Technology of laser case hardening makes medium application in the mould

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Use laser finishing technology to be able to make low level material realizes high-powered surface modified, achieve a spare parts to make the optimal combination with low cost and working high-powered surface, have considerable economic benefits and social beneficial result. The heat that laser sclerosis relies on material matrix is conducted undertake from Leng Cuihuo, beardless and cooling medium and device of relevant form a complete set, cost is low, and to environmental free from contamination. The hardness of spare parts surface after laser case hardening is handled quenchs than convention hardness raises 15% ~ 20% , sclerotic layer deepness is normally 0.

3 ~ 0.

5mm, if use more the laser of high-power, can amount to 1mm. The hot influence area of laser sclerosis is small, quench stress is reached be out of shape small, follow-up mental allowance is small, after laser of some workpiece classics is handled, can use directly even. Stimulate the energy of beam of light to be able to be adjusted continuously, and do not have inertial, coordinate numerical control system, can complex to appearance part and the part that groovy method handles other hard undertake local sclerosis is handled, also can undertake in the different position of the spare parts different laser sclerosis is handled. afore-mentioned characteristics because of laser finishing, it is special apply to groovy sclerosis to handle (like cementite and carbolic nitrogen in all ooze quenchs, nitrogen is changed reach induction of high school frequency to heat quench etc) the certain part that place is hard to implement and its are local exterior aggrandizement of the position is handled, because this makes in the mould in have distinct advantage: Can come true use cheap mould steel or cast-iron replace; of high-grade mould steel to replace; of entrance mould steel to be able to be executed to the mould with homebred mould steel enhance sexual rehabilitate (reproducing project) , reduce a mould to make cost. Medium applying is made in the mould technology of laser case hardening, can choice of collect design, material, patternmaking, examine, the technology such as repair at an organic whole, shorten substantially the design makes cycle, reduce manufacturing cost, change the mould makes way, final conformity promotes whole pattern industry the standard. No matter these advantages are in technical still reach in economy service on, existing and traditional technique can not is likened to. For example, plank of the Duan Hou before carling of SC6350 small car is pulled extending a pattern is to use Cr12MoV material to make all the time before, set a combination by 12 and become, because set piece when making quench be out of shape bigger, need undertakes fabricating, because set piece " juncture " influence, make tall, cycle grows the treatment cost of this mould, the part is easy appear " pull burn " phenomenon, inextricability all the time. Undertake to mould surface laser quenchs processing, set by 12 of the material such as former Cr12MoV piece convert whole of QT600-2 of nodular cast iron is cast shape, right model the face uses laser aggrandizement to handle, its hardness amounts to 58 ~ 62HRC, the mould after quenching is not had be out of shape, need to make burnish a bit to the surface only, can throw use. Compare with former workmanship photograph, after the mould uses laser to handle, material is managing 40% ~ 60% , treatment man-hour and cutting tool charge are reduced 30% , service life rises considerably. Particularly notable is, large board is pulled delay a model to make spare parts " pull burn " technical difficult problem, still do not have very good settlement in the world method, and use craft of laser surface aggrandizement to handle, solved this technology difficult problem effectively, raised the exterior quality of stamping workpiece and dimension precision, achieve large board to pull those who extend a pattern to use a requirement, make the material selection on mould design more wide. Be like again, small car enclothes stamping workpiece to use grey opening formerly cast-iron HT300, hardness is only 28 ~ 32HRC. When the mould is used punch a few even a few workpiece need to undertake building a model, serious effect machines plan and increase labor strength. After classics laser undertakes quenching aggrandizement is handled to mould face, hardness can amount to 58HRC above, improved the service life of the mould greatly, the experiment makes clear, successive punch rushs 5000 times second hind, beardless " glossy " still can continue punch. CNC Milling CNC Machining