PNM company helps your implementation shorten the target of settling time

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Dave Counts thinks, adjust and handling time saves 5 seconds, it is very good success. DAVE COUNTS thinks, if the any person in 52 employee of he or his company, can economic on their settling time 5 or 10 seconds, that is very great progress. Counts says again: "We do not agree to work must ' good on double ' the sort of thought tendency, so, if we can accelerate 5 seconds, then we have progress. " the president that Counts is PNM company, this company is a service the agreement factory of production market of orgnaization of treatment of Yu Hang day, aviation, electron, medicine, food, car, illume, government and business. Although this factory implements very good quality government program, maintain very low percent defective, but, counts says his Si reduces settling time via emphasizing, in order to improve productivity. He says: "Settling time is all key. You must reduce settling time as far as possible. " investment installed PNM recently 4 horizontal machining center, equip system of an exchange tray, use as a kind of method that reduces settling time. This has the company of 19 years of histories, have 9 4 horizontal milling machine, lathe / milling machine of vertical of 2 turning center, Bridgeport and a broaching machine. Year of sale of this company for 7 million dollar, its machine the 60 % of the spare parts to be grain production, counts defines batch to be grain production less at 30 everyday. The tray system of this company, working surface is made go up in the stone of every tray, can install 45 parts, supply arrives horizontal machining center. Different spare parts can be installed beforehand go up in same tray, the machine tool is corresponding ground process designing. Counts says, install a part beforehand on tray, the cutting part settling time that makes PNM works every, shorten from 2 hours, among them batch 90 occupy 75% . Counts says, he still has a lot of about shortening the similar achievement of settling time. Additional, this tray system and horizontal machining center, make PNM company can undertake adjust and moving so: Handlers of a machine tool works 8 hours, his main job is a machine tool do when the job a few adjust, the others 16 hours of light-off, move with unmanned guard means. In 8 hours of jobs, handlers adjusts the workpiece on 17 tray normally. If machine cycle time to be 4 minutes on average, criterion every tray has 12 hours of run time, a lot of tray should queue up to await a machine tool to machine, 16 hours still unmanned guard moves. Counts says, "We must place emergence to sell labor this kind of case. Nowadays, I am in run ours, regarding is betray tablet stone to go up ' praedial ' " . Change the improvement of tray system and horizontal machining center, si classics improves the productivity of PNM, but, counts says, he is trying hard the productivity of a company, raise dollar of 200 000 of sale of average per capita. Achieve this goal (the sale that this is equivalent to about 52 people amounts to) of 10.5 million dollar, look in Counts, will make of PNM run reach world level. Present sale is PNM annual dollar of 134 000 of average per capita. PNM company, american California city (Fresno, calif.

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Com employee number: 52 people 7 million dollar served sale 2006 the market: Treatment of spaceflight, aviation, electron, medicine, food, car, illume, government sector and commerce make a trade CNC Milling CNC Machining