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Profile and tubal material are the crucial part of light simple structure. Need to use new-style, agile cutting tool below certain circumstance however, ability gives special appearance according to load circumstance production. The software technology that uses modernization can satisfy these requirements. Current, tubal material or the requirement that the production of profile cannot have satisfied the market. The demand that a lot of this specification is current answering that machine to plank with the circumstance is rising ceaselessly, and it is more and more difficult also to get mart profit. Of user order it is more and more important also to be measured ahead of schedule. Through shrinking only development cycle of short sawn timber raises quality standard ability to assure plan. Intuitionistic three-dimensional model: Plank handles through squashing beforehand boil pressure shape the crucial part that craft designs the quality profile that improves profile and tubal material through the structure is light simple structure. The advantage that the modern building structure that used profile has depended on its economy and structural respect proved its advantage; Boil traditionally pressure shape to still can extend its size range of pipe bent ceaselessly, can adjust the figure of profile according to the actual condition of load for instance. Make spelling solder much material and weight can be saved when treatment for example. And the treatment craft that above paragraphs place narrates is met naturally also special to machining equipment to put forward requirement. Nevertheless, the software technology that uses modernization already can very good satisfaction the requirement of this respect. In needing to solving the flow of the problem subsequently, undertake improvement ceaselessly. Next application of article put up with plans at structural design, project, boil pressure shape the software technology of the respect such as the craft imitate of respect of cutting tool development and industrial development trend undertake introductory. Cold boil pressure shape craft is the efficient technique that on armor plate through drive gyro wheel extrusion produces steel qualitative profile. The advantage of this kind of method depends on his need not sufferring profile almost sectional appearance, cold pressure be out of shape material shapes the limitation of the process, can adopt suitable technological arrangement according to specific requirement however. But the gain capacity that a lot of elements are restricting this kind of method, for instance design cycle slants long, the assembly in gyro wheel production process, debug, of the examination of cutting tool and its internal stress, finished product be out of shape the circumstance checks homogeneous phase to should be cost. Use efficient analysis to reach with respect to need to the computation of these elements optimize software. To make full use of of processing efficient, the method that can improve profile quality apparently and technological process are used in design phase with respect to need. Process imitate makes everything all possible: Flexible to be not profile of convention cross section to undertake roll the target geometry size that approachs processing. The limited company of data M software that is located in Oberlaindern Valley area developed a software, use inside the Copra RF program with compositive buy can be pressed to boiling shape the gyro wheel group of craft undertakes assessment mixing test and verify. This software can support all opening to perhaps close the development with sectional profile works. Whole technological process from sectional to finished product profile sheet second shape the design of dimension (copperplate or decorative pattern plank) begin, till craft file (program of watch of treatment blueprint, spare parts, CNC) generate and the profile that undertakes subsequently is sectional the quality inspection with gyro wheel cutting tool. The optical measurement unit that should bring into special development next undertakes associated a test. For many times the plan of extrusion can accelerate design and analytic technological process, also can mature the demand to design personnel (can complete a design quickly to cutting tool group) , still can facilitate manufacturing director intervenes be finished as early as possible press to boiling shape the examine and verify of technological process. If design personnel and the central issue that produce a director to become attention set out from the angle of final user, need have the aid of " draft " the program makes decorative pattern board, the CAD data that generates from this will guide analytic program (Copra FTM- is out of shape craft module) undertake assessment to processing center. Consult strength of dimension of geometry of cross section of such as profile, data, gyro wheel is arranged decorate and the critical influencing factor such as gyro wheel diameter, the flexibility that the operation that software requires a few seconds only can reach in processing material itself may appear or plasticity deformation, and can give out plank material produces overload and the clew that where had produced overload. The use circumstance of group of new-style gyro wheel: Imitate result showed the issue that after using gyro wheel form, appears, what show here is the spring back phenomenon that appears after cut, create spare parts asymmetry. The data that the basis collects generates craft file to be in before getting true, detailed data to perhaps begin gyro wheel to produce, can use fast computational software to undertake checking to different processing form, issue good to the design processing draft data to undertake school nucleus in probable condition. This can save many time and the risk that can reduce groups of pair of corresponding gyro wheel to undertake do poorly done work over again is machined afresh even. Below most circumstance, the deformation that the factor that affects profile quality basically is plank (internal stress) , and because boil,basically be press the length that when shaping, appears to just extend what what cause to what go up. The theory that Copra FTM program can show the length way that produces on plank to extend is worth or extend the toothed blemish that action is on plank cross section and makes its underside appears. Although use,boil pressure shape the demand that craft produces the cross section of manufacturing profile to be able to accord with quality respect, but because be below the most circumstance in actual production,always speak of " plank edge is extended " , because this function appears very important. People is making this kind of phenomenon discovers when bore is handled beforehand to material. As a result of the plasticity deformation that gyro wheel causes, these aperture are squashed from punch product line at the beginning, and produce serious deformation, cannot accord with original quality goal thereby. Once finished the detail of processing and gyro wheel group decorate can begin to begin to prepare similar the craft document that is used at manufacturing gyro wheel and gyro wheel cutting tool, for instance blueprint of sawing craft form, craft and CAD data. Subsequently gyro wheel cutting tool will assemble processing equipment to go up. Until the next time big products plan is changed, whole platform equipment need not undertake optimizing transform or be optimizinged. FEM is finite yuan of imitate: The final position of profile how? So far, use at production to be able to run normally the method of gyro wheel group can be passed only actual trial production has on the machine tool and get. Had a kind of new method to be able to boil quickly now pressure shape the pull current Cheng of gyro wheel cutting tool, shorten take time, high analysis flow; And can cancel very likely almost all cutting tool repair work -- can finish all flow imitate on the computer. Special process: Copra RF software can support special cutting tool, what show here is compositive in gyro wheel group drawing cutting tool, namely so called shape profiling. Once complete the design of gyro wheel group, can use in finite yuan of data that obtains when simulation software: Copra FEA RF (of gyro wheel appearance finite yuan of analysis) software can the flexibility with nonlinear have the aid of - plasticity algorithm is pressed to boiling shape flow undertakes imitate. The member that software uses a person need not consider how to answer such as finite the definition of yuan of computation model, disperse is spent, how to choose appropriate unit the problem such as the definition of attrib border perhaps condition. The flow catenary software of Copra can be used inside the program with compositive buy is comprehensive, solve afore-mentioned problems automatically. A series of efficient analysis functions make an user OK to will coming the quality standard of the product or the characteristic is confident. The product is material of an accurate canal likely, the precision of its circularity respect is extremely tall; Perhaps may be humper of a car, its are final the user perhaps hopes to know such material can be had what kind of suck can the effect. Final profile product and separate processing course can use three-dimensional model of color to show. Through showing potential defect, people need not have the attempt of experience property and judgement to processing equipment. More advantages still depend on: The user can understand better roll the flow that controls processing, and can be in design phase can begin to optimize cutting tool, save time cost and capital cost thereby. Obtain through plan of two level type because not be all functions that each enterprise needs place of solution of trade of one a complete set of to include,optimize a result, because software of this a complete set of introduced modular design idea. The program was used " can expand " structure, can undertake according to the actual condition of different company individuation adjusts the requirement that differs with satisfying thereby. Finish on current and popular computer finite yuan analytic computation also needs only a few minutes short time, can use fast computational module to undertake be optimized beforehand and can be passinged subsequently finite yuan the cutting tool position that methodological examination uses a condition actually to fall. In cold boil pressure shape the effect in technological process shows, new-style cutting tool can reduce its run time and the security that can enhance flow respect further. Profile production business also is able to understand at present whole cold boil pressure shape technical flow gets relevant experience, this is in before is unthinkable. Because this is beginning production,potential mistake and problem can avoid before new product. CNC Milling CNC Machining