Laser grain processing technique

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Laser grain treatment is the processing technique with a kind of practical economy, suit to machine irregular surface and mixed 3D pattern, can achieve first-rate to machine the effect. Laser grain treatment is relative to newer treatment technology, have appeal quite to the client of tool and mould manufacturing industry. The photograph of processing technique of 5 axes linkage with this one technology and extensive use suits to machine mixed 3D pattern especially after union. German auspicious steps a group especially processing technique of grain of laser of compositive on the center of DMU series CNC Machining with powerful function surface, milling and laser beam machining undertake on machine tool of solid same now table. "Laser grain treatment is the processing technique with a kind of practical economy, suit to machine irregular surface and mixed 3D pattern, can achieve first-rate to machine the effect, " the advantage that Friedemann Lell of SAUER LASERTEC selling manager sums up this kind of grain to machine new technology so. This kind of technology can offer a variety of use for the user. Friedemann Lell expresses when the industry that speaks of constant change asks: "The trend of auto industry is, using new technical grain to replace leather grain. Same, manufacturer of PET polyester bottle also put forward such as to make 3D badge bid on bottle such more complex demand. " the application with respect to these two kinds of domains, laser grain treatment etchs than the tradition the technology strode ahead apparently one stride. Laser grain treatment offerred more freedom for products plan division on one hand, also can reduce finished cost on the other hand. Etch the technology faces a lot of grain helpless. Although use appropriate actinic film, crimple also avoids hard, must undertake careful, expensive follow-up processing. This selling manager still listed other advantage: "Laser grain treatment does not use chemical drug. Laser head is the only tool that machines almost all metal, accordingly, finished cost is low. " before laser beam machining, data of all surface structure must be changed for gray scale bitmap. Next, software of the animation that use 3D adds these three-dimensional numbers graph. One is called " Maya " software is the example in this kind of software. This software is the earliest be those who be cartoon make and develop. The LaserSoft3D software that SAUER LASERTEC develops can change exterior structure data into the data that can use when treatment. This software can locate on workpiece, ensure stimulate beam of light with optimal 90 ° horn reachs target area. In side of machine tool demand, SAUER LASERTEC can use Demaji's rich professional experience. The machine tool is OK 5 axes linkage, accordingly, stimulate beam of light to be able to reach the target area of extremely complex surface. MonoBLOCK® is sincere lathe bed, accordingly, the fixed position precision of laser beam machining and repeat precision extremely tall. Repeat precision especially important, friedemann Lell explains so: "Stimulate beam of light to process the data that a few micron excised only in the journey in every time. According to different structural deepness, the treatment that finishs one point may need 50 times or more second journey. " DMG devotes oneself to a technology for a long time compositive, now, they go up in DMU machining center again processing technique of compositive laser grain. Laser head is through installation of HSK knife handle on the machine tool (change by hand time is less than 10 minutes) , outfit clip can finish the grain of the mould to machine. DMU 160 new-style machine tool is milling and laser cutting the introductory class machine tool of compound treatment. DMU 210 of its sister model and DMU 340 are the larger high-end product in this one whole set. Friedemann Lell expresses when speaking of cause client group: "These compound machine tools suit to cannot use laser cutting machine completely especially but the client that hopes to use milling and laser technology really again. " laser grain machines flow the first pace is to make plan of lattice of gray scale of exterior construction material. The 2nd pace is scale graph, found even, low lack fidelity three-dimensional surface reseau. This one pace needs to use exterior 3D software (for example, cartoon makes software) will in front the exterior structure plan that establish transplants the 3D of scale apparently. Next, the LaserSoft3D form that develops with SAUER designs contrail of systematic computation laser. Finally, laserSoft3D laser locates correctly on workpiece, undertake machining to the surface. CNC Milling CNC Machining