The characteristic of system of numerical control of Fanuc system FANUC

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1 system has the characteristic of system of FANUC numerical control machine tool of very tall dependability numerical control has made the indispensable treatment equipment on modern product line, accordingly it must in can moving for a long time in harsh environment continuously without breakdown ground. To can achieve this one requirement, regard the control of numerical control machine tool as core---Numerical control system must be had very tall but * sex. FANUC system is with the product but one of keys that * sex regards research and development as. (1) system is used in great quantities in the design modular structure. This kind of structure is torn open easily outfit, each control plate height are compositive, make but * sex has very big rise, and facilitating maintenance, change. FANUC Oi system rose further compositive degree, be in successive on the foundation of 0 systems, compositive still memory and FROM and SRAM module, PMC module, servo module, become bulk smaller thereby, but * sex is taller. (2) uses robot solder board, decreased to be participated in artificially, realized full automatic production, avoided the error that causes as a result of factitious and inadvertent place, improved a system greatly but * sex. (3) has the capacity that very strong counteractive and harsh environment affects. Temperature of its work environment is 0 - 45 ℃ , relative humidity is 75%(95 % ) can be achieved inside short time, fight oscillatory ability for 0.

5g, wave motion of electrified wire netting is - 15%~10% .

(4) has more perfect safeguard. Compare with photograph of system of other numerical control, FANUC uses better protective circuit to the system of oneself, for example: ? Bao of onlying Wo of  receiving Hui receives take along sth to sb to closely question Bin  finishs Di leads? of inn of Ba of Gan Deng of Ba of strange children's hair and the monitor of FANUC system is short of only blacken when the photograph, the system after it is normal to need voltage still can work normally. Additional, we are being debugged often is to cut off the power repeatedly in the process, electrify, interval does not need for a long time among, a bit does not affect regular job of the system. 2 functions are complete, system of FANUC of suitable scope wide   ask in order to satisfy an user to design core for its from beginning to end in the design, have more complete function, apply to all sorts of engine bases and manufacturing machinery. (The systematic software that 1)FANUC system place deploys has more all ready function and option function. To common machine tool, basic function can satisfy use requirement completely, such configuration function is more all ready, the price also is compared reasonable. The machine tool of special to some kind requirement needs to increase corresponding function, these functions need will corresponding function to parameter is opened or be added only corresponding board card (because each board card are detachable those who change is compositive board card, tear open outfit is very convenient) can use, go to the lavatory already, but * , save financial capacity and material resources again at the same time. (2) provides a large number of rich PMC signal and PMC function statement. These rich signal and process designing instruction facilitate the user weaves the PMC of the machine tool controls a process, and the flexibility that added process designing. For example: ? ? of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of silk ribbon of Xie of calf of Yi Di frequency can use an user already the signal of grand program will finish, can jump with the choice of block again turn signal will finish. Generation of different process designing train of thought is same a control result, realized personalized control truly. (3) has very strong DNC function, the system offers serial RS232C to transmit interface, make the data between PC and machine tool is transmitted can but * is finished, realize the DNC of high rate to operate thereby. At the same time FANUC-0i system adds “ again multistage the program reads control beforehand functional " and " HRV(are tall answer vector) " control, have " HSSB(high speed again serial bus line) control function " , make the speed of executive program and precision rise greatly. FANUC-0i system still offers parameter 7001#0, set its for 1 hind (the hand is moved intervene return a function effective) , in process of large mould treatment, when because cutting tool happening wears away,need changes new knife, after making feed pauses, can move with the hand move the machine tool safe height (cannot press RESET key) , change recycle of new cutting tool to start can continue to machine, realized high accuracy treatment. The treatment that can satisfy contemporary mould well asks. (4) is offerred rich maintenance calls the police and diagnose a function. FANUC maintenance manual was offerred for the user call the police in great quantities information, and undertake classification with distinct category, each maintenance information and the prescription that diagnostic condition is equivalent to a doctor are same, facilitating user undertakes maintaining to breakdown. Lift two to try to explain now. Exemple 1:408#(FANUC 0 system) call the police: ?  of female stern of laborious of  of Dong of  children's hair melt Cuo of children's hair of elder brother of  of shellfish of  of leech of  of flesh F Pen is low oily? of lip of entangled of the male that hold weapon and main shaft amplifier did not get ready when cannot be being started correctly, meeting generation should call the police. Processing technique: ? The power source of bright? of hard delay of wait Yu aluminous  or main shaft amplifier disconnects. ② is showing the IED in main shaft amplifier to go up except SU-01 or AL-24(when NC power source) beyond other call the police when putting through below the condition. Below this kind of circumstance, disconnect power source of main shaft amplifier, start afresh again. Whether the outlet that ③ should check cable becomes loose or join is incorrect. ④ other reason (hardware configures impertinent) . Exemple 2: ? ) of system of?FANUC 0i of Xing of Song of Mo of barren of brother's son  . Processing technique: ? The violet play that heat up Fei wrings cellar ≡ Song to mire? of the allow that prick  is in namely of monitor below whether to appear JOG, the selection signal that if did not appear,is means is incorrect, the diagnostic function of reoccupy PMC (PMCDGN) affirms whether means condition is true (G45.

2, G45.

3 whether be "1” ) , be like incorrect, modification PMC program, reexamination hand uses means signal effective, if disable, the diagnostic function that uses PMC please checks corresponding signal condition to whether be " 1 "(G100.

0~3 and G102.

Whether is there "1" ) in 0~3, if not be "1" , modification PMC program. Be like correct, the 000~015 name that uses CNC diagnoses a function to affirm, the each project right that examines 000~015 is the project of 1. For example OO5 (INTER LOCK/START LOCK) is "1" , the specification inputted each other to lock up / start chain signal, the each other that the user can use according to oneself locks up signal to undertake correct process designing and N03003#3#2#0 of correct set parameter. CNC Milling CNC Machining