1 × of Φ 6m large intermediate frequency quenchs the development project of the machine tool passes appraisal

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Recently, association of industry of Chinese nonferrous metal saves Zi rich city to chair in Shandong hold what by Chinese aluminium branch of Shandong of Inc. of course of study finishs " Φ 1 × 6m is large intermediate frequency quenchs the development of the machine tool " appraisal of achievement of project science and technology is met. Appraisal committee listened to the research of the project to report, examined relevant appraisal data, visited the site, course inquiry and discuss, the expert thinks, the project originates production is actual, experience design, make, installation, debug, experiment, use whole process, solved large shaft kind the hardness that the spare parts quenchs exist in processing in the surface not all problem, make produce efficiency to rise greatly. The project has characteristic of the following and main technique and innovation place: (1) use power source of intermediate frequency of silicon controlled rectifier, efficiency is tall, start fast, noise small, automatic protection, adjust convenient etc; (2) machine tool function is all ready, achievable quench continuously, section quenchs, norms amounts to 6m, suit at sheet reach batch production; (3) the machine tool uses vertical structure, decreased to quench the deflection of workpiece, spare parts clip runs length adjustable; (4) stage of machine tool slip, makings and rate of its shift orgnaization are adjustable, deepness of hard layer of temper by dipping in water can accuse, use hydraulic pressure to adopt clip device, fixed position on the safe side. The expert thinks, large shaft kind quench the design of the machine tool, make, use obtained delectable positive result, economic benefits is remarkable, reached domestic banner level. CNC Milling CNC Machining