Mechanical and electrical products rigs a process fictitious emulation class research and development

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Fictitious assembling a technology is a brand-new design concept, it is fictitious a crucial technology in making, can use at products plan phase to undertake be installinged beforehand, the many respects such as the validity that test and verify assembles craft, it is benefit with the computer imitate of the three-dimensional technology that build a model builds as same as hypostatic spare parts model, a when can undertake according to user demand trends is assembled burgeoning three-dimensional application technology. Assemble a process to be with only course reducer exemple, the introduction constructs with Java3D fictitious setting, undertake only course reducer is assembled emulate and information is interactive class development technology. One, the research current situation that spare parts of make a false report assembles emulation technology is fictitious assemble (Virtual, Assembly VA) technology is fictitious one of production technology main branch, assemble to the product through the computer process and assemble a result to undertake analyse and be emulationed, evaluate and forecast product model, make with assemble relevant project decision-making. Fictitious constructional implementation conduces to pair of product component undertaking fictitious analysis and fictitious design. Conduce to the technical problem that solves component to appear to manufacturing place from the design, shorten in order to achieve product development cycle. 2, fictitious spare parts assembles emulation class fictitious spare parts assembles the applied foreground of development emulation class it is true and fictitious software a model for painting in education. Class can the need according to education, a project reachs set object, the case that presses its spot next undertakes imitate, can achieve emulated result likewise. Use 3D to build modular technology, pull close the distance with actual part, and can pass mouse clavier undertake interacting in real time operating, all-around observation spare parts, make education process visualize. Adopt intuitionistic education, the visible management environment that makes the student builds a brand-new on-the-spot guidance employee to undertake constructional operating and concept. This shows, fictitious assembling a technology is a burgeoning technology that has an outlook very much in education activity, will more and more be taken seriously. 3, class moving environment and system of main development tool move an environment: The development of this system uses edition of Chinese of Windows XP SP2 operating system. The system develops a tool: Java: Jcreator Pro; 3DS MAX. 4, class develop main technology (one) assemble emulation technology. Assembling emulation technology is the three-dimensional motion that assembles the part in reality the process to adopt each models fictitious demonstrate to come out, convenient user undertakes observe and be debugginged. This technology basically is the assorted technology that uses form and structure and technology of animation process designing two parts finish. (2) interactive technology. Of the spare parts fictitious if if just demonstrate,be being assembled, meet a person feel very formalist, without bovine life feeling. And in realizing what the technology makes an user OK and true to take a course interactively, press oneself apiration operating sequence. Can develop the extensibility of software better. (3) the three-dimensional technology that build a model. Now, the computer builds modular technology to had applied in great quantities in manufacturing industry, a lot of outstanding three-dimensional software are in build there are respective characteristic and way on the model. This class what basically use is Java 3D and Autodesk 3ds Max. 5, class the function analyses a course the function basically is expression fictitious the implementation that assembles a technology, because of this class should have 3 functions only: It is to demonstrate a function; 2 it is operation function; 3 it is clew function, in order to facilitate visualize education. 6, operate a development main content (one) advocate interfacial design. "The assembly of the fictitious spare parts that is based on Java3D is emulated " of the system advocate the interface is demonstrate area and text to explain two parts form the division by three-dimensional animation. Through observe to what animation demonstrates a division and be being allocated. Achieve pair of fictitious spare partses to assemble emulated purpose, and text [the specification of X] is OK also the better specific implication that explains every component to perhaps rig a process, two areas supplement each other, can be made operate by the user at the same time, in order to achieve a needed technical requirement. " only course reducer assembles imitate to emulate " class medium advocate the interface sees a picture 1. Advocate area construction of the interface sees a picture 2. Graph 1 advocate the interface pursues 2 advocate interfacial area structure (2) the example building a model of fictitious spare parts. Above all, undertake differentiating to each components of the spare parts, them cent thes upper part of the body for decelerate body, bearing of axis of decelerate body private parts, driving gear, driven gear axis, driving pulley and driven pulley bearing. In all 6 much 8 spare partses, return some fastener. After undertaking metrical to each components in reality, according to certain scale, its scale gives each view. To assure the former appearance of the spare parts in the indication reality with three-dimensional can actual model, class software of electronic drawing board still was used to undertake subdesign in development, so that be,three-dimensional model was built to provide detailed data in Autodesk, 3ds Max. 7, the design that rigs emulation process and implementation above all, plan of three-dimensional program setting is established below Java 3D environment. Go up in setting graph foundation later, build station node of a root (ObjRoot) , can join what BranchGroup node will undertake three-dimensional coordinate is fastened to build in below. Regard the coordinate of all part part as the system overall Group node, other child coordinate department has link for father node with it. Next, set-up time axis. Java 3D is to use what Alpha object finishs pair of time axes to build, finish pair of time in animation process to control through it. Alpha can realize 5 kinds of period of time through proper setting parameter: Initiative delay paragraph, ascendant period of time, exalted period of time, drop period of time, low a period of time, and its are combined is overall time cycle. Should enter interpolation-line in addition implement choice. Insert inside implement it is Java 3D offers an abstraction that uses pair of animation to realize place to offer technically kind, the subclass in it or grandson kind in, include displacement, a variety of three-dimensional operations such as rotational color, scale. Left to assemble the case before, the circumstance after assembling is on the right side of. 8, conclusion and experience this class implemented fictitious part in Java 3D environment fictitious build model and assemble emulate, will hypostatic visible, trends is changed, gifted formalist before spare parts new life, it is this class namely the ultimate goal that develops a pursuit. CNC Milling CNC Machining