The principle of brief analyse centrifugal reachs classification

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In the process that centrifugal rotates in high speed, the movement that causes by centrifugal force place makes suspension forms precipitation at the solid matter in the liquid, namely the object with the quality in suspension fluid or larger volume to turn the way with head the oldest radius is mobile, and the partial deposit with quality or minor volume is turning the place with head closer radius. Because the radius of rotor is mixed,the quality of sample is changeless, only rotate speed can produce change through control, accordingly we often review idiomatic rotate speed will describe a centrifugal. Be like: High speed centrifugal, exceed high speed centrifugal. The classifies centrifugal sort of centrifugal is very much, our habit classifies from a few respects: Can divide according to the size of rotate speed for: Low speed centrifugal, high speed centrifugal and exceed high speed centrifugal; Can divide according to the requirement to temperature for: Common centrifugal and refrigerant centrifugal; Can divide according to centrifugal bulk size for: Centrifugal of be born type, table centrifugal, the centrifugal on the palm. 1.

Rotate speed: Centrifugal is low speed centrifugal according to the different cent of the biggest rotate speed (<10, 000rpm/min) , high speed centrifugal (10, 000rpm/min---30, 000rpm/min) 2.

Capacity: Need every time centrifugal canal of how many sample, every sample canal needs how many capacity, these elements decide the total capacity of a centrifugal, simple for the capacity × centrifugal of every centrifugal canal is in charge of the total capacity = of centrifugal a number, the size of total capacity and workload matchs. 3.

Rotor: Main component is the rotor of centrifugal two kinds, horizontal rotor: The nacelle when movement is in horizontal condition, become right angle with runner shaft, sample centers precipitation at the bottom of centrifugal canal; Horny rotor: Centrifugal container and runner shaft become one fixed angle, sample centers precipitation at centrifugal base ministry and the sidewall that near bottom. If hope detached sample is centered at the bottom of centrifugal canal to choose horizontal rotor, if hope sample is centered at horny rotor choosing on the bottom of centrifugal canal and the sidewall that near bottom. Be like,still a few special experiments or exceptional sample need special rotor: High capacity nacelle (much application stands at blood) , enzymatic mark board rotor, carry Bo piece rotor, PCR rotor, test tube wears rotor and capillary rotor to wait. Rotor has fixed norms, it rises with the capacity union of centrifugal, be like the horny rotor of 12*5ml, the type that decided rotor already also decided the capacity of centrifugal, the option of rotor is very so important. 4.

Control a system: High-grade centrifugal used microcomputer to control a system, these control systems not only can ensure centrifugal moves safely to still can finish working job automatically. A lot of centrifugal have the control system that better human nature changes now, for instance: Rotor identifies a function, safety lock function, breakdown clew function, wait with decelerate curve quickly. The main part of centrifugal is electric machinery, electric machinery is divided to bring carbon brush electric machinery is mixed without carbon brush electric machinery. Former had fallen into disuse, present centrifugal great majority is not to have carbon brush electric machinery, some electric machinery still contain brake function. Refrigerant centrifugal also has distinction in refrigeration respect, now the technology of environmental protection is the refrigeration that do not have fluorine of course. Consider noise issue even besides, choose the centrifugal with lesser noise as far as possible, can maintain easy experimental environment so. Also want discretion in fittings respect, some experiments should use special centrifugal pipe (centrifugal and poisonous sample perhaps needs to exceed the sample with centrifugal high speed) , such centrifugal canal must have corresponding canal to cover, ability is safer. Still have a few special sample container (irregular sample bottle, hematic bag) , the consideration is careful when these detail and fittings are choosing centrifugal, cannot have regular job otherwise. CNC Milling CNC Machining