Of industrial computer advocate board type selecting skill

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Be based on ATX type, IX86 advocate board server or workstation, its industry and martial user, extremely tall to performance demand, and need wins longer life cycle and long-term technology support, the choice is accordingly right advocate board, it is the product that the choice has macrobian life cycle not just. To be obtained inside whole life cycle of the system best function is mixed can upgrade function, need chooses appropriate chip set and processor. In choosing a level, ought to differ quite advocate board embedded the life cycle of solution, expectation and can upgrade function. Processor and all of computer science department of trade of chip group performance are based on existing IX86 framework technology, the cycle that its change is in probably 6 months. The plan uses the industry of same framework technology or martial user, the cycle that expects is 2 years longer perhaps, such its are all the supply that the component can gain long-term stability, can ensure the stability of the product is supplied thereby. All products can have service life finally, but this should be the process with an orderly plan, allow to undertake upgrading to its replacement. To martial system character, more around move a series of hardware come of definition and work out documentation. Modificatory documentation and the hardware that choose contented quality requirement afresh will replace those who be in birthday period end advocate board, may cost tens of 10 thousand dollars. Of choice processor and basis of place of set of its support chip it is pure primitive performance data only not just. Still must consider I/O and memory demand. If one designs the I/O property that needs finite I/O or minimum only, those who choose Intel gallop processor is OK. But, if need many X16PCIe passageway, that first-rate chooses even if Intel comes powerful processor, if still need stronger performance, with respect to the choice then double nucleus comes powerful processor. Original, intel to gallop series application offerred the program that has 3 chip: Bridge of a processor, north and south the bridge. Boreal bridge offers memory interface and PCI port, the bridge improves the I/O function of low layer class south. Intel released his 2008 of newest structure " cruel farsighted " processor, memory control can be carried out inside processor, can improve performance thereby. South the bridge by rechristen, released new, the chip that can provide I/O function: Platform controller collect line implement (PCH) . PCH includes to display controller and I/O function. 2010, as the issuance of chip of Q57 series PCH, the Intel company begins to provide long-term support for PCH component. Graph 1 those who reveal is the important matter schedule that has PCH series chip at present. The every PCH part that arranges on the product detailed account that the Intel company offers to embedded applying, the life that 5 arrive 7 years is periodic. The Intel company is met in product birthday period end comes truly 18 months before, period end reachs the birthday that releases a product to purchase date finally. Every advocate board supplier and systematic provider will cooperate with the Intel company, affirmatory advocate board or systematic birthday period end. What the Intel company releases is embedded product route chart, the product that can offer hope axis of birthday period time. Perhaps you had heard some processor is in " in embedded on product route chart " , that shows this product still can be used old. General every processor can have different processor speed specifications, but a certain specific processor can have only or norms of two processor speed can appear in embedded on route chart. As the issuance of new I/O standard, the Intel company released new PCH component to realize faster I/O ability. Q77 increases was opposite USB3.

The support of 0 functions, q87 increased pair of PCIe3.

The support of 0. Every PCH version can gallop with a certain Intel of processor release answer relatively. The cruel that considers to use Q57 to regard its as generation product farsighted processor, watch Glenn gave the processor technology that familial place uses every PCH. Difficulty depends on how choosing appropriate processor and I/O function combination to specific applying. Q57 series PCH still is being supplied at present, but without USB3.

0, PCIe3.

0 and newest indication technology, this component won't recommend new design to use. Q57 still can be supplied probably time of 2 years, accordingly it still is used at what existing applying to promote valence replacement product. Will tell to industry and martial application, i/O asks the likelihood is equipment of USB, storage and indication equipment join not just. A lot of application use collateral processor or special I/O expands card, so that achieve best performance,PCIe joins. Select a system, have insert groove suitably, this is the mainest demand. Below a lot of circumstances, board card offers old I/O only PCI interface, this must suit with new system. The number of norms book version that PCI/PCIe bandwidth supports by processor and chip set place will control. Current and highest bandwidth by PCIe3.

0 norms are offerred. Bandwidth still accepts the restriction of data method width. The greatest PCIe data bulk is 16, and the smallest are 1. The most commonly used is X1, X4, X8, with X16. The amount of PCIe patulous chamfer depends on PCH and the port measure that processor provides. Intel cruel farsighted the PCIe controller that provides to powerful processor with Intel is in controller is in-house. With processor and memory close together coupling is together, these PCIe controller that are based on processor can offer taller bandwidth than be based on the controller of PCH. The system collects mass data, and these data often need to be handled with real time and show operator. Many pictures processor (GPU) , for instance tesla board, can provide the power of a need, but so that,still need taller bandwidth implementation and system between board card efficient interface. Process data of oil exploration earthquake, it is another from many GPU the data of board card benefit is concentrated model application. To computer of industry of strong double nucleus, contain 4 X16PCIe3.

0 patulous chamfer, so times doubler space, OK and concessional installation amounts to 4 GPU to quicken processor to get stuck, the powerful computation performance that the implementation on the computer that installs in frame type can rival with large scale computer, and the computer can install any positions on alive bound. Clavier of installation frame type, monitor and UPS (UPS) , comprise a complete computational station. Because the component passes elaborate alternative, can supply for a long time, can ensure so match in what can maintain system and existing software a lot of years. CNC Milling CNC Machining