Sensor prevents thunder, prevent billow to shed place to need

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Sensor prevents thunder, prevent billow to shed place to need all sorts of high grade prevent Lei Yuan parts of an apparatus, the product includes: Japan 7 long protect metallic gas discharge tube (MP301/401/501/601/701/801/102/152/242/302/362/402/452/502/622ME, be used at system of alternating current source bring compasses test) gas discharge tube of pottery and porcelain (2R3R75/90/150/230/250/350/470/600/800) port of RS485, RS232 data prevents Lei Zhuan to use (TED485 series) solid discharge is in charge of SIDACTOR (STPA200/P3100/2600/2300/TISP4350M3BJ) Bo is sealed prevent detonator (GS41-181N/301M/401M) restore fuse oneself (compression, electric current 0.

1A~40A) stick piece pressure quick resistor MOV (0402/0603 enclose, working voltage 2.

5~48V) twinkling changes voltage restrains diode TVS (P6KE/P1. The series such as 5KE/SMBJ, voltage 5.

0V~440V) compositive semiconductor defends parts of an apparatus (TPN3021/THBT200S/THDT58S/TLP200G/P0080S/TISP7150) SPD of the module that prevent thunder (power source prevents thunder module, signal prevents thunder module) silicon two-way switch diode (or say to spark diode) the product uses at: 1.

Circuit of equipment of cost of machine of switching equipment of phone, fax, modem, programmed control, POS, phone plan, user board (SLIC) , speech gets stuck (CTI) reach XDSLMODEM to wait for the network that leads RJ11 interface the surge of be struck by lightning of communication equipment is protected. 2.

RS485/RS422/RS232, the surge of the interface of data news report such as T1/E1 is protected. 3.

Cable television (CATV) the surge protection of systematic coaxial interface. 4.

Of CRT monitor electrostatic defend. 5.

The line of make a present of on equipment of communication of car frequency system, radio is protected. 6.

Pass the protection of be struck by lightning on touch line. 7.

Bureau with receive, exchange, transmit the surge protection that waits for communication equipment. 8.

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