PDM applies mediumly in enterprise informatization construction and carry out

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The PDM project first phase that Dalian is versed in group limited company is weighed since · again carries out the job to begin from December 2003, began to go up in July 2004 line promotion is used. Develop a design on PDM platform up to all in December 2004 product, after going to examine technological process automatic file, implemented PDM system and CAPP system, of PDM and ERP system compositive. Pass 6 months move, more than 280 thousand data had been gathered in PDM system database at present, include product, component, spare parts, bought-in component, outside buy the; blueprint data such as standard component, general component more than pieces 30 thousand, for follow-up design put sb in a very important position laid a foundation. The application in showing to build PDM in enterprise informatization and executive experience and experience dedication and colleague are shared. The development of the aggravate that the need that PDM of 1   is enterprise informatization management competes as market globalization and computer network technology and gain ground, enterprise more and more beginning that use the computer to undertake research and development of business management, product and treatment are made wait for an activity, achieve an enterprise to be answered to the market quickly with do one's best. Although the application of the computer accelerated the development rate of company product, shortened product development cycle, but a variety of change that because the application of the computer is brought to the enterprise,traditional administrative pattern cannot have gotten used to, after making an enterprise accumulate certain level or certain information content in computer application especially, this kind of change is highlighted particularly. Basically express the following now respect. The many electron documentation that the administrative computer of 1-1 blueprint paper and documentation produces and information did not get be mixinged effectively systematic management, make design personnel to obtain place to require a data with accurate ground quickly hard, reduced inquiry rate and efficiency instead. The gets products plan data whole set sex of structure of 1-2 product is hard to hold, and not easy and intuitionistic the product structure that gets place well and truly to need, undertake effectively configuration to its. 1-3 designs process management from the task decompose, the formation of blueprint, examine to blueprint, approval is released and file, and blueprint version edits etc, rely on to be finished artificially completely, what deliver among also is paper medium. The process of going from place to place of blueprint cannot dog and monitoring, because whole product develops a process to did not coordinate consistent administrative mechanism, different branch uses the blueprint paper of different version to happen from time to tome, bring about same design mistake to repeat appear. The member that the organization of 1-4 products plan carries out downstream person and upriver personnel did not have sufficient information communication, what the member that make downstream personnel discovers upriver person in time hard thereby may appear is insufficient, make the project changes number increase, work efficiency is reduced. 1-5 collateral design cannot implement design and technology, machinery and electric, machinery and hydraulic pressure are designing the collateral design of the process. The compositive lack of software of 1-6 design the product data model that compositive frame mixes a software to be united, had not gotten between each design software organic compositive, without implementation product data is shared. Production of 1-7 socialization produces greatly in socialization today, cannot come true cross a region, design and make what cross national boundaries in coordination problem. This shows, in enterprise informatization construction, the data of the product manages, produce the government of the process management of data and application software, the management that includes data shedding and job to flow has become a company the bottleneck of whole activity process, earnestly needs system of a compositive management to manage and control all sorts of data in the enterprise and data to flow reach the job to flow, in order to fill minute of effect that develops interconnected system of computer science department, those who make sure company product develops a process is fast and efficient undertake. And PDM technology is in what arise below this kind of demand namely, it provided the compositive framework of a data management, the function already expanded gradually from first electronic documentation government each fields that include company course to manage inside, offerred reliable assurance for enterprise informatization. The English full name of the definition of PDM of 2   and PDM of functional model   is Product Data Management, chinese meaning is product data management. Integrated each respects, should PDM system include: of the following function? ?1) PDM system managed all data related to the product -- any data that describe product structure, include data of information of component data, configuration data, documentation data, CAD file data, attributive to wait for;     (2) PDM system ran all course that produces afore-mentioned data -- the definition that includes a course and   of   of process data; (3) PDM system offerred CAX and ERP software port. The definition of PDM has the branch of narrow sense and broad sense. Tell from narrow sense, PDM designs the data; in the process to be told from broad sense in the light of the project merely, PDM can manage a product in whole lifecycle from demand, development, design, make, the full data that sells a service. The function of PDM basically comprises by 3 levels: The layer that prop up, safeguard layer and core layer. If pursue,1 is shown. Support a basics that carries out for PDM, basically include database management system and network, here includes software not only, wait like the operating system, still include computer hardware, these are PDM carry out the support that provided material and technology to go up. The maintenance that safeguarding a layer is PDM system works, include the maintenance of data set, the management of branch and user, the project is founded and the definition of the part in the project. These module basically complete the control of PDM system and management, make sure the smooth promotion of PDM system is used. Core layer is the core part that PDM implements, also be the module that the user basically faces. Core layer includes data of documentation management, product construction management, flow management, electron application software of storehouse management, CAX/ ERP is compositive and interface management system. Management of structuralization of its Chinese archives is product construction management and flow management prop up, the documentation that both place produces after is controlled by documentation management. And the connection of other system in PDM system and enterprise basically passes application software compositive with interface management system and data storehouse are finished, what just can achieve each shares in the enterprise so is organic and compositive, achieve data utmost to share. And the management that PDM system passes pair of data and data to flow and control, each systems in the enterprise organic ground is organized together, those who realized the compositive, process of the information in the enterprise is compositive with the person compositive, for this informatization construction process to the enterprise, it is very important. The system of PDM of executive model   in the enterprise is in the PDM of   of 3-1 of crucial technology   that PDM of 3   carries out the executive model in the enterprise can express with pyramid, if pursue,2 are shown. Any PDM carry out the activity in the process to be able to bring into the some level of this model to go up. Of the project of PDM of requirement of demand for service of the enterprise carry out must face an user to solve real problem, this is the key that the project carries out a success. All sorts of demand abstraction that in notional layer we run the company to product data are all many different ideas, and the core function level that the combination of different idea formed PDM system. For example, business the government that the concept uses at documentation, the concept of version, condition is used at the management that the job sheds to wait a moment. Systematic collect stratification makes PDM system and other applied systems share same data or data catenary, assure the uniqueness of data source, accuracy and integrality. Patulous application layer makes whole industry is in of PDM system frame prop up below, implementation such as is collateral project, be designed in coordination and make, the advanced administrative concept such as overall quality management. In pyramid model, administrative levels is lower, its are compositive degree lower, administrative levels is higher, its are compositive degree taller also. And as administrative levels elevatory, the granuality of information is taller also. Information granuality basically points to contains information content. On the notional layer of lowermost layer, business, the contains information content such as condition is little, and the collateral project in patulous application layer on one class, the information content that wants processing is gotten greatly much. The department of 3-2-1 of crucial technology   that PDM of 3-2   implements and user management and other information system are same, part (the main component that Role) management is PDM management department and user, the user of use PDM system, must have some kind of part, in just can landing a system, the answers relatively with the part limits of authority that wins a system to gift, the administration that carries a part will assure the security of the data in the database, prevent operation of exceed one's authority effectively, make documentation data more on the safe side. Should main function include: ?   of   of; of?1) part management (the addition of 2) branch and user;     (of 3) branch and user delete;     (the   of inquiry;   of 4) branch and user (the 5) user designation to the middle of the branch;     (of 6) user mix effectively invalid. Documentation of management of 3-2-2 documentation is the main target that PDM system manages, all operations are final almost OK the end operation to specific to documentation, so documentation management is the core in layer of PDM system core. The scope of documentation management basically is in the development process of the product, and when the development work when the product ends entirely, relevant documentation ought to refer project database to manage module to managed. Should the main function of documentation management include: ? Of?1) documentation build the   of definition;   with attribute (the inquiry of 2) documentation and   of   of the; that browse (of 3) documentation save and   of   of; of put in storage (of 4) documentation change. System of PDM of   of management of construction of 3-2-3 product conveys the administrative levels between product component with establishing shape structure (subject) relation. A target of specific product structure tree included construction of object attribute data, object (relation) documentation of data, description, attribute documentation. Below attribute documentation, included to have all documentation of version attribute again. Concern by the assembly of disparate arrangement of ideas the BOM of corresponding disparate arrangement of ideas and the structure of composition that establish record says cultivate for product structure. Had product structure, should the function that PDM system provides an user include: ? ?1) generates monolayer automatically BOM and multilayer BOM;     (2) makes all design etc automatically   of   of; of statistic of hand-in-hand travel collect (3) can output aleatoric inquiry automatically. The carrier that 3-2-4 flow runs flow government is data bag, basically realize documentation of pair of stock, description refer, examine, what all sorts of approval, description documentation in releasing the process such as file to undertake; realizes products plan process at the same time administrative effectively have relevant job is affirmatory safeguard with what version changes etc, will assure to design the integrality of the task in the process and consistency of data. Are its main does the function include: ? The definition of?1) business flow and refer;     (  of   of; of 2) branch judgement (3) flow decomposes;     (4) each task is collateral   of processing;   (5) releases file processing. Serial development mode formed the product to be made to production from products plan, the large loop such as field service, cause product development cycle easily to grow, design quality is poor, work efficiency is low blemish. Want to overcome these limitation, be about to build collateral product to develop technological process. And the seasonable feedback that collateral design emphasizes upper reaches is released in time of design information beforehand and evaluating information downstream, for this, each phase in product development process must be achieved data is shared and organic compositive. Only PDM system ability accomplishs this quite. The business that 3-2-5 project manages and system of PDM of part allocation   leaves closely related the definition of the project in operation and system. Of the project found besides should undertake according to the standard beyond, master all sorts of the project is medium checkup even in time, define and allocate what examine and approve a part, include part of mechanical design flow to allocate, electric part of design technological process allocates, electric 2 times part of design technological process allocates, part of technological process of hydraulic pressure design allocates etc. Does PDM system have: in the main function on project management? Of?1) project found, include what the map of project name and project code name concerns to build among them, and the   of   of other property; of the project (of 2) project delete;     (of 3) project attribute change;     (the   of monitoring;   of 4) project plan (definition of part of the member in 5) project. System of PDM of   of management of storehouse of data of 3-2-6 electron can differentiate to manage conveniently at user or on the safe side of sectional limits of authority with benefit for different data storehouse according to sectional business property. Because this needs to use a network / a large number of documentation after database technology is changed to the electron have effective organization and government, convenient reference is provided to design staff below safe and orderly control, make project technology personnel can press a variety of inquiry means, inquire the data of a need in time, well and truly, quickly, use in order to repeat already some design achievement, shorten the product develops time, improve efficiency. The functional: that should the management of electronic data storehouse basically include?   of   of; of management of?1) fast inquiry (2) browses   of   of indication management; (3) data security controls;     (4) system is safeguarded. CAX/ ERP software of 3-2-7   is compositive with interface management the software for will existing CAX/ ERP software and PDM forms a compositive system, PDM system must have software the function that compositive managing, can undertake all sorts of software of the enterprise organic compositive, realize the two-way operation between PDM and other software. Be defeated as it is said to the number of other system and PDM system, use a data that shares a database to save exchange commonly, undertake sharing to its by each systems. If CAPP system needs the BOM data that PDM system generates, the watch format just the same that the form that such PDM systems make BOM express should accept with CAPP system, in protecting its existence to share a database next, when CAPP system needs BOM to express, need a visit to share a database only, extraction gives corresponding BOM list, achieved the goal that data transmits. All information in claiming to be able to manage product lifecycle are PLM(Product Lifecycle Manage-ment, product lifecycle manages) acceptance. But look a function when some thing too mix formidably too perfect when, oppugn its feasibility with respect to meeting somebody above all, can be opposite later its actual application foreground generates suspicion. PLM had taken the stage that does not approbate for user place at first, but real problem is, a so old idea, how to fall to real point? In applying actually, does the user value it more the ability of what respect? Whether to use the good position with PLM actually of the user to be put in amlposition? "One part " the whole lifecycle that also is PLM of PLM     to cover a product, and the company is right the demand of PLM often the some part of confine amid, if documentation of three-dimensional CAD, graph manages,wait. PLM comes from PDM(product data to manage) at first, and PDM is to come from CAX, include CAD(CAD) , CAPP(computer assists process to design) , CAE(computer assists a project) reach CAM(CAM) etc, because its fountainhead depends on carrying tall project to design personnel to be in,staff of products plan, technology, quality is emulated, the numerical control process designing, work efficiency that checks the domain such as the analysis and quality, the products plan that the multitude that uses CAX at first so is production enterprise and production branch. Zou Lianyang of chief engineer of machinery plant of oil of Beijing of company of group of Chinese oil natural gas expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, its oil gets the design that adopts fittings to carry drive unit on the head after what using CAD tool and company plan documentation to run a system is auxiliary, designed cycle to shorten from 3 years one year. The group that command follow built system of research and development to manage a framework through PLM, strengthened products plan greatly but sex of put sb in a very important position. And blessing cropland car is after deploy PLM system, the change of documentation of all electron graph is revised and file is had automatically by the system. Of data of the product in although PLM will enclothe limits to expand the demand management of early days and later period are maintained later,serving track even the product discards as useless, but in actual setting, PLM application basically still is centered in products plan and stage of production. What approbate PLM already is big in the necessity that dimensions makes an enterprise oppugn PLM no longer and ability, but Hao Zi of director of center of information of limited company of the group that command follow shows and Liu Qinzhu of manager of project of division of PLM of academy of project of Inc. of car of cropland of boreal steam blessing expresses, oneself are pressing the PLM function of need is done not have so much. And to Beijing oil machinery plant for the company with such a few smaller dimensions, basic graph documentation manages system and tool of of all kinds CAX to basically can satisfy requirement. The can call PLM one share that they implement, but not be all. Actually the definition to PLM, the argument of every PLM businessman is endless still and same, when specific implementation, module function is alternant, differentiate border is not clear, often make an user a little muddleheaded also. Although say oneself can offer a complete PLM solution, but still developing new function ceaselessly. Probably from show level to look, PLM appears sometimes some large but impractical, cover a range very wide, what expand advisory company place says impossibly actually is complete in that way. PLM analyses so when Xin of a surname of UGS senior adviser is accepting a reporter to interview: Can think it and ERP are same, can promote company progress and development. CNC Milling CNC Machining