100 exceed ByJet Smart of machine of cut of water of newest money high pressure

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100 exceed (Bystronic) company mixes for cut inside alive bound limits the treatment that fold a turn offers fruitful solution actively: Economy, efficient and reliable. 100 exceed cut of water of Laser Cutting, high pressure and Wu of kimono of system of the treatment that fold a turn to bring more profit for the client. 100 exceed a company to devote oneself to laser science to consider to be improved with existing technology ceaselessly, technology of ceaseless innovation laser, share the mature industry product of high-tech with the client. 100 exceed opportunity of new-style Laser Cutting: 100 interest exceed can (ByJin2012) , in reservation all 100 strong powerful functions while, did partial technology renovation. RPP intelligence pulse is perforative: Intelligent pulse punchs RPP is process of stable and responsible high speed perforation. Whole and perforative process is controallable adjust. Automatic in perforative process computation is optimal and perforative parameter. Beam of light is penetrable plank while begin cut plank RPP to punch time compares common and perforative technology to save time namely 30% . Still have CLS focusing lens automatic testing system: Focusing lens is monitored automatically (the stability that CLS) can enhance Laser Cutting chance reduces upkeep costs. CLS is on Z axis monitoring cut lens, be on guard lens bright hot crack. Control system is received detect signal hind can shut laser module automatically immediately, hint on operation terminal pertinent information. Glow of cut head position indicates: Observe the position with cut located head more easily, function of cut of high speed of; of head of cut of cushier also fixed position: Raised gyro wheel of the makings on work efficiency; to prop up: Safer, convenient hand uses the lighting installation inside area of cut of fluctuation makings; : Make cut area observation more convenient, the nightwork demand; of more contented client is new-style outside defend design: More friendly; compresses man-machine interface air cut device serves as anthology match: Give a client more choice spaces. Above function is very practical, can help a client improve machine tool efficiency, create more value. New fund home assembles Cheng of BySun100 of Laser Cutting machine to appear exhibit meeting, its technology characteristic: 1) grows dragon door structure, admirable approachable, 2) of area of convenient contact treatment is not had wear away drive of semiconductor power source and without wear away turbine of bearing of eddy of magnetism in suspension and single bottle LASERMIX312, reduce moving cost 3) and congener machine photograph to compare greatly, laser power is higher and power consumption is lower, peculiar and energy-saving mode (PSM) bides his time power comsumption matchs cut to control functional Cut Control for 13kw4) mark only, made sure cut process is stabler Switzerland ByJet Smart of 100 machine of cut of extrahigh voltage water: Economy, efficient, compact 100 exceed ByJet Smart of machine of cut of water of newest money high pressure, proved high quality product function, what also can enjoy low standard is substantial. Low moving cost wins more increase for the client. High-pressured pump efficiency is extremely tall, the operation is very stable, maintenance time interval is long, above advantage controlled moving cost faultlessly. The structure of the machine tool is stabilized stably, ensured price of cost of care and maintenance is reasonable. ByJet Smart not just economic be to one's profit, also be efficient high quality machine tool. By a certain number of high-end component composition, include the bridge of cut of linear electric machinery of innovation technology among them, contain the cut head of high induction device, use decrease brace up the structure of high accuracy machine tool of composite material, held to Switzerland top-ranking pull current Cheng and assemble character. Used mature facility concept and innovation technology adequately, cut performance is superior, still can upgrade neatly, yield is higher. CNC Milling CNC Machining