High accuracy of law benefit Lai locates clamp device spells the application in solder equipment in numerical control laser

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Laser spells solder, laser answer to add up to solder to equip to basically be used at the train, car board high strenth solders, there also is extensive demand in other sphere, on the tooling of this kind of complex nicety, the functional position of device of clamp of high accuracy fixed position more show outstanding. Armor plate laser spells solder is collect the laser that linear, labyrinthian line spells solder function to be an organic whole spells solder technology, basically solder by Laser Cutting system, laser (compound) system, dog the composition such as system of clamp of testing system, mechanical fixed position, control system. This technology can finish board automatically on makings, board makings is cut beforehand, joining together fixed position and clamp, transmit reach solder wait for working procedure, soldering automatic welding line is finished to dog in the process reach welding line to detect. In system of a complete set of high accuracy locates clamp device is assuming all functions before laser beam machining: · expects piece · of fixed position   expects piece fixed   · expects piece the automatic tabulator that the edge receives to handle installation to make a stage go up in welder before solder by advocate fixed position is sold, side direction fixed position is sold, drive air cylinder and fixed position workbench. Fixed position is sold use at certain material piece X, Y to the position; Position job mesa comes true makings piece prop up, workbench face has ball / gyro wheel, just go out artificially makings; Clamp system is become by type of array of crock of 16 hydraulic pressure. Sort of hydraulic pressure crock is retractive criterion clamp orgnaization finishs fixed makings piece movement, loose action is completed when piston lever is extended, release makings piece. Thick board side and laminose side have fixed position of a side direction to sell each with clamp system. (wait thick board corresponding device also is such) . The check of whole apparatus accuses to reach drive all by computer programme controll, workbench shift device by deputy drive of slideway of high accuracy guide screw. To the influence of quality of workpiece welding line: Fixed position of focus of laser of · solder connect, two coordinate is sold, the fiducial coordinate nicety of shuttle table is adjustable, assured all workpiece solder quality consistency; Two coordinate fixed position sells · , drive air cylinder to reach detect sensor automata, eduction put the positional precision error of makings artificially, with benefit at user sheet or batch treatment; This · device type of array of crock of many clamp hydraulic pressure distributings, movement of sort of lever of the piston when the job, avoided the falbala when press press of laminose large area to be out of shape; · fixed position sells the position, pressure that prompts crock of air cylinder journey, hydraulic pressure to all be adjustable, the workpiece that gets used to different width of cloth and ply and material to pledge solders. CNC Milling CNC Machining