Process the brand of new-style pottery and porcelain of material of high temperature alloy

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Shanteweikekeleman is new the augment of CC6060/CC6065 round razor blade that roll out alloy of its high temperature (the line of the products of HRSA) cutting cutting tool, the advantage that also brought brand of pottery and porcelain at the same time -- can with razor blade of groovy hard alloy the speed of 6 times undertakes 4 ~ cutting. Arrive to basically using semifinishing machining the aerospace industry of rough machining working procedure, new-style round razor blade acted excellent cooperative part in these domains. Cutting undertakes on the forging of alloy of high quality heat-resisting that has ovality when, CC6065 can raise feed rate through hard bit and point, improving cutting result while improved spare parts quality. When the spare parts that machines bigger diameter or longer cutting length, what use CC6060 can bring treatment is efficient. Because its exceed,be able to bear or endure by force groove abrasiveness, this kind of brand can machine the deepness that place of brand of current and other pottery and porcelain cannot achieve, and still can answer higher feed rate and longer successive cutting. In addition, because covered the applied situation of profile modeling milling and working procedure of milling of sunken acupuncture point, brand of azotic radical complement will conduce to these silicon aluminous oxygen be being reduced further to high temperature alloy (the stock of total cutting tool that HRSA) material treatment wants. CNC Milling CNC Machining