Spare parts of casing of laser beam machining

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The production of spare parts of ark of spaceflight box, machine reflected small lot, multitask centrally foreword, complex and the characteristic of excel in, casing spare parts because its Bao Bi, structure irregular, aperture is complex, appearance much and pitch requirement is advanced characteristic and make a typical case difficult treatment spare parts. Ark of box, machine belongs to nicety to machine a category, the axis is installed in machine ark, cover kind of accurate alveolus on the spare parts, abnormity Kong Zhanbi is big, its treatment precision and cooperate precision the demand is higher, need to use accurate processing technique on craft, should use accurate car, grind, the equipment such as line cut and electropolishing, use 3 coordinate machine to undertake precision detects even at the same time. The spare parts structure such as the flat of CNC Machining and box body is relatively complex, machine the box with much dimension and machine ark, suit to use CAD/CAM technology very much, use CAD model, accuse automatic process designing and treatment to emulate into linage, form machine program, come true on CNC Machining center and Laser Cutting machine then or install calorie of treatment that finish 2 times. Fold a turn to solder by thin plate compositive housing kind spare parts, because the spare parts is phyletic much, structure requirement of different, appearance is special, make this kinds of spare parts is in before in producing a course, spread out expecting is a too manual computation and lofting, repass plane shear or manual figuration, leave especially seam place, often because handsaw machining error is big, burr is protuberant and apparent, need to amend ability to obtain satisfactory result repeatedly, already lose time affects delivery cycle again, and the consistency that assures quality of spare parts appearance very hard. The precious character that laser has decided laser is machining the advantage that the domain exists: ① because it is not to have osculatory treatment, and high-energy quantity stimulates the energy intensity of beam of light reach its shift rate all adjustable, because this can achieve a variety of treatment goals; It can finish ② a variety of metals and metalloid treatment, can process tall hardness, tall brittleness and the data that Gao Rong nods especially; Do not have in process of ③ laser beam machining " cutting tool " wear away, without " cutting force " action at workpiece; In process of ④ laser beam machining, stimulate density of energy of beam of light tall, treatment rate is rapid, and be local treatment, was not affected to be not laser illuminate place or affect minimum. Accordingly, area of its heat influence is small, workpiece heat is out of shape small, follow-up treatment amount is small; ⑤ laser can pass transparent medium to have all sorts of treatment to the workpiece inside airtight container; Because ⑥ is stimulated beam of light directs easily and gather, realize each direction commutation, cooperate extremely easily with numerical control system, undertake machining to intricate work, because this is a kind of very agile treatment method; ⑦ uses laser beam machining, manufacturing efficiency is tall, quality is reliable, economic benefits is good. Through craft survey of analysis, technology is mixed try to find out the real intention, to get used to the need of new condition development and market, at the same time also to increase quality credit further, make sure delivery is periodic and improve manufacturing current situation, spaceflight Nanhai science and technology purchased aircraft of Laser Cutting of a DF3015 that by system of cut of Lai of Wuhan law benefit finite liability company produces numerical control 2011, power 1000W, carbolic steel but cut 6mm, stainless steel board cut 4mm, nonferrous metal is aluminous board cut 2mm is the following, can satisfy completely at present the treatment of material of gold of case case Ban asks. Try hard through 3 years, gold of Ban of ark of box, machine main production key is nodded and difficulty gets breakthrough and solve. To Ban gold spread out makings cut to amend the appearance that reach a platoon very rapid and quick, save time to assure quality again already, delivery cycle is short, special apply to automation treatment. System of laser beam machining and union of photograph of technology of computerized numerical control can form efficient automation to machine equipment, this already became an enterprise to practice the crucial technology of timely production, for high grade, efficient produce open up with the treatment of low cost wide perspective. Of new facility although solved many problems,apply, but using initial stage, because be familiar with equipment operation not quite, functional play is insufficient, cut effect is poor, quality of spare parts exterior rises not apparent, often bring about cut do not appear, be burned too or fly smooth wait for a problem. These problems teach oneself through what operator is versed in and fumble, and fall in the guidance of manufacturer technology personnel, undertake the spot grooms, sum up experience, already improved the quality of the spare parts and manufacturing efficiency apparently. Although the application of technology of laser beam machining raised the quality that Ban material appearance machines and rate, but on the other hand, generation of the meeting after treatment hangs broken bits surplus other people, need to use file or horn to grind machine purify, in order to acquire higher exterior quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining