What is man-machine interface, prospective application market how?

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Man-machine interface Human Machine Interface -- between operation personnel and machine equipment two-way communication bridge. 1) the definition of product of interface of A of man-machine interface brief introduction, man-machine joins but program controller (PLC) , the industry such as governor of transducer, dc, appearance controls device, use indication screen to show, through inputting unit (if feel screen, clavier, mouse to wait) write working parameter or input operation command, implementation person and machine information are interactive digital facilities, by hardware and software two parts are comprised. HMI is the abbreviate of English Human-Machine Interface. Interface of B, man-machine (HMI) the composition of the product and product of interface of working principle man-machine by hardware and software two parts are comprised, hardware part includes memory cell of interface of processor, indication unit, input unit, communication, data to wait, among them the function discretion that the function of processor decided HMI product, the core that is HMI is unit. Differ according to the item category of HMI, processor can choose 8 respectively, 16, 32 processor. HMI software is divided commonly for two parts, the systematic software that runs in HMI hardware namely and the picture configuration software that run at PC Windows operating system to fall (be like JB - software of HMI picture configuration) . The picture configuration software that the person that use must use HMI first is made " project file " , the serial communication mouth of repass PC and HMI product, good the work out " project file " download moves in the processor of HMI. The basic function of product of interface of C, man-machine and basic skill of type selecting index can: Facility work status shows, wait like indicator light, pushbutton, character, graph, curve; · data, character inputs an operation, printout; · produces recipe memory, equipment produces data logging; The logic with plain · and numeric operation; · can join a variety of industry control equipment group network. Type selecting index: · shows screen dimension and color, resolution; The processor speed performance of LHMI; · inputs means: Feel screen or filmy clavier; · picture keeps lay aside size, the unit of capacity that notices the manufacturer is tagged is byte (Byte) , or (Bit) ; Sort of · communication mouth reachs an amount, whether to support the function that print. The use method of interface of D, man-machine 1, requirement of clear monitoring job, select suitable HMI product; ? 2, edit with picture configuration software on the PC " project file " ; ? 3, the test saves what already had edited " project file " ; ? 4, hardware of PC join HMI, download " project file " in HMI; ? 5, join HMI and industrial controller (wait like PLC, appearance) , implementation is interactive. 2) Original Equipment Manufacturer of market of applied market A, OEM, what original equipment production · purchases automation product or shape is electronic-controlled system, its configuration is in equipment or machinery, the business that sells equipment machine downstream user is OEM enterprise namely, the mechanical automation market that the standardization that forms from this, batch produces namely OEM market. B.

The domain such as project project machine tool, metallurgy, mine, petrifaction. Building of traffic of orbit of application of C, new industry, intelligence, infrastructure is built... CNC Milling CNC Machining