Rice captures technology of mill of bright high speed and Hallmark greeting card

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Greeting card course of study is genuine globalization industry, company of Hallmark greeting card is the world the biggest and the famousest greeting card manufacturer. The market share of 50 % is owned in the United States, be in England also is well-known greeting card publisher. Company of Hallmark greeting card held water 1910, business pervades the whole world 100 many countries, be published with a variety of 30 languages and issue greeting card. Such high market enclothes a face to make no matter you are greeting card chooses on Antigua, still be in Zimbabwe, or any other countries, what what choose very likely finally is Hallmark product. The country with company the the biggest, most successful portfolio is England. Hallmark England company has stuff 3, 100 much people, sale occupied the 70 % of Hallmark international turnover 2001. The company maintains from beginning to end on British market 8000 a variety of is in carry out greeting card, year sale is amounted to 10.

700 million pound. Precede to maintain the market of Hallmark position, the company must have excellent design and artistic originality capacity, efficient with concentrated solely invested network, license alienee, cent sells business and agential network, advanced manufacturing facilities and purchase the most advanced production technology. The cloth of Hallmark England company pulls heart blessing manufacturer is its core. Recently, the company purchased machining center of high speed of vertical of HSM 800 of two Mi Kelang. Mi Kelang machine tool is by installation in the CNC job shops of the company, use at manufacturing Copper Foil and aluminum foil (include sunken grain, cloth grain and) of the product that do not have grain, and the model pressing a flower that is used extensively at greeting card production. Competition of greeting card industry is intense, its whether often depend on successfully whether accomplish roll out novel, price quickly in the market reasonable with the product that provides distinguishing feature alone, and its core is total production operation must efficient with high yield. Greeting card is market of commodity of a kind of fast consumption actually (the product of FMCG) . Accordingly, to shrink cycle of short sawn timber and control cost must use an advanced technique to reduce the manufacturing segment with concentrated labor. Mould production is not exceptional also, especially Hallmark should be produced every year 25, 000 moulds! To satisfy so high demand, mi Kelang machine tool should keep weekly ground run. Since machine tool put into production, it already can produce positive effect to the yield of the company (shortened production is periodic, reduced the) such as manufacturing cost. Hallmark estimation, machine tool of Mi Kelang HSM 800 produced the pattern of 60 % above, productivity raises nearly 40 % . Hallmark CTO DaveSowden says: "Our business and manufacturing characteristic are very strict to product demand. Not only precision (+ / - 2 micron) with the surface bright and clean degree of demand is high, and must speed fast, efficiency is tall. HSM 800 machine tool is very strong, two machine tools were deployed 8.

60 of 5kW, 000 turn / the main shaft of cent, it assured us can high speed finishs complex high accuracy 3 dimension face machines 2 peace keeping. In addition, the machine tool is returned can the rate with 40m/min is rapid feed, can achieve 17m/s2 add / reduce rate, accord with our high speed requirement completely. Choose 60, 000 turn / the machine tool of high speed main shaft of cent, the cutting tool that makes Hallmark can use diametical minimum not only undertakes high speed is machined, to Mikelang the company also is having important sense: HSM 800 is Mikelang the first when install in England 60, 000 turn / the machine tool that divides high speed main shaft. The suiting of HSM 800 machine tool capability is extremely strong. The working area of HSM 800 is very large (X=800mm, y=600mm, z=500mm) , can hold clip easily large work. When producing pattern of carve characters on a seal, mi Kelang machine tool can finish the 200 many characters on workpiece to machine! This is really efficient. Machine tool of two Mi Kelang all deserves to have 20 knives change a knife automatically device and 4 labour workpiece tray exchanges unit, can undertake round-the-clock and unmanned value defends treatment. This is Hallmark can shorten production is periodic, reduce cost another crucial critical factor. From begin to use HSM 800 to rise, the working dependability of the machine tool and performance are stable from beginning to end and consistent. Vanessa Redshaw of manager of technology of Hallmark company number emphasizes pointing out particularly: "Investment buys Mi Kelang technology to make us feel special satisfaction. Our manufacturing schedule and date of delivery are very close, must ensure with new technology without by accident. These two equipment came true from the first day. We say gladly, mi Kelang machine tool never lets our production stop. " the self-identity of   client mirrorred Mikelang not only what place of advanced production technology brings is high-powered with high reliability, and also the energy that the cooperative concern that protruding showed to be built between Mikelang and client and maintain rich effect throws for it and resource. No matter be the support of pair of technologies and application, comprehensive still operation grooms and after service, all-around service ensured client investment buys Mi Kelang machine tool to be able to get its full potential. CNC Milling CNC Machining