How to realize a product to prevent with laser label bogus and but date from sex

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As the flying development of economy of our country market, all trades and professions was born in succession enterprise of a batch of famous brand, the enterprise of product of brand of go under sb else's name of a batch of special copy also was born in the meantime. The research and development that throws charge the product more as a result of famous brand enterprise, make with the sale in the process, in precaution sham the investment that go up is opposite less. In last few years as sham activity increasingly rampant, what manufacturer prevents bogus consciousness is ceaseless strengthen, all sorts of methods that prevent bogus in succession emerge in large numbers. Laser is holographic the method preventing bogus that the technology that prevent bogus and laser label the technology that prevent bogus serves as new generation is getting applied extensively ceaselessly. Because prevent bogus and product date from to often be combined together, outside the application in labelling besides introductory laser in article lieutenant general the technology prevents bogus in the product, return date from of product of put up with to make the introduction. Those who stimulate optical mark to because laser labels,prevent bogus and product date from is permanent, make its itself has the certain sex that prevent bogus, but the possibility that also is reserved in copy to risk. Label laser system and database inquire the system is united in wedlock together only, ability defends bogus action to depth arriving since the product. Laser labels equipment itself uses the computer to control, can realize network and database function very easily, accordingly " China labour laser " it is at the beginning in mark software shirt-sleeve database function, the laser code that the client can carry a database to go up to the product undertakes test and verify, in order to discern the true bogus of the product. As the development of the network, "China labour laser " rolled out network database on the foundation of stand-alone database again, the sex preventing bogus that makes laser labels increases further, the user also can carry the inquiry product with convenient network. Laser labels the form that uses a database will undertake preventing bogus and product date from, data is OK the formal expression that proclaimed in writing, bar code, 2 dimension pile up comes out. Because code of bar code, 2 dimension has corresponding knowledge to read equipment, can reduce the time of manual input, because this is very comfortable,collaboration is the carrier of data. 2 dimension pile up the 2D graph that is form of a similar chessboard, a large number of information can be contained inside very small area. Because 2 dimension pile up 2D graph to ask to numerate only,function is in the contrast ratio with 50 lower even % , use 2 dimension to pile up a graph so, increased what laser labels to be able to be known greatly read a gender. The encode that 2 dimension pile up still is had inside the corrective function of buy, although because some is planted,cause share code is damaged, code still can numerate. The coding that 2 dimension code still can use a few kinds of different forms is added close, in data buy enters protective parts of an apparatus, make the number of this kind of type right the product value watch that owns patent is big. With " China labour laser " system of LSY50F laser sign is exemple, mark software besides have outside generating bar code automatically, still support the 2 dimension such as code of DataMatrix, PDF417, QR Code, Chinese letter, linear code to pile up a technology. Mark of laser of Nextpage system brief introduction prevents bogus and system of product date from to basically be labelled by database system, laser 3 parts form system, pattern recognition system. With using 2 dimension linear graph code is exemple, systematic frame structure pursues. Laser mark defends bogus and system of product date from, the system basically includes 3 shares: The number part that 2 dimension pile up (laser sign system) , graph of 2 dimension code films part (pattern recognition system) generate with what 2 dimension pile up and identify a part (database system) . The number part that 2 dimension pile up is the figure of 2 dimension code that will make label through laser equipment mark arrives on product itself or the outer packing that are a product. 2 dimension pile up a graph to film the part is the picture news that piles up through filming equipment collects 2 dimension, image films equipment is agile and diversiform, can be average number is photographed like camera of head, number, image scanning gun, mobile phone is photographed like first class; When filming small size graph is piled up, can use contain small shrink the camera of camera lens. The person that film never can is the same as inside certain distance direction and all sorts of angle film the graph piles up image, film that is to say the method is unlimited, agile diversity. Gotten picture can identify with the computer that contains special algorithm, also can convey to be generated to what 2 dimension pile up through the network and identify a center to undertake inquiring. 2 dimension pile up generating is the need according to the user and corresponding encode regulation, generate a group of character to code above all, code according to character the figure with corresponding translate into is piled up next. Use example one: Industry of spare parts of car of car spare parts is the main component of auto industry, through in last few years develop, market of form a complete set of car a replacement amounts to 200 billion yuan now, maintenance market amounts to 60 billion yuan. But, present actual condition, fake very serious, in domain of car a replacement, always famous brand product, good product always is sold on the market, always can give lead plane the product of form a complete set, have fake the problem appears, and quite serious still. Be based on such market situation just about, "China labour laser " laser technology of code of mark, 2 dimension and database photograph combine, the laser mark that rolled out new generation defends bogus and system of product date from, help broad steam match manufacturer to undertake be tracked effectively and preventing bogus to the product. Print with laser general date, bar code, code name, label and design plastic with the metal on, wide application is controlled at goods in stock, reduce inventory and divisional product side. Not only such, because stimulate optical mark to won't generate interference signal, won't be distorted forever, also can use at the product to prevent bogus so. Laser bar code can be helped not only track monitor the product that supplies catenary to go up, and still can help the business that pack and shopkeeper did not discern the commodity of the code keeps clear of from inside storehouse. The person that make a holiday is unavailable give the same equipment that brand product makes number and material, duplicate almost impossibly to same laser labels or decorate design so. Laser mark compares other method, the sign that if ink jet and priming paint presswork,comes out is more clear but differentiate. Because laser ray uses the computer extremely easily to weave, the mark of laser is more agile and so diversiform. Laser mark can be on each product the code with only sign, generate code database at the same time, the form that piles up through 2 dimension is code mark on component, in the product of later period the sign that 2 dimension code can carry in tracking is read, mix information undertakes test and verify will discern related the database the true bogus of the product. Use example 2: Batteries of mobile phone of mobile phone batteries is the product with the highest profit in mobile phone fittings, often the profit that a gain that holds batteries formerly is equivalent to a mobile phone. Be such high profit, bring about the many copy on the market to install batteries to appear formerly. Quality problem discovers to often can go to responsibility attribute a fault to after the consumer of unidentified truth was buying copy to install batteries formerly brand manufacturer, the result is sham manufacturer scores gain, loss of brand manufacturer incur. The measure that how adopts effective, make consumer differentiates easily the true bogus of the product, had become the main job of brand battery manufacturer. Mobile phone sales volume is in Nuojiya home is advanced all the time 3 armour, its batteries also becomes everybody to use up the object with the fake copy that enjoy a standard, because early used this Nuojiya,laser labels 2 dimension pile up a technology to defend bogus and date from product. Nextpage2 dimension code and code use laser to label, the 2 dimension code that surges optical mark and copy risk product black-and-white 2 dimension are piled up there is clear distinction on simple sense, consumer can feel both distinction intuitionisticly with the hand. Consumer still can pass code of the input on the website in Nuojiya to come the true bogus of batteries of test and verify. Laser number facilities is belonged to one-time purchase cost taller, later period maintains cost low, without the process instrumentation of bad news material, to later period cost can reduce for big plant through one-time investment material is mixed maintain cost. For the manufacturer that risks to be engaged in copy, the early days cost that purchases laser to label equipment is used at making a holiday is very high, virtually also rose to make false cost. Also can put an end to sham product from certain level. Use example 3: Industry of building materials of building materials industry is the industry with a more intense competition, also be one fake the heavy disaster area of the product. Laser mark regards a kind of new-style mark that prevent bogus as the method, in the application preventing bogus of more and more building materials be goinged to by application. Pass and net of database system couplet, product code changeover is 2 dimension code, with laser mark is on the product, can track to the product in current link, prevent to string together the happening of goods. The user discerns can intuitionisticly the true bogus of the product, still can photograph through the mobile phone undertake discriminating to 2 dimension code like the head, inquire a product from special website. Laser labels equipment belongs to one-time investment, and presswork label belongs bad news capable person. Through laser mark replaces a tradition not to do glue label, can raise the threshold that makes a holiday, put an end to from certain level sham. Later period still can pile up 2 dimension and database function union comes in, the effect that prevent bogus will be better. Conclusion wants only fake the product does not disappear one day, the work that defends bogus cannot stop. On one hand the product that consumer wants to raise oneself discerns ability, on the other hand manufacturer also should introduce the new mechanism that prevent bogus. Laser mark regards a kind of new-style mark as craft, a variety of characteristics of its oneself decided his the position in preventing bogus application, believe before long in the future, can more products use laser mark to write down implementation to prevent bogus and undertake date from. CNC Milling CNC Machining