Arenaceous belt the grinding applied research on common lathe

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Summary: Purpose research is arenaceous the application that takes grinding to go up in common lathe. Methodological basis is arenaceous the principle that carries grinding, characteristic, designed arenaceous belt grinding device, proved its craft effect through the experiment. The result uses arenaceous tape on lathe grinding device has precision work to spare parts of long and thin axis, reduce exterior surface roughness effectively, raise treatment precision. This craft is conclusion of the machine tool transform offerred a kind of efficient way. Keyword: Arenaceous belt; Arenaceous belt grinding; Lathe; Apply The Application Of Abrasive Belt Grinding To The Ordinary Lathes LI Hong, TIAN Bao-jun, BIAN Qiu-mei (Dept.

Of Mechanical Engineering, north China Institute Of Technology, taiyuan 030051, china) Abstract: Aim   To Research The Application Of The Abrasive Belt Grinding On The Lathe.

Methods   According To The Principle And Characters Of Abrasive Belt Grinding, a Special Device Has Been Designed.

Results   On The Lathe, precision Machining Of Long And Thin Shafts With Coated Abrasive Belt Grinding Device Is Realized.

It Can Effectively Reduce The Surface Roughness Of Workpieces And Increase The Machining Precision.

The Technological Advantage Has Been Proved.

Conclusion   An Effective Way To Reform The Ordinary Lathe As A Grinding Machine Is Provided.

Key Words: Abrasive Belts; Abrasive Belt Grinding; Lathes; Application is current, lack corresponding finish machining machine tool to the finish machining of only an axis of small lot slightness, large measure and heavy-duty spare parts, especially small and medium sized business, because fund is limited, purchase corresponding finish machining machine tool technically impossibly for this, so the author suggests to use arenaceous tape bed of be open to traffic of general of grinding technical reformation, implementation general accuracy machine tool machines high quality spare parts. 1 arenaceous belt arenaceous belt of grinding principle and characteristic is what make one kind by abrasive, soft matrix and binder is banding grind, its cutting function basically is in by conglutinate on soft matrix grind bead to finish [1] . Arenaceous belt grinding is the geometrical appearance according to workpiece, with corresponding contact means makes arenaceous belt and workpiece surface conterminous touch, produce opposite clash, have the kind of grinding of a kind of cold conditions of grinding and polish thereby. Open type and the grinding principle that close type arenaceous tape and device diagram to if pursue,part 1, the graph is shown 2 times. 1 electric machinery; 2 put belt annulus; 3 casing; 4 receive belt annulus; 5 procrastinate board; 6 tool carrier; 7 workpiece; 8 arenaceous belts system; 9 reducer pursue arenaceous belt of a type grinding principle and device 1 driving pulley; 2 connecting rod; 3 Zhang Jin annulus; 4 workpiece; 5 contacts annulus; 6 arenaceous belts; Axis of 7 electric machinery pursues 2 close type arenaceous tape grinding principle and device open type arenaceous area grinding uses the arenaceous tape that coil, orgnaization of decelerate of electric machinery classics is driven close bring the roll with extremely slow rotate, drive arenaceous belt to make slow shift. Arenaceous belt by osculatory wheel load to workpiece, make high speed circumgyrate realize the grinding treatment of pair of workpiece surfaces through workpiece. As a result of the shift with arenaceous slow belt, grind bead to throw grinding ceaselessly, grinding effect consistency is good, so, multi-purpose at nicety and superprecision. Close type arenaceous tape grinding is used annular arenaceous belt, pass osculatory annulus and Zhang Jin annulus Zhang Jin, drive arenaceous belt to make high speed turn by driving pulley of electric machinery drive, at the same time workpiece makes circumgyrate move, arenaceous be the first wear fore-and-aft reach transverse feed, implementation is machined to the grinding of workpiece. New arenaceous area changes after arenaceous belt wears away. Close type arenaceous tape because grinding is arenaceous belt high speed circumgyrate is easy calorific and noise is big, so grinding quality opens type arenaceous area not as good as grinding means; But close type arenaceous tape grinding efficiency is tall, appropriate rough machining, semifinishing machining reachs finish machining. Arenaceous belt grinding has the following and main characteristic: (1) and photograph of emery wheel grinding are compared, it is to use arenaceous belt to serve as abrasive tool, and arenaceous belt wears bead one layer only commonly, need not repair in treatment grind, need to change its only after the passivation that wear bead but. This makes equipment simple not only, the operation is convenient, and can assure tall productivity more. (2) is arenaceous the arenaceous area that takes grinding place to use is a kind of besmear is added grind, use electrostatic establish arenaceous means to make, use maximum pressure electrostatic and adsorptive principle, make the course grinds bead choicely to be able to grow axial way by oneself directional arrange, and distributing even, the tall sex such as its is consequently good. Outside grinding day of blade of bead sharp edge, have better look bit and platoon bits requirement than emery wheel, can assure tall work efficiency and stable treatment quality for long thereby. (3) arenaceous belt grinding belongs to stretch grinding, compare with photograph of emery wheel grinding, its radial fights force small, grinding temperature is low, so workpiece is out of shape not easily, the surface has appeared not easily to burn, the blemish such as crackle, have better exterior quality. (4) from economic benefits for, compare with photograph of emery wheel grinding, arenaceous belt grinding plant construction is simple, create value of easy, equipment low, the existing equipment of before be being used especially one working procedure adds arenaceous area grinding device, undertake to workpiece grinding and polish are machined, saved equipment to purchase cost not only, and saved much work to carry, outfit clip and adjust man-hour, because this is arenaceous,take grinding craft to have obvious economic benefits. 2 arenaceous belts grinding device is proved to have a test to afore-mentioned principles and study, the author designed an arenaceous belt wheelhead (see a picture 1, graph 2) , the horizontal stroke that places its outfit in CM6125 lathe procrastinates board on, can procrastinate along with lathe horizontal stroke board make fore-and-aft move with transverse feed, solved grinding of long and thin axis to machine a problem well, on its lathe if the graph is shown 3 times,decorate. Graph 3 arenaceous belts grinding device decorates sketch map of look down at the marked characteristic of this device is collect grinding opening type and the grinding that shut type at an organic whole, can choose one of way of these two kinds of grinding freely according to machining need. Open type arenaceous area grinding device (1) seeing a picture by electric machinery, reducer, put belt annulus, receive belt annulus and contact annulus composition, can realize type arenaceous belt grinding; Close type arenaceous tape grinding device is to opening type arenaceous area on the foundation of grinding, pull down decelerate system, close belt annulus and put belt annulus, turn electric machinery level next 90 ° , in its take-off makes up one driving pulley, increase a Zhang Jin annulus again, use piece of close arenaceous tape, mix by driving pulley, Zhang Jin annulus osculatory annulus is formed close type arenaceous tape grinding device (2) seeing a picture. Means of two kinds of grinding has an advantage each: Open type arenaceous area arenaceous belt is one-time when grinding use, arenaceous belt by receive belt annulus to drive adagio movement, make the arenaceous bead of cutting position keeps fresh and sharp all the time, can make workpiece differs each the exterior quality of place agrees equably, but Ra value is largish; And close type arenaceous tape when grinding, arenaceous belt high speed rotates, use circularly, as the addition of grinding time, arenaceous belt grinds bead to wear away bring about treatment surface quality even consistency is poor, but have certain polishing effect, ra value is little. In this device, arenaceous belt contacts round of system is core structure. Osculatory annulus is in arenaceous belt wants bearing arenaceous zone not only in grinding, bear grinding pressure, still hold drive wheel concurrently to pass motivation and motion sometimes, its design production precision and athletic precision to be able to pass arenaceous belt affect treatment quality, efficiency and working reliability, the design that contacts round of system accordingly is very important. Osculatory annulus uses light to slip model osculatory annulus, the surface outside its is a balata, can use vulcanize law or other method to secure its go up in hub, make its make an organic whole firmly. According to the diverse demand of workpiece precision and exterior surface roughness, choose the balata material of different hardness. Additional, in arenaceous belt in grinding, osculatory annulus and workpiece undertake grinding and polish with linear form contact. Machining error can be caused not only when should contacting round of as rough as workpiece axes travel, lower the utilization rate of arenaceous belt, produce arenaceous tape easily at the same time sideslip phenomenon, because this author will contact round of system,the design is two direction adjustable slant structure (4) seeing a picture. Should rotate fine tuning bolt deputy 5 when, osculatory axle 2 can swing inside XOZ face, realize this direction attune to slant; Should rotate the bolt of head of a pair of balls that contacts round of bracket 6 times 1 when, can make bracket 6 circle bolt 7 swing in XOY face, realize this direction attune to slant. Graph 4 attune slant orgnaization 3 arenaceous belts grinding experiment and effect procrastinate in the horizontal stroke of CM6125 lathe board jacket places arenaceous belt grinding device, to the diameter (10 ~ 50) Mm, long way compares 7 ~ the long and thin axis of 20 has arenaceous area grinding. Use CM6125 lathe to have thick car, half fine vehicle and car of essence of life to workpiece above all, use arenaceous tape next wheelhead undertakes grinding is machined, reduce exterior surface roughness, raise treatment precision. Workpiece outfit clip comes true through around tip, the tip uses dead tip to be driven by dial before, end tip uses vivid center. Experimental program uses orthogonal test [5] and experiment of only factor contrast. The biggest factor is worth with affecting workpiece surface surface roughness in orthogonal experiment namely 3 elements that workpiece rotate speed, fore-and-aft feed is spent and 3 parameter regard grinding deepness as orthogonal experiment, if element level expresses 1 to show. Choose better grinding craft parameter to be below more grinding conditions, planned experiment of 9 groups of orthogonality, use L9(34) to express a design to plan an experiment. Watch 2 for L9(34) orthogonality the watch reachs data processing, express 3 for variance analysis. Express 1 element level to express element level F/(mm.





02(f2)1 000(nW2)0.



07(ap3) expresses M of μ of Yi / of surface roughness of surface of 2 orthogonality watch and target of ApfnW of element of date of data processing experiment to list number 1234111111.









12 Ⅰ J3.




6G= ∑ Yi =10.


J3 of 993 6 Ⅱ .




2 Ⅲ J3.




2j36 of Ⅲ of 2j+ of Ⅱ of 64R2j= Ⅰ 2j+ .




449 6CT=G2/9=12.

110 4R2j/312.



114 712.

149 9Sj=R2j/3-CT0.

022 40.

173 90.

004 270.

039 5 expresses freedom of SSDN(of origin of variance of 3 variance analysis to spend) V(variance) F(variance is compared) believe is restricted significance Ap0.

022 420.

011 25.


1(2, 2)=9 general F0.

173 920.

086 940.


01(2, 2)=99 remarkable NW0.

039 520.

019 79.


05(2, 2)=19 general E0.

004 2720.

Experiment of 002 1 orthogonality inspected grinding dosage integratedly to machine the influence of exterior surface roughness to grinding, comparative experiment inspected only factor to differ respectively arenaceous belt is speed, fore-and-aft pair of arenaceous belts such as hardness of deepness of rotate speed of feed speed, workpiece, grinding, contact annulus the influence of grinding surface surface roughness. When the experiment, when the influence that inspects some element, change this element standard, and the level other element is fixed. Experimental result: (In 1) orthogonality experiment [2] , in 3 affects exterior surface roughness factors that inspect, fore-and-aft feed (the impact of F) is the biggest, workpiece rotate speed (NW) take second place, set is cut deep (Ap) impact is the least; (The parameter of grinding opening type with reasonable 2) is [2] : NW=1 000 R/min, NS=3 R/min(is arenaceous take rotate speed) , ap=0.

07 Mm, f=0.

02 Mm/r; (The parameter of the grinding that shut type with reasonable 3) is [2] : NW=250 R/min, NS=300 R/min, ap=0.

07 Mm, f=0.

2 Mm/r; (The technical target that 4) this craft reachs is [3, 4] : Ra(0 of exterior surface roughness.

32 ~ 0.

M of 68) μ , IT7 of ~ of dimension precision IT5, circularity (class of 5 ~ 7) . 4 conclusion experiment proves, common lathe outfit places arenaceous belt grinding device, use at grinding slightness axis kind spare parts, can reduce exterior surface roughness, raise treatment precision, reducing effect of side of exterior surface roughness especially more apparent. In the meantime, because use inferior capital to threw treatment to give the work of high quality, consequently this craft has obvious economic benefits. This kind of attempt connects lathe to transform general, widen its utility gained good experience, offerred a kind of efficient way. CNC Milling CNC Machining