Hill Gao Dao has bit of turning of new material qualitative TP1500

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The TP1500 of new material qualitative brand of turning razor blade, it is to use hill high firm 2006 the DuratomicTM film technology of end initiate, face of its around knife all has drawn the numerous person that use for black feature, but the primary sub level of its core dominates technical to this day still unmanned compare. TP1500 applies to steel turning. In nearly 100 case that collect different application circumstance in TP1500 field test, have an advantage apparently occupy 80% , the effect comparatives occupy 13% . The MR6 that with TP1500 combination rolls out together breaks bits chamfer, make one kind is aimed at the chamfer of special design breaking bits when high speed feed is added, below identical cutting parameter, the M5 of the chamfer that break bits that force of its heat in metal cutting, cutting all adds up to under congener application field and MR7, and working range is wider, reason can raise cutting speed to reach prolong cutting tool life. CNC Milling CNC Machining