Flow is abrade the flexible precision work that achieves complex structure

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Flow is abrade craft uses flexibility because of its tall, but repeatability is mixed by force suitable scope is wide wait for an advantage, be opposite of difficult contact workpiece outside outline polish, go burr and the respect such as the horn side nap have huge latent capacity. Berlin produces technical center (PTZ) the stress research task that studies those who achieve craft of new-style finish machining to regard its as processing technique domain. In industrial domain, treatment facilities replaced artificial hand to use treatment in a lot of circumstances. But, handling the situation of sophisticated treatment, automation technological process can encounter the limit of efficiency however. Accordingly, use at the accurate cutting tool that aluminium is made or plastic profile shapes to be able to rely on handiwork to undertake polishing only. Machine a cutting tool to need the time of 1~2 day commonly. Grind craft through using flow to grind, accompany difficult contact hole, inside side of outline, Kong He is sunken the intricate work that waits for a feature can be in several minutes in finish machining is finished. Craft of this kind of finish machining is called abrade or pressure flow is agglutinant medium move back and forth is abrade. Flow is abrade and OK have precision work to intricate work, differ with millstones means, this kind of craft abrade grain embedded to polymerization plastic piece in craft photograph compares aggregate and plastic cutting tool and groovy grinding, the main difference with abrade flow depends on uses tool. Differ with commonly used millstones, the practice here is an abrade grain content embedded to the group that has certain viscosity plastic piece in. Abrade medium gets below fixed bear rate load, begin slow flow. Should get when fast load, this kind of medium still can have certain flexibility, achieve a kind of mechanical obstruction thereby, make abrade grain products gives birth to the effect of scrape. The treatment surface in workpiece hands in abrade medium to flow for the loop, through coming off means is opposite material undertakes grinding. Equipment is lower oil cylinder fill is full abrade medium, workpiece is held to be on the polyamide device between oil cylinder of two high pressure by clip, form the system of a whole sealing from this. Clip holds device to have clip to maintain workpiece and control medium flow two main functions. In machining a process, heat / cooling device ensures constant treatment temperature, keep uniform treatment requirement. Bottom piston enters abrade medium top to clip to run unit in, shed classics work to treat the surface of treatment, flow into upside oil cylinder again in. After should reaching upside top, this flow process repeats with opposite way undertake. The history with abrade flow is adjustable craft parameter besides include temperature of actuating pressure, job and handling time. The norms of cutting tool depends on size of content of the viscosity of carrier material, grain and the element such as mixture scale. Flow is abrade craft is in 20 centuries 60 time by the United States two companies research and development, its are used at first in aerospace technology domain. It is especially in Apollo project, abrade to adding up to golden workpiece high to have flow treatment. This kind of craft replaced take time arduous and hard repeater labour polish and go burr is machined (graph 1) . Graph 1 flow is abrade craft can be replaced but the artificial polish with poor repeatability and go the treatment such as burr craft of this kind of finish machining is OK measure abrade workpiece surface with very low grinding, obtain wonderful exterior quality and scatheless edge part, accordingly it is applied to be in by increasing ground of tool and mould make on. Squash kind of tool and extruding mould are in industrial production, fabricating must be accepted after certain time-interval. Study the result makes clear, process data of the rest of OK and complete purify to what extruding tool undertakes 2min, the horn side nap acuteness, improve exterior quality to Ra=0 from Ra=2 μ M.

The level of 2 μ M. Today, flow is abrade craft can be applied to accurate instrument to make likewise, the car is made, the mould is made and machinery is made wait for an industry, apply in the treatment of hydraulic pressure and pneumatic component especially. Exterior quality extends applied limits to be in effective treatment, technical technology design needs level of endless early days experiment toward contact, and also depend on greatly the working experience of professional. Accordingly, a when the project studies higher end is how to master influencing factor, flow and treatment result 3 person the functional sexual relationship between. In addition, development gives equal treatment craft and formulating a corresponding treatment strategy also is a key in treatment. Because this kind machines craft to agree with already,extend sexual material to pledge, the material that also applies to tall hardness is qualitative, accordingly it has the character that suits to process hard metal and high strenth ceramics (graph 2) . Graph 2 have the aid of at flow abrade and OK undertake machining to hard metal, those who carry pair of cutting tool margins is abrade, can make the service life of cutting tool lengthens 1 ~ 4 times have the aid of is mixed at modern computer imitate technology, can accelerate those who machine craft to optimize a process. Long-term goal is the savvy that strengthens pair of craft, reduce the time of the experiment and cost as far as possible, reduce cost of research and development, decide the bounds of technological process truly. For example, the cutting position of appearance of aleatoric to workpiece geometry can pass digital technique approach to try to solve only. For this, people research and development gave library of technical technical data, the local flow that can examine such as workpiece to go up from which is abrade the concern issue between speed and cutting result. Because used client side system, through undertaking CFD imitate (imitate of computational fluid motivation) can determine a local velocity of flow, have the aid of can demonstrate to give likely treatment outcome beforehand at technical data. In the application of industrial domain, because often need to change,process work, the load that abrade medium place gets also each are not identical, because this basis shows some knowledge, foretell very hard still its service life. In this respect, digital imitate can make a kind of appropriate evaluation tool. Injure accumulative total through what fall to load condition, can reach of abrade medium wear away state and the rest service life. Through improving the service life of cutting cutting tool, can shorten significantly main handling time. Study the result makes clear, through taking specific brim nap step, the service life of cutting tool can raise 4 times at most. But, the cutting material of tall hardness can pass the abrade data that uses tall hardness to undertake machining only character. A flow that aims to carry diamond grain is abrade will improve advocate the feasibility research of microcosmic geometry appearance just starts where a thing can be put to best use, but the flexibility as a result of this technology is very tall, because this can make clear it only,very large latent capacity is had on the service life that prolongs cutting tool. In addition, cutting cutting tool often needs to accept coating processing. But, a thing still is not clear about up to now, flow namely abrade after all with why be being planted means passes the cutting tool brim with specific nap and the base appearance that provide divide evenly to pledge, make exterior coating and base completely shirt-sleeve make an organic whole. In this respect, people also has reason to believe cutting tool can reach longer service life. CNC Milling CNC Machining