UG software designs medium application in manufacturing industry digitlization

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Intense market competition makes manufacturing industry right get used to the market and the demand that create a success to wait quickly increasingly pressing. The also is a product not just quality that consumer asks, further requirement is art and beautiful enjoyment. The product that this gives with respect to requirement architect development more the demand that accords with human body labour to learn, the function with the modelling that realizes a product, reasonable do one's best and manufacturing technology achieve the perfect union of art and science and technology, make the product has competition ability more in the market thereby. This to mechanical technology stylist, the challenge with enormous since, also be tremendous opportunity. To the enterprise, its care most already was to want not just efficient ground design gives product of a certain part, want ground of high quality, low cost to roll out the product that contented market needs in time to the market however, in order to obtain the biggest economic benefits. That is to say, what the enterprise cares is its product arrives from market demand design, analysis, make, down to how does this one process realize efficient, high grade, low cost to qualitative check, sale this one target. Traditional 2 dimension design cannot satisfy afore-mentioned requirements basically already, the tomorrow that selected new CAD software to already became a company develops way. The view structure is complex dynamoelectric tool beyond article general is exemple, the characteristic structure of dynamoelectric tool product is complex hold dynamoelectric tool to want to satisfy feel to ask already, consider aesthetic feeling even. Because the client of different area is regional difference, different hand-type measurement also must consider inside. Consequently the outward appearance of 90% is made by complex free curved surface. Security asks product of tall dynamoelectric tool sells and other places of past North America, Europe, Japan for the most part, the product must accord with international and regional standard. To prevent to affect the figure of the company because of quality problem, the product is being designed and each link in manufacturing process must guard a pass constantly, finished product wants to check through strict function before leave factory. Design periodic short enterprise to hold a dominant position to be in the market, each product arrives from design of market survey, concept, structure design finalize the design, mould graph and 2 dimension graph, need to be finished inside short time. The design that new product develops process idea to fashion new product basically is the development of new product inside the client's demand and group, and the origin of the data often is data of cloud of documentation of the sketch of exterior of hand draw product that the client offers, photograph, DXF, CGM documentation, dot or hand board wait, and to these Unigraphics software offerred data to change interface, can deliver directly. UG/StylingDesign and Studio offerred product exterior curved surface to generate, the function that assesses analysis and crop, the characteristic building a model of the free curve that it has parameter to change and curved surface, and among them Freeformfeature and Shape are achievable complex exterior design and originality, apply colours to a drawing of finished exterior repass UG/Photo becomes distinct three-dimensional and hypostatic model (if graph 1) gives,undertake market survey, the development that has a product again next, try produce reach production. UG/Capture module, it can nod cloud data in great quantities according to what get, abstraction of automatic intelligence ground gives feature of three-dimensional form and structure, reframe the geometrical number feature that measures objective body. In addition, the famous industry on international designs software AliasV9.

The 0 data with Unigraphics also can be delivered directly, the functional module of Unigraphics software basically satisfied the need that company new product develops. Notional design founds geometrical graph, for example, the source that develops when the product is picture a moment merely, can transfer into through UG/RasterImage the TIFF documentation of geometric ratio exemple (the 2) that be like a graph. The curve that uses Unigraphics (function of modelling of Spline, Curves, Sketch) undertakes the exterior is depicted reach sectional scale. The curve has dominant effect in exterior modelling, curvature light of the curve arranges degree of light that will decide curved surface degree, the rationality of the model and aesthetic feeling. Generated curve has construction of product exterior curved surface and crop with Freeformfeature and Shape, undertake assessment an analysis according to functional criterion, aesthetic criterion, examination criterion next, have UG/photo product again after making necessary modification distinct apply colours to a drawing (the 3) that be like a graph. The product exterior graph after finishing sends a client to decide again or undertake market survey, feasible hind the design that will have product interior structure. Detailed design designs internal composition bones and muscles in notional design phase, structural design team has been in the design of proceed interior structure (like) of gear case group, this is one works in coordination by what the computer supports (the process that CSCW) has products plan, product data is managed by UG/Manager. UG/Manager application advocate the data that model method founds Part, advocate the model is a when be a center with software central database, it includes all geometry related to the product and blame geometry information, each level that develop a process with the product in be product complete lifecycle provide a service with each branches, all users all can pass this onefold advocate the model finishs its technology job, digit of knife of the graph that be like 3D, 2D graph, NC is occupied, the mould pursues and assemble information to wait. These tasks can be finished by different engineer, advocate what the model can assure the independent character that handlers works, security and project data is concentrative. Bones and muscles UG/WaveGeometrylink must apply to realize spare parts and housing in the design between completely relevant, below the condition that alters in the spare parts so, housing muscle corresponding position dimension can be updated automatically. If used WaveGeometrylink, spare parts and housing do not have dependency however, can install file Unigraphics_english through changing parameter.

Def and Unigraphics_metric.

The Assemblies_AllowInterPart:n in DefO instead Yes can. Checking geometrical dimension and public errand to cooperate this is the more crucial one step in products plan.

Analysis-simpleinterference can be used to undertake the static state interferes an examination in assemble, whether does firm posture adjacent have interference case between two spare partses, if have interference, the interference area of two spare partses will generate interference piece, show Gao Liang to show, the architect can is opposite accordingly advocate the model undertakes corresponding modification, remove the static interference between two spare partses. UG/Advancedassembly offerred Clearanceanalysis, it can examine a case of 5 kinds of interference of all group of spare partses in the group (No, Soft, Touching, Hard, Containmentinterference) . When inputting one public errand to be worth, the choice needs examination part accordingly group group, can make 5 kinds of interferes a circumstance etc between a piece of corresponding spare parts, the architect can undertake according to content of forms for reporting statistics corresponding modification asks with satisfying a function. Sample makes the Unigraphics three-dimensional model that with the experiment interference of the example that make has checked, shape quickly with laser (RP&M) undertakes prototype hand board is made, basically use smooth solidify to shape law (Stereolithography, SL) makes SLA model. The principle is laser focusing makes his have regular ground solidify to surface of colophony of liquid state photosensitive, arrive to the line by the dot face, those who finish a layer build; Next lifting platform is floating a layer piece the distance enclothes material of a liquid afresh, create a level again, from this alternate addition is a three-dimensional substance. Working procedure is Unigraphics three-dimensional model archives is changed into STL format, undertake with 3Dlightyear software bearing is mixed building statified processing, be defeated by archives into laser to shape quickly again system, the workpiece that finish, take out bearing, burnish hind gets finished product. SLA example uses SL7540 data, be close to PP and ABS, dan Ren sex is tall without PP, it is current the water imbibition in SLA material is low, can realize the photosensitive colophony of particular function. SLA example changed a tradition this kind of backward technology that armrest board master makes hand board decide the exterior, shortened greatly make board time and charge, and SLA board can install appearance trigger undertake function checks, and precision is very tall. Test QA branch can use physics to shape quickly example undertakes function checks, obtain first-hand data data before the product flies a model, changed traditional products plan to want when the ability after flying a model undertakes checking this kind run way backwardly, saved many time. UG/Mechanisms of result of test of analytic test and verify but test and verify and evaluate test result. The function with dynamoelectric the mainest tool declines namely test result, after a dynamoelectric tool declines through 10 azimuth, must satisfy all function that the client asks. The kinematic mechanism that the experiment analyses is the process of transient state collision of a model, because collide,the kinetic equation of the process has transient state, height nonlinear characteristic, cannot seek solution with general static strength and mode analysis method. The mould is made to shrink the development cycle of short sawn timber, OK after product exterior is affirmatory process designing of design of the model outside proceed, NC and cutter track weave wait for relevant preparative work, can realize product mould design and internal composition design to keep abreast of at the same time so, make design and make organic ground tie, and relevant product data unites management to go to by UG/Manager advocate in the model. When the data of face or a certain feature of product file is revised, corresponding 2 dimension figure, mould pursues and NC knife digit will be updated automatically according to information, this process and traditional pattern design made photograph comparing shorten design of the model outside the product and production time. After product interior structure is finished, mould branch is OK also cutter track of design of the model inside proceed, NC weaves wait for the job. UG/CAM supports high speed treatment and sophisticated curved surface treatment, like 5 axes mill, high speed mill (speed of HSM) its runner shaft can be amounted to 10000 turn / cent above, deserve to exceed miniature milling cutter with high strenth again, it is OK that the model is machined inside one-time shape, and need not manual polish, rose to machine quality, also assured the exact position dimension of internal composition. Most after, again complementary with electric spark (EDM) treatment undertakes nap. According to lot size, the mould is made also can use directly shape quickly (RP&M) archetypal and duplicate soft qualitative silicon balata mould. The method that make is will fast shape prototype is put into doing good casting mould to wear, pour the mixture silica gel of classics vacuumize into casting mould wearing to make silica gel model, distribute the silica gel model after constant temperature is sclerotic the model again, take out prototype. CNC Milling CNC Machining