The KCW of vertical machining center of tall tigidity

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Branch afterwards of Japanese KIWA Shanghai rolls out pallet changer of Triple V21i-R (successfully) , Triple V21i-S (odd workbench) , KCW-10V (1000mm of X axis journey) later, link market demand, roll out exchange labor of tall firm sexual intercourse to make table again muti_function KCW-5VR of vertical machining center. KCW-5VR pillar is used " C pillar " structure, pillar width is wide reach lathe bed, axis of X, Z is worn over the pillar of a Yu Kuanhou, utmost ground shortened the main shaft distance to X axis slideway; Axis of Y axis and X, Z is detached, alone at lathe bed base, rear before be done only in the center of lathe bed to shift, the shift after the base cast of wide massiness carries automatic pallet changer for Y axis provides larger rigid support. Use high rigid design; Deserve to automatic workbench exchanges a system; Ensure precision leads this type to belong to BT30 series product with treatment effect, the 2APC of standard type (automatic workbench exchanges a system) in, the rise of workbench, drop, rotate the movement is driven by hydraulic pressure crock finish, ensured high accuracy. And the clamp of workbench also is controlled by hydraulic pressure system, can get sufficient clamp strength consequently. The tall tigidity of KCW-5VR is designed, make the user uses rotate speed of this main shaft highest can amount to 15000r/min or 20000r/min (anthology match) , fast feed 60m/min, high speed adds decelerate axis ATC of mobile, high speed when high mark configures a machine, need not worry about machine tigidity to produce an effect to precision not quite. Assisting provide a field, use the system discharging bits that designs science, prevent the accumulation that cut bits effectively, avoid a large number of drossy quantity of heat to produce an effect to machine tool precision. The adjustable form shield of place of axis of X, Z, the whole body shield of Y axis, all prevented effectively to cut the bits destruction to main shaft. Such, the processing system cutting bits with the automatic commutative system, excellent workbench with the moving system, efficient high speed that has high rigid support, deploy high speed to change knife system (24 ATC) , the journey is X axis: Axis of 500mm, Y: Axis of 400mm, Z: The KCW-5VR of 300mm, collect getting, attack, boring, mill muti_function at a suit, machine a client for much sort, much style, little thing (produce business like component of semiconductor, electron) offer more professional alternative. Link client demand, we still can offer a variety of option to configure (wait like revolving stage) , offer practical solution for the user. CNC Milling CNC Machining