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CNC Milling switchs on the mobile phone reach an origin to operate video tutorial

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  • source:EAGLEBURGER CNC Machining
Normal > one, switch on the mobile phone Normal > opens exterior mains switch, open motive bed power source, what get on operation face plate is urgent stop pushbutton dextrorotation to bounce, make the mains switch on face plate by have drills, if switch on the mobile phone,succeed, it is normal that indication screen shows, without call the police. Normal > 2, the machine tool answers origin Normal > machine tool is answering origin only, automatic means and MDI means ability is effective, before answering origin hotshot moves an operation. Need to undertake origin is operated answering in the following circumstance commonly, it is in order to build correct machine tool coordinate: Normal >1, after switching on the mobile phone; Normal >2, machine tool cuts off the power, put through again power source of numerical control system; Normal >3, exceed the journey to call the police after removing; Normal >4, urgent after stopping pushbutton to press. Normal > answers origin unit process of cargo bandling to be as follows: Normal >1, choice uses an origin pattern; Normal >2, adjust switch of feed speed fold at proper place; Normal >3, press first the square Xiang Jian of reference axis + Z, coordinate axial origin moves, after arriving at origin athletic nature stops, screen shows origin sign, right now coordinate shows in Z mechanical coordinate is 0; Normal >4, ordinal X that finish or Y axis answer origin, finally is circumgyrate coordinate answers origin, press namely + Z, + X, + Y, + the ordinal operation of A. Normal Align=center>[MP=400, 300, true]http://www.



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