Machine of 3 roller calendering operating rules

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Applicable type: KRR-80 one, carry out seriously " v equipment is current operating rules " concerned regulation. 2, carry out seriously undermentioned concerned additional provision: (one) the working surface that roller checks before the job, oilstone of the application when discovery has cut (or emery wheel piece) long grind bruise to just can work. When severe redraw is hurt or flaking, want to look for officer unit to eliminate. Long if be dropped,wear arenaceous bead oil change must be cleaned inside oil groove. (2) make seriously in the job: 1, the attention is entered by order makings, when calendering machine the entrance is in when batch pile accumulating, should use unit of safe question mark to stop thick school mechanic to make. After waiting for accumulation to expect processing is over, reappearance question mark restores thick school mechanic to make. 2, the material of the makings of forbidden rolling hot-rolling, elliptical makings, stuff that the rear has big burr, serious squash and flange. CNC Milling CNC Machining