The stage amounts to module of fixed position of PLC odd axis, numerical control domain is small try Niu Dao

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Numerical control machine tool is mechanical high accuracy, efficient, tall automation and Gao Rou sex are had to change the machine tools that waits for an advantage in production equipment. The technical level discretion of numerical control machine tool reachs his to machine machine tool crop and the percent that always have an amount in metallic cutting is to measure progress of economy of countryman of a country and industry to make one of important marks of integral level. As the development of advance rapidly of science and technology, mechanical and electrical products changes speed is accelerated, mix to machining precision, speed move continuously, the demand of harmonious sex is higher and higher also. To satisfy the requirement of this complex and changeful market, current machine tool is being mixed to high speed cutting, dry cutting way of accurate dry cutting develops, treatment precision also is rising ceaselessly. General accuracy machine tool already cannot satisfy the requirement of the user far, but the price that does not poor is to restrict all-pervading of numerical control system main factor. The stage is amounted to should situation the PLC product that rolls out tall sex price to compare, be mechanical equipment upgrade offerred advisability anthology. The near future, factory of some machine tool is designing Shanxi when lathe of numerical control of vertical of C515 odd column, chose a stage to amount to EH series PLC to add DVP 01PU-H odd axis to locate module serves as its advocate charge unit, make numerical control lathe can realize revert of speed control, fixed position control, origin, hand to shake conveniently a variety of functions such as round of MPG input, satisfied user requirement completely. Of lathe of this numerical control debug very successful, reflect give its to be held exceedingly goodly accuse gender, dependability, practical change, high accuracy, high rate and Gao Rou sex, win leader, professional public figure greatly reputably, at the same time the spot is participated in try the technical personnel of machine and personnel of operation of a gleam of to all express satisfaction, booked a stage to amount to PLC product to be used in order to have on other equipment on the spot. The stage amounts to PLC to have a variety of functions not only patulous card and patulous module, provide many convenience statements, and they have norms all ready, function is perfect, use handy, answer speed fast, price is reasonable wait for a characteristic, get of broad user love. The stage is amounted to hold to all the time " the user is oriented, character the first " tenet, its good product quality is inside course of study be obvious to all, enjoy very tall famous spend and approbate degree, be known as " Chinese automation the first brand " be worthy of. The stage is amounted to have hope and proving with actual strength, in be designed in numerical control equipment and transforming domain and other fixed position to dominate a field, the stage amounts to PLC to having vast market potential, upgrade for what machinery equips help strength! Amount to group stage to amount to a group to found about the stage 1971, headquarters is set in Taiwan to visit Taipei town, all set foothold of production, sale and center of technical research and development in America, Europe and Asia. As the whole world the biggest power source manages the leader of systematic supplier and industrial automation domain, the stage amounts to a group still is global monitor, electron at the same time the mainstream supplier of 0 component and network product, did business 2005 income breaks through an U.S. dollor six hundred and eighty-one million three hundred and sixty-seven thousand four hundred and fifty-six yuan (add up to a RMB about two hundred million two hundred and ninety yuan) , 50 thousand stuff are had in the whole world. Depend on the professional experience that accumulates in electric power electron and control technology, the stage amounts to the person that group can calls industrial automation the outstanding of the domain. Begin to produce transducer from 1995, in recent years product line more already greatly outspread, offer the solution that advanced and diversification, reliable product and quantity body make for industrial automation market. CNC Milling CNC Machining