because had this agreement, all computers can use the whole world the network interrelates rise. Because agreement of IP of this TCP / can say,be] the core of Nternet net. World each country sends a person on Internet network technology much labor power, material resources, financial capacity, make Internet technology already special and mature, support the network product slue of TCP / IP, its performance/price ratio is very high also. Agreement of TCP / IP also makes the industrial standard with accepted whole world. In enterprise interior people has the pressing demand of couplet net all the time, in order to make the information of enterprise interior can free current, improve level of management thereby, enhance company competition ability. This is CIMS, nimble create a when wait for a thought main base, and the network application that the occurrence of Internet technology and flying development are an enterprise offerred wonderful opportunity, people uses Internet technology in the enterprise, formed Intranet. At present the application of Intranet basically has: Www (round-the-world net) , FTP (the file is transmitted) , E, MAIL (email) , News (newsgroup) , BBS (electronic call-board system) etc. These application suit market promotion, market research, information to release, the job such as correspondence come-and-go. In Intranet environment, a large number of useful information can be in an enterprise in-house freedom is current, each management department can get in time, efficiently what wanting information, make through analysing research decision-making, this has very main effect to raising business management level. The implementation of same pair of FMS, CIMS, nimble production idea is having intranet to weigh wanted import. A of these thoughts main base is favorable network environment, the freedom that realizes information flows. But no matter FMS still is CIMS its cost is very high, technical difficulty is very great also. An among them reason is an agreement skimble-scamble with network technology backward. In company of general electric machinery of the United States at the beginning of 80 time (GM) developed production automation agreement (MAP) , to 1988 MAP3. 0 come out. But as a result of a variety of reasons, MAP agreement makes cosmopolitan standard without development. There are a lot of network agreement coexistences all the time in the enterprise, the cost that the enterprise builds unified network and difficulty are very great. Become till agreement of TCP / IP in fact after industrial standard, this problem just gets settlement. Another reason is numerical control system close quality, the machine tool system that it makes different manufacturer is produced interrelates very hard, and tripartite applies related almost impossible also development. The thought of open sex solved this problem completely. General platform of soft, hardware has perfect support to TCP / IP: Still allow tripartite development, OK and compositive arrive one case. If open system is likely,couplet arrives inside Intranet net, return the product of soft, hardware of OK and compositive different manufacturer, the force of a large number of manufacturers can build such part the automation of case of high-powered, low processes a system. System of CNC of 3 open mode applies mode mediumly to will open system of machine tool of type numerical control to regard the smallest production unit in Intranet, it is a foundation with Intranet network environment, equipment of automation of many open mode direct couplet is together, formed network of direct computerized numerical control (DirectCNCNetworking abbreviation DCN) . It will be the important way of system of prospective automation production. NextpageDCN is to build on unified network environment Intranet, use agreement of TCP / IP to be core, unified network environment makes of two equipment of any couplet nets ask to all can exchange information each other, this makes the management of the equipment on the net has huge flexible. Agreement of TCP / IP is a group of agreements actually, its ground floor is physical layer and data link layer, can introduce all sorts of different network products, wait like net of bus line of net of aether net, your card annulus, your card, fiber-optic network, ATM, these network products its technology is already mature, the performance/price ratio of the product is very high, with the Intranet that these new products comprise, fare is relatively low much. To extremely common aether net for LOBaae-T, its bandwidth can amount to 10MBPS, namely every second is deferent 10M byte, such bandwidth can make sure data passes the real time sex that lose. For example a complex and three-dimensional curved surface, the NC code file that makes via model system can amount to 200M, consider to there is many equipments coexistence on the net, transmit rate actually to be 1MBPS, transmit 200M file to need 200 seconds only, and machine tool of a high-powered numerical control machines this curved surface to may need a few hours, machine this curved surface to may need a few hours that is to say, enter when the transmission of data that is to say far be less than actual handling time. And technology of 100M aether net is already mature now, more the aether web with more expensive bandwidth, FDDI, ATM waits. TCP (transmission control agreement) also offerred perfect dependability to assure, it used join government, affirm pass the mechanism, technology such as flow control again with overtime. These technologies assured dependability effectively. All equipment can not take person DCN network, efficient couplet goes to the equipment ability that has open sex feature only in DCN. Open system uses current operating system, have perfect support to TCP / IP, use very small price only but couplet net. Open sex system can be offerred many and seasonable, valuable information is visited for an any equipment in the network, for example the working status of the machine tool, all sorts of cutting parameter, cutting tool state, current job schedule, and computer of the management on the net, control can inquire afore-mentioned information at any time, use expert system, management system to undertake judging operation, make a decision, issue relevant statement, and the shows boast will adjust a machine tool job that open system basis receives. DCN still allows the affiliation of systems of all sorts of CAM of / of CAD / CAPP. As a result of great majority such system can support agreement of TCP / IP, once these systems enter Intranet, in the system that their operation result can convey to hold the post of He Lian net directly. Be consequently in DCN environment is OK conveniently all sorts of open system compositive rise. Graph 1 it is the model of system of a DCN that opens system of numerical control machine tool and 2 workstation to comprise by 4. They interrelate with Intranet, the large-scale software system such as CAPP of / of CAD / CAM runs above a workstation, be called auxiliary computer, its action is the design according to the product generates numerical control code. Management moves to attemper on another workstation monitoring software. Call control computer, it is the center of whole system, action is monitoring each equipment runs a condition, of equipment of the other in coerce air system move, other is system of open mode numerical control 4, move on the PC to be based on Win. Dows platform, executive treatment task, to control computer transmitter the bed runs message, put forward certain request to equipment of the other on A, answer the order that control computer sends, receive the NC code that comes from auxiliary computer, carry out. In a typical DCN system, its work flow is such: 1) the CAD system design in CAPP of / of CAD / CAM gives a product, CAPP makes technological process, CAM system generates corresponding NC code. 2) by control the computer analyses case of work of system of machine tool of each numerical control, indicate will corresponding numerical control code to convey respectively by auxiliary computer system of machine tool of every numerical control. Instruct work of ready-made of numerical control system. 3) numerical control machine tool implements the NC code that receives, deliver the machine tool state in machining a process Dai to control the computer. Unusual situation is encountered in machining a process, the request controls computer processing. 4) after treatment ends, numerical control system gives out treatment to end signal to control computer, request new treatment job. 5) after full treatment ends, control computer informs each the system quits the job, undertake corresponding aftertreatment. In these processes, 2) , 3) , 4) be but reduplicative, because of system of every machine tool the likelihood needs to accept file of many NC code, execute many treatment mission. It can keep NC code file on hard disk, call when treatment, also can adding man-hour to convey from the net directly the computational structure that comes over to use a client to carry / server in the system, control computer regards a client as end, auxiliary computer and system of 4 numerical control serve as a server, the server receives the request that comes from client end, make corresponding response, return moving result to client end. After once build,joining actually, both sides can convey each other or accept a plea, the net assumes office the information between two equipment is transmitted is two-way, consequently they actually each other carries / server for the client. System of numerical control of every open mode in the system is an autonomy system. It can execute a few orders automatically, to treatment all sorts of medium circumstances can make corresponding processing. Especially a few emergency, if bump into a knife, it needs a system to make response inside a few millisecond, numerical control system can make lash-up processing automatically, and the computer on the network is impossible that mutual inside so fast time deferent information makes relevant processing. Numerical control system handles emergency automatically, control computer handles not quite urgent incident. The information that transmits on the net commands stage, if download NC code, transmission treatment status, implementation equipment monitoring. Such respects assured dependability, security, still reduced the data bulk that transmits on A. There can be many DCN system in an enterprise. These systems are together through Intranet couplet, wait with the MRP Ⅱ system in the enterprise, MIs system form a whole, if pursue,2 are shown. These administrative systems can be controlled mediumly from DCN system pertinent information gets in the computer, also can get more detailed information from inside system of open mode machine tool directly. In such unified network, the administrative system of DCN system and other can be together without the couplet that seam the ground, can provide sufficient useful information for using, improve level of management effectively thereby. Because DCN system is built on unified network, the fare of its hardware is consequently low, and because use current operating system, they support agreement of TCP / IP, consequently the supportive environment of software builds these extremely easily also to need not be developed afresh, the software that wants development has the network application in the system only. This is low to network hardware level, long a wonderful choice is for the Chinese that uses a program at development, development expenses also can be reduced greatly. System of open mode numerical control all can offer many machine tool interior to run message, use for the computer on A, this can improve level of management greatly. Intranet net is in an enterprise a medium whole, still be together with Internet couplet. If couplet is in the equipment on Intranet or Intrernet is OK group together, form DCN system, it removed the restriction on geography, the equipment of different workshop, different even factory can comprise DCN, this gives make adroitly offerred very good condition. Of DCN can recombining a gender also is very good, after system of a DCN finishs job of a treatment. Among them equipment is OK the system with the new reconstitute on the horse, go finishing new job, this does not need physics to go up recombine, need to run corresponding network program on corresponding control computer only, information can be in new I) flow in order inside CN system. The DCN system that uses system of open mode numerical control and Intranet composition has hardware cost pace of expenses of development of low, software, function is good, flexible it is tall, good to can recombine a gender wait for an advantage. It has very high use value to realizing the mind that makes adroitly. Fast and changeful market respect is answered in the enterprise, will produce main effect. CNC Milling CNC Machining