3 water chestnut ML3015NX

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According to report of company of day classics BP, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut will appear on the market since June 28, 2007 can undertake with high output power high speed cut is machined " ML3015NX-60CF-R " , predicting month output is 5, the price is 100 million 824O 10 thousand yen. This treatment opportunity deploys oscillator of carbon dioxide laser " MLCF-R " , output power is as high as 6KW. Stainless steel (SUS304 board thick 1mm) , can come true so 1.

The high speed cut of the minutely 30m of 5 times. In cut field of plank makings ply, implementation mild steel is 25mm for 15mm, stainless steel for 25mm, aluminium alloy. On cut quality, realized Rz15 μ M cut off face smoothness, the finish machining in comparing machining is even smooth, because of this dispense with finish machining link, realized finished cost cut down. CNC Milling CNC Machining