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Machine tool of banner to hoping to buy a technology to go up new-style and fictitious axis (also weigh shunt-wound machine tool) a lot of workshops can discover, transferring fund of a large sum of a huge sum is a very difficult issue. But can use accessory of machine tool of a fictitious axis now machining center, boring machine or dragon the similar machine tool such as Men Shixi bed changes his costume or dress fictitious axis machine tool, can reduce industry economy burden greatly, a lot of advantage that experiences fictitious axis machine tool at the same time and the economic benefits that had brought. Accessory of fictitious axis machine tool is by French CMW company development is produced. Go up in the ram of general accuracy machine tool according to introducing it to be able to be installed directly, its bother degree to be equivalent to replacing head of milling of a standard. The machine tool that always can undertake the head is exchanged working can be installed use accessory of machine tool of this one fictitious axis. Because its installation is simple easy, also can change immediately so other machine tool goes up. Accessory of machine tool of this one fictitious axis basically is on the structure by 6 but adjustable lever (6 legs) composition. The two end of 6 lever are secured with two fixed head (its appearance is like cone of one inclined truncation) . Next one aspect of the matter and the main shaft join that install cutting tool, one aspect of the matter joins go up at the ram of the machine tool. Below the control that controls a system, good by collection machine program undertakes machining. The spare parts of a few massive that general accuracy machine tool is support machine tool (be like first class of pillar, job) , cooperate each other, coordinate motion, retain one proper place and way with workpiece, control cutting tool executes cutting. For can simple fixed position main shaft and direction of change main shaft, 6 of fictitious axis machine tool but adjustable lever need works at the same time. But, series connection machine tool (traditional machine tool) the process capability that the total construction of initiative design restricted it. The athletic position that the advantage with fictitious axis the biggest machine tool depends on it restricting main shaft without overmuch ground and direction, it can need according to the spare parts, complex to appearance part undertakes 3, 4, the treatment of face of 5 axes and curved surface, abnormity. In treatment, a few situations that in be being used to accessory of fictitious axis machine tool, encounter, need to undertake handling by the following rule: If use accessory of fictitious axis machine tool to be able to implement more campaign, so lead plane needs to have very few campaign only. For example, cutting treatment can undertake inside the range that accessory can permit, so the machine tool ram that installs accessory of fictitious axis machine tool with Yu An can be in fixed position to be not moved only. If cannot satisfy treatment need, criterion accessory need moves on ram secure after a proper place, machine by accessory proceed milling next. However, give direction and position to undertake expanding machining to asking to be in, accessory of this opportunity bed needs to undertake inclusive mobile on ram compound campaign. The control part that uses accessory of fictitious axis machine tool is very complex, the collection of machine program is considered as to comparative simple, and do not need use aftertreatment program. Handlers can move handwheel with one report or accessory of joy stick control undertakes machining, also can be outside machine the CAM software in controlling CAD or ISO file input the system, collection good machine program, by CNC system control workpiece and cutting tool motion are undertaken machining. Accessory has an interesting characteristic is can undertake compensating to error of leader fixed position automatically. The direction such as axis of X, Y, Z and scroll, a simple move or action and crab is in treatment the displacement error of generation undertakes measure and be recordinged and be defeated by its the machine tool to control is software, undertake correct and be compensatinged to the error of generation next. Accessory of fictitious axis machine tool provides an user with two kinds of norms at present, hexapode CMW 300, have circumgyrate radius to be the working limits of 700mm, configuration has 40 kilowatt power, highest turn up 24, the main shaft of 000rpm. Hexapode CMW 380, the size range of pipe bent that has circumgyrate radius to amount to 1050 Mm and configuration have 70 kilowatt power, highest turn up 24, the main shaft of 000 Rpm. CMW company is a manufacturer that basically provides special electric machinery for French automobile manufacturing industry, the accessory of fictitious axis machine tool that is it at present searchs the distributors that is in North America area. Pair of accessory are interested, the reader that wants to obtain more data but electric mail: Ugv@hexapode - Cmw.

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