3 coordinate of type of arm of level of Windsor R series are measured machine

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3 coordinate of type of arm of level of Windsor R series are measured machine it is batch of large in producing a course part detect reach concrete analysis of the ideal of complex package anthology, special the single component that applies to a car, the measurement with heavy-duty truckload even component, fast and the output with accurate essence measures data. 3 coordinate gauge mood of arm of R series level machine can offer change measure a needle to lengthen lever to be used at at any time gauge demand, the system measuring a head that can use different function is combined, finish from milling, digitlization arrives those who measure is one-stop solution. And use the perfect band of soft hardware, from what collect sealed face data collects data to the basis or CAD CAD data undertakes car milling works, wen Zexi cuts arm of level of series of head DMH120 and Excalibur and R to measure machine cooperate, can be over didymous bubble, clay and plastic the milling task that waits for soft material, 3 coordinate measure the workbench bridge-type in machine, of type of fixed dragon door cannot finish job of this kind of job. 3 coordinate of type of arm of level of Windsor R series measure machine characteristic: 1, the biggest the RAX in measuring limits R series has very extensive span on Z axis, height can amount to 3100mm.

Measure limits to be able to begin consideration from platform place directly, the system is surveyed in double arm in, have measure a mirror to rebuild function, the measurement that can optimize X axis span. 2, the application of wide extensive and product of series of patulous ability R can have many groups of optional configuration (CNC, electric machinery, the hand moves) , can provide the patulous application of the biggest flexibility, and bridge-type measures the real time temperature that can deploy on machine to compensate system or active and shock-proof air cushion to wait, likewise OK at horizontal arm type applying 3 coordinate are measured machine 3, the union of linear slideway, roller bearing and carbon fiber composite material can provide the result that mature technology gets essence of life to allow the rightest tendency drive kind, offerred stable mechanical precision thereby. 4, compositive treatment and control unit are mixed to mobile computer control unit uses heat enclosed design, the heat energy that with making equipment produces but from eduction of the safety in machine component. The system is designed and the integrated circuit of the systematic interface technology of wide extensive is used 5, the system is efficient adopt wear-resisting design, package optimize and 3 axes lubricate automatically although be in,the function can ensure high strenth year, the machine still has very long service life. CNC Milling CNC Machining