Long Menxi cuts a technology

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"Dragon door: Fixed or portable vaulted building construction " why to use dragon door to design? The advantage of structure of dragon door frame can explain through simple mechanical principle: Through securing flank assembly, it is the dragon door frame that contains Z axis sliding stock and milling head only mobile. Opposite at other construction, athletic quality is lesser, can improve dynamic function and treatment speed thereby. Although Yike falls to achieve tall stability in great distance, can realize big transverse displacement then (Y axis) . Another good point that increases mechanical tigidity is precision of ameliorable work measure and exterior quality. When the requirement that considers greater and greater to complete treatment work especially increases ceaselessly, this advantage that designs a concept with respect to clearly; 5 axes and 5 great size range of pipe bent when treatment can come true. The comparison above result, it is to be aimed at the typical treatment of great work in be being made with the mould at the model. Machining center and muti_function manufacturing unit did not consider here. CNC Milling CNC Machining