The induction that is based on IPC quenchs system of machine tool numerical control is designed

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Setting introduction: In recent years, as the development of computer network, company natural resources plans (ERP) application already gained ground with each passing day, make executive system (MES) consider and take seriously what application also gets industry highly. Machine tool of inductive heat treatment is equipment of a kind of clean heat treatment, the 3S standard that accords with modern industry production (Sure, reliable, safe, safe, saving, managing) , can install again online metal heat treatment has on product line, apply extensively already in industry of domestic and international mechanical heat treatment, we are being made muti_function circumgyrate type quenchs when the machine tool, the numerical control system that developed supportive spot bus line makes the machine tool supports industrial aether network, can undertake with workshop class network information is exchanged then, hand-in-hand travel quenchs parameter is installed remotely. Muti_function circumgyrate type quenchs machine tool brief introduction: The induction heats is to use the method of electromagnetism induction to undertake heating to conductor material. Its are main the advantage is: Efficiency tall, cost is low, energy-saving, implement automation easily. The inductive heating installation of metallic heat treatment basically includes: Heat machine tool of heat treatment of power source, induction, inductor and quench transformer. Muti_function the automatic treatment line that circumgyrate type quenchs the machine tool is one has perfect protection function actually, use circumgyrate type structure, make go up, next makings are in same a labour the position is finished, the operation is convenient; This machine tool can be machined at the same time same kind 3 on the spare parts different faces, accomplish a workpiece to quench in the machine tool is finished last time quench, also can undertake quenching to 3 identical or different spare partses at the same time, and setting of parameter of every working station has certain flexible and redundant, can realize all sorts of quenching means, as when, successive, successive at the same time and multistage quench etc, main application makes a trade in car, autocycle, in order to satisfy its of much breed, small part quench processing. 1, unifinication design covers an area of area and installation cycle to decrease, use unifinication design, be about to machine tool and quench fluid circulatory system, cooling fluid circulatory system, heat power source and quench transformer is compositive at an organic whole. 2, design of numerical control system is muti_function circumgyrate type induction quenchs the machine tool asks: 3 working station run ① independently at the same time (be equivalent to 3 machine tools) ; The speed when ② quenchs continuously changes to pause ceaselessly continuously; ③ has 3 industry do not drop to reach the designated position to be less than with revolving stage correct a function oneself. Groovy numerical control system cannot satisfy these functions, accordingly we developed the numerical control system that is based on labour to accuse PC by oneself, line Cheng technology was used to realize afore-mentioned functions below Windows2000. Be versed in lead plane accusing PC is systematic core, move each to the machine tool on one hand the component undertakes detecting with control, through the net on the other hand card and workshop class network are linked together, make the system can use long-range computer input to quench parameter, also can show case of machine tool job; PCI-1240 is used at the pace to take electric machinery speed and fixed position control, detect at the same time the pace enters electric machinery all sorts of unusual signal; PCI-1751 runs paralell for 48 TTL n input output board, among them 32 settings are an input, use at operating pushbutton input, include to start, time-out, emergency stop button, 3 labour the hand is moved heat, gush fluid, rotate, switch, revolving stage is inverting quickly, slow fast positive and negative turns, 3 labour workpiece rises quickly drop, slow fast rise next demote; 16 settings are output, use at revolving stage and 3 labour the pace makes can be controlled into electric machinery. PCL - 724 input for TTL n board, use at be opposite to reach the designated position, short, be short of water, tip unusual wait for signal to undertake detecting, as a result of board go up to be mixed without n changeover signal isolating function, and be close to switch n to be 24V, use PCLD so - 785 as the input n changeover and signal keep apart circuit; PCLD - 885 output for relay of 16 high power board, have extremely strong output drive capacity, contact capacity is communication 220V5A; PCL, 720 for 64 switch the quantity inputs output board, here main with PCLD - one 885, control is versed in each a switch, heat, gush fluid, blow, temper. 3, because interference rejection design quenchs the machine tool is special machine tool device, those who quench the machine tool is used high frequency or because intermediate frequency power source uses modulation wave output, its are disturbed to the radiate of electrified wire netting and other equipment particularly serious, for this control the system adopts following interference rejection measure. 4, the versatility that software designs systematic software to design main consideration software, dependability and use a sex easily. Consider the following issues again for this: ① is versed in 3 times use alone add pyroelectricity source and 3 worker worker share function of the switch when adding pyroelectricity source; ② is versed in 3 times at the same time independent moving software is designed, have at the same time, successive scanning, section at the same time, section scans continuously wait for a variety of quenching function; ③ should can store the workpiece of 100 above quenchs program, workpiece management, inquiry is convenient; ④ parameter input is convenient, need not process designing, the person that does not know the computer can finish the input of workpiece parameter; Function of ⑤ online help, operate clew at any time; ⑥ breakdown is diagnosed oneself, breakdown calls the police clew function. Graph 6 gave out systematic software designs overall block diagram, move directly after computer electrify quench program, "Systematic initialization " include the each board card initialization, moving parameter that transfers the work that moves last to wait, and differentiate operates face plate [automatic / the hand is moved] pushbutton position, automatic switch arrives corresponding advocate picture. After entering a main program, the system times the examination operates face plate [automatic / the hand is moved] , [start] , [stop urgently] wait for pushbutton condition, spark corresponding incident; The system below automatic status basically completes workpiece management, quench setting of parameter setting, revolving stage parameter, pace enters electric machinery acceleration setting and quench automatically function; The hand moves means to fall, the system basically completes each work the hand moves hand of operation, revolving stage to move operation, ABC3 to be versed in reach revolving stage null to answer null function and hand setting, automatically to move parameter to install. Workpiece choice is finished in workpiece government appearance, after workpiece of make choice of, the system checks each to be versed in whether the file puts a parameter in above all, if nonexistent, found each automatically to be versed in a parameter file renown, install prohibit running a mark to give out at the same time clew. Each labour after quenching parameter is installed, the system cancels automatically to prohibit running a sign. The program goes out to exit a part without the picture in overall block diagram, software is exited include two kinds to exit means, one kind is to return WINDOWS2000 desktop, one kind is to exit an operating system to close namely directly machine. 5, line Cheng technology is versed in as a result of 3 move at the same time, the system installs 4 lines Cheng, 3 lines Cheng is used at A, B, C3 labour quench, cheng of a line is used at each to be versed in a moving condition directive, revolving stage graduation is finished by the main program; In quench in the process, occurrence different general reason besides, the system is exited instantly quench program, hand-in-hand travel calls the police, a certain labour appear unusual, do not affect other to be versed in move; Be like occurrence labour do not drop to reach the designated position or the circumstance that rotary table graduation does not reach the designated position, the system searchs automatically. Long-range parameter revises the issue that considers cost, the program did not use C/S structure, also do not support long-range ODBC, revise remotely for support quench parameter, can be in far end installs this software on the computer, control the computer to the machine tool duplicating parameter file after parameter file is revised, exit applied process on computer of machine tool control after that and move afresh. Conclusion: Center of small-sized induction heat treatment is integrated of machine tool of heat treatment of the induction on international compact change, flexible change, much axis is changed, product line is changed, the 9 project that a few points of the respect such as computerization develop center of inductive heat treatment, already was counted by Luoyang and other places in home a manufacturer application at autocycle brace quench with temper, obtained fund of innovation of technology of medium and small businesses of science and technology of ministry of science and technology in September 2000, project approving code name: 00C26224100631, save the technical appraisement that the committee of science and technology chairs at passing Henan in September 2001, classics expert checks, the machine tool rises fall repeat ± of ≤ of fixed position precision 0.

03mm, ± of ≤ of precision of graduation fixed position 0.

02 ° , work shift speed 1 ~ 300mm/s. The similar machine tool that imports with some factory (belt of a power source quenchs 3 times machine tool) photograph comparing, machining center of small-sized induction heat treatment is in function, price, structure, cover an area of the respect such as efficiency of intensity of labor of area, worker, treatment apparent excel imports congener machine tool, as congener as protective respect and entrance machine tool is diagnosed to comparative in breakdown. CNC Milling CNC Machining