Numerical control machine tool is not had call the police breakdown 4

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The author has arrived for many times not to have the breakdown that call the police in the Ceng Yu in real work, the difficulty of maintenance is greater. Combine example now, introduce the diagnosis of this kind of breakdown and maintenance method as follows. The axis does not carry out 1   X to return reference point movement automatically the JCS-018 vertical machining center that this machine tool produces for some institute, numerical control system is FANUC-BESK7M. After breakdown happening, do not have on examination CRT call the police clew, the machine tool also is not had partly each call the police directive. But the hand moves X axis to be able to move, after using X rod the hand to move means to move to reference point, the machine tool can have normal treatment again, afore-mentioned phenomena repeat again after treatment is finished. According to above circumstance we judge: NC system, servo does not have breakdown. In the process that winds reference point in X axis considering breakdown happening, the parameter that suspects breakdown and X axis reference point produces change to concern, however, fall in TE means when us, the concerns with X axis reference point parameter v that is the address F is checked, discover these parameter however all normal. The working principle from numerical control machine tool is knowable, axial reference point besides be concerned with parameter, still concern with origin position of the axis, reference point position. Check the spacing switch of reference point of axis of the X on the machine tool, discover its already because of smeary and malfunction, be in from beginning to end namely put through condition. Reason is finished when machine program hind, the system thought to already returned reference point, consequently, x axis did not return the movement of reference point. Clean this journey switch, after repair, trouble removal. In process of 2 automatic treatment, workbench of A, B does not have commutative action the MKC-500 horizontal machining center that this machine tool is Hungarian production, numerical control system is SIEMENS820M. When breakdown happening, machine tool machine program already executed the M06 function in L60 subprogram, door curtain already was opened, but workbench of A, B does not have commutative action, the program is in suspend status, and any calling the police is not had on numerical control system show. From machine tool workbench commutative flow chart can see: When workbench of A, B is exchanged, two conditions must satisfy: It is door curtain must be opened; 2 it is workbench should is in loosen condition and rise. Check afore-mentioned two qualifications: (1) door curtain already was opened, the condition is contented. (2) workbench did not rise, the condition is not contented, namely workbench still is in clamp condition. Know by machine tool operation instruction handbook: Rotate the clamp of workbench and loosen all concern with SP03 pressure relay, and the PLC input dot of place correspondence is SP03 pressure relay E9.

0. When this machine tool is in normal treatment status, rotate workbench by clamp, e9.

0=1; When the machine tool is in commutative position, rotate workbench is loosened, e9.

0=0, preparation undertakes workbench of A, B is exchanged. According to its job principle, want to make workbench is exchanged, must make E9.

0=0, workbench is loosened, although SP03 pressure relay disconnects. Because of,we discover SP03 pressure relay smeary and bring about malfunction. After cleaning its repair, when adjusting workbench to exchange, e9.

0=0; When workbench is machined, e9.

0=1. Trouble removal. The 3 manipulator in be being machined automatically do not change a knife the KT1400 vertical machining center that this machine tool produces for some institute, numerical control system is FANUC0 system. Check discovery, manipulator does not change a knife below automata means, also do not have any calling the police. And move in the hand the knife can be changed below means, after changing a knife can proceed is machined automatically. According to afore-mentioned examinations, we judge numerical control system, servo to all do not have breakdown. The motion that considers knife library electric machinery and manipulator is controlled alone by Fuji transducer, reason puts the examination on transducer mainly. Library of the knife when observing the hand uses position and the movement that change a knife all accurate without by accident. Observe automatic status, it is normal that knife library rotates, and change a knife abnormal. Examination NC controls signal to had been given out, and control contactor already also was sucked close, explain the signal that change a knife already sent transducer. Examine the working case of transducer, discovery is moved in the hand when changing a knife, its job frequency is 35Hz, and when changing a knife automatically, its job frequency has 2Hz only. Below so low frequency, manipulator cannot carry out the normal motion that change a knife of course. Investigate when the account that its breakdown produces is changing a knife for manipulator, transformer substation is abrupt power cut, cause the manipulator when changing a knife to get stuck dead, after renewing power supply, appear afore-mentioned breakdown. After its frequency reset is 35Hz, trouble removal, manipulator returns to normal. 4 rotate workbench is rising to fall or rotate in the process, produce odd fixed position correct, even fixed position forbids machine tool and barrier of systematic as before 2 in be narrated. After breakdown happening, the machine tool does not have any calling the police, when fixed position forbids, the machine tool cannot work, but rise workbench afresh after falling, fixed position correct, machine tool can proceed works. According to this breakdown phenomenon, we suspect is to rotate the whirl on workbench electromotor coder becomes loose or fixed position forbids what to cause. But adjust repeatedly rotate coder and revise with rotate the parameter that coder concerns, all cannot remove trouble. This drive system and system of drive of knife library electromotor are same, we are used replace a law to have trade. Should change system of knife library drive rotate after workbench, breakdown is eliminated. And will rotate after workbench drive system changes knife library, knife library produces the fault that cannot find correct knife number. Pass such inspections, we decide workbench drive system produced breakdown. This drive system is SIMODRIVE611-A feed actuating device. Through consulting manual of this drive system reachs the analysis of breakdown of pair of this drive system, think consistently: This actuating device does not have hardware breakdown. The happening of afore-mentioned breakdown basically is as a result of the mechanical movement after moving for a long time the component wears away, the reason such as change of electric component performance, cause servo and the mechanical system that are procrastinated to move optimal without implementation match be caused by. By technical data knowable: This kind of circumstance is OK through adjusting the KP of coefficient of proportionality of speed controller is mixed integral time TN, will make servo is achieved already taller trends answers character, and depressed the optimal job condition that wave. The KP scale on actuating device of electromotor of library of our reference knife and TN scale after to rotating workbench drive system undertakes fine tuning, breakdown is able to eliminate. Without call the police breakdown has larger proportion in the breakdown of numerical control machine tool. As a result of,the generation of breakdown is normally the influence be caused by of condition of ministry of substandard of temperature of power source voltage, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, smeary, environment. The breakdown in be like the article 1, 2, narrate 3 times. Additional, numerical control machine tool is being used longer hind, as a result of yuan ageing of parts of an apparatus, mechanical spare parts wears away, also will make of system and mechanical part match generation question, and bring about without call the police the generation of breakdown, if article fault is narrated 4 times. Accordingly, take the use environment of numerical control machine tool seriously, strengthen logarithm to accuse the care and maintenance of the machine tool, it is to decrease without call the police the fundamental way that breakdown happening machine leads, it is the important step that makes sure numerical control machine tool works normally. ■ CNC Milling CNC Machining