Have distinctive and multi-purpose sexual 3D Printing shapes technology

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The earliest by American Masschusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) shapes at the 3D Printing that developed 1993 technology (3DP) , established Z Corporation prototype to create the base of the process. 3DP technology is each solidify that has powder through using liquid state to connect body will be spread, in order to founds 3D hypostatic prototype. Use 3DP technology, ZCorp.

Develops 3D Printing forming machine has processing rate fast, cost is low, and the characteristic with applied wide range. Z Corp.

3D Printing shapes the technology uses 3D source data, normally the form of 3D source data is a CAD (CAD) model. Package of mechanical CAD software regards those who found 3D data as first applied product, become almost all product very quickly to develop the standard of flow. Other industry (if build a design) the absolutely advantage that also offers because of 3D technology place and apply its at course of study of one's own profession, to all sorts of crucial application products, these advantages include visual result rate of much better, automation is higher, and more economy repeats applied 3D data effectively. Z Corp.

3D Printing forming machine uses standard ink jet to print a technology, put on pulverous layer through connecting liquid state body is spread, chase a layer to found each component. This 3D Printing shapes the hypostatic model that the process can establish 3D data place accurately to reveal. The time that this process place needs is decided according to the height of the component. Z Corp.

The technology is being printed shape not to need to use substance in the process or add support, and all untapped material but recycle. Z Corp.

3D Printing shapes the technology is the quick business on the market is used add a skill. And Z Corp.

Use 600dpi (every inches of check the number) the ink jet of resolution prints a head, special by require skill of drop Chinese ink, make gave printer of truly unique 3D ink jet. Because do not need rigid pillar structure, z Corp.

3D Printing forming machine but perpendicular pile component. The user can use the whole area that make, build flow to produce many parts through a compose, reduce the number that make further thereby, shorten processing time. The 3D Printing forming machine of Z Corp uses 4 kinds of color concatenate body: Cyan, magenta, yellow and transparent color, will lubricious color print brushs the crust in the component (see a picture) . ZPrint software transmits the colour information in section data the forming machine that print. Full prize 3D Printing shapes the prototype that technical place production comes out and real product have same color. The user also can use colour to will analyse a result to be depicted directly go up in the model, or annotate labels the design is changed, the information that so that enhance model place further,passes is worth. Z Corp.

the high resolution that high technology ink jet prints a head to have 600dpi. Z Corp.

The printing head of will high technology and special firmware union are used, printing shape the control in the process prints a head, can indicate in ZPrint software thereby accurate shakedown puts section color is concatenate body. The waste that the 3D Printing forming machine of Z Corp generates is dinky. Printing shape in the process, did not print shaping powder to distributing to be all round complex part and support this part. The user can use all at supporting this part using afresh without used powder. Z Corp.

The dependability of 3D Printing forming machine and use a sex easily, realized cheap carry to make cost. But the printing head that merchandise on hand supplies, make of this system basically use up model package can economy and get quickly changing. The 3D Printing forming machine of Z Corp uses intuitionistic user interface and simple component easily simply to make a process, make any personnel that pursue products plan can use Z Corp.

3D Printing forming machine. Place installs devoid poison with material, and need not operate an environment technically, than waiting like lab or atelier. The user can operate Z Corp in the office.

3D Printing forming machine, and the place need not be appointed in what have special demand. Z Corp.

3D Printing forming machine carries the flexibility with mechanism peculiar place because of its, already became very general. The processing process that sticks inattentive powder component of amalgamative solid melt into applies to a variety of material. The user can choose optimal material in order to satisfy the requirement of specific application domain. The core function of MIT 3DP patent product is application range is wide and processing rate is rapid. Z Corp.

Taking these concepts all the time, control innovation and material development through the opportunity that has ceaselessly, undertake develop and be manufacturinged. The forming machine of monochromatic 3D Printing that introduces material benefit of forming machine of 3D Printing of chromatic high definition, economy through taking the lead in, and a large number of software and material are improved, z Corp.

Already became fast prototype to make the navigate person that the technology in the industry innovates. Z Corp.

Will continue to improve its core technology, to provide data of solid space 3D visible tool searchs the new method of creativity. CNC Milling CNC Machining