The United States places knife handle of synchronous and rigid tap

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The method of the commonnest tap that uses on CNC machine tool is " rigid tap " or say " synchronous tap " . Alleged and rigid tap be about to main shaft rotates to be changed with synchronism of Z axis feed, in order to match specific whorl pitch, namely main shaft rotates a week, z axis is strict feed a pitch. Because synchronism changes the feed in treatment process, because this is theoretic,tell cannot use take the tap collet with any adjustable tension. But in be being produced actually, the machine tool cannot match completely accurately with use tap pitch (especially during pass on of positive and negative is replaced or suffer the element such as tap itself precision to affect) , machines whorl and tap always are put in slight difference between actual pitch. If use collet of general and rigid tap, criterion this difference will be brought about bring to bear on on tap additional axial active force, life of this pair of tap and whorl quality have conclusive effect. This kind of inadequacy that big clear and machine of essence of life saw knife handle of common and rigid tap exists just about, pass old with great concentration to consider, the beauty that development went to have simultaneous error to compensate an orgnaization places synchronous tap knife handle (MEGA SYNCHRO TAPPER) . This knife handle is an elastomer increased between noumenon and tap collet, when different situation produces in tap process, elastomer suffers force to arise in axial direction subtle be out of shape undertake the error is compensated, can reduce the axial force of because of different situation generation considerably so. Via experiment test and verify, can make axial force reduces the 1/10 to knife handle of common and rigid tap, promote whorl quality and tap life substantially. CNC Milling CNC Machining