The introduction of essentials of general to modular machine tool component

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Modular machine tool is used at machining casing commonly kind or the spare parts of special appearance. Modular machine tool is it is a foundation with general component, the special part that deserves to be designed in order to press form of workpiece spy shape and treatment craft and clamping apparatus, semi-automatic or automatic special machine tool of composition. Use foreword of much axis, much knife, multitask, much face or multitask commonly the means that machines at the same time. Is modular machine tool general does the component differ according to the function can you divide for the following 5 kinds of: ? Appearance of ㄓ of eat of  of small box of ∽ principle columns of a hall takes an examination of  to hang down δ Yun evil spirit Σ of the  that treat  takes an examination of coerce of  ⒅ С to take an examination of canister of  ⑹ Lu to take an examination of  ⒖ Piao to cast aside take an examination of  to appear ㄖ  to take an examination of  Jian yo! ? .

Dynamical component is to be modular machine tool to offer advocate motion and the component that feed moves. Basically have head of headstock, cutting and dynamical slip. 2.

Bearing component is the slip of motivation of installation of in order to, cutting head that contains feed orgnaization or clamping apparatus the component that wait, have wing base, center base, bracket, adjustable bracket, pillar and pillar base. 3.

Transfer unit is in order to carries work or main shaft case comes the component of working station, basically tub wheel of workbench of graduation circumgyrate workbench, annular graduation circumgyrate, graduation and reciprocating translation workbench wait. 4.

Control unit is the component that the automatic job of machine tool of control of in order to circulates, hydraulic pressure station, electric ark and control panel wait. 5.

Auxiliary component has lubricant device, cooling device and platoon bit unit to wait. CNC Milling CNC Machining