SINUMERIK 810D/840D hardware explains

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Summarizing SINUMERIK 810D / 840D is reach driving unit by numerical control (CCU or NCU) , PCU reachs OP0xx, 3 parts comprise the I/O module of PLC. Because be when compositive system, always mix SIMODRIVE 611D drive numerical control is unit (CCU or NCU) put together side by side, use equipment bus line coadjacent, because this is when the specification,be in both put under. PCU and OP0xx include: OP (Operation Panel) unit, PCU20/50/70, MCP (Machine Control Panel) 3 parts; The I/O module of PLC includes: Power source module (PS) , interface module (IM) with the input / output module (SM) . They are installed side by side go up in a slideway. Numerical control and driving unit 1.

810D and unit of CCU numerical control are the core of SINUMERIK 810D, it is called CCU (Compact Control Unit) unit, CCU cent is CCU1 and CCU3, what at present we use is CCU3 unit. CCU unit is in-house and compositive the CPU of CPU of numerical control core and SIMATIC PLC. Include software of SINUMERIK 810D numerical control and PLC software, contain MPI port, handwheel and measure interface. more compositive the power module of SIMODRIVE drive. Those who reflected numerical control and drive is perfect and unified (see a picture 1) . CCU unit has two axes edition and 3 axes edition two kinds of norms; Two axes edition is used at taking two the biggest do not exceed 11N.

M (9/18A) the drive of feed electric machinery namely: 2 X 11N.

M. Three axes edition is used at taking two the biggest do not exceed 9N.

M (6/12A) the drive of feed electric machinery and a 9kW (18/36A → FDD or 24/32A → MSD) main shaft namely: 2 X 9N.

M + 1 X 9kW (main shaft) . There are 6 feedbacks to receive the entry on CCU unit, can take 6 axes to include 1 main shaft most (take positional ring) , expand according to needing to be able to be on the right side of CCU unit SIMODRIVE 611D module, the configuration that gives you brings bigger flexibility. Interface of graph 1 SINUMERIK810DCCU3 pursues 2.

The numerical control unit of 840D and NCUSINUMERIK 840D is called NCU (Numerical Control Unit) unit. What configure with the function according to choosing hardware to wait like CPU chip is different, NCU cent is NCU561.

4, NCU571.

4, NCU572.


4 (12 axes) , NCU573.

5 (31 axes) wait for a certain number of planting. No less, CPU of numerical control of compositive also SINUMERIK 840D is mixed in NCU unit chip of SIMATIC PLC CPU, include corresponding numerical control software and PLC control software, and contain MPI or Profibus port, RS232 interface, handwheel and measure interface, PCMCIA card inserts groove to wait (see a picture 2) what what differ is NCU unit very thin, all drive module all are arranged it is on the right side of its. Unit interface of graph 2 NCU pursues 3.

The drive that drive module SINUMERIK 810D / 840D configures uses SIMODRIVE 611D commonly. It includes two shares namely: Power source module + drive module (power module) ; 3.

Module of power source of module of 1 power source basically is mixed for NC actuating device provides control and dynamical power source, produce bus tension, monitor power source and module condition at the same time. Differ according to the capacity, 5/10/28 KW all does not take make a present of to join unit, write down for module of U/E power source. Other all needs make a present of to join unit, write down for module of I/RF power source. The indent number that attends through module or mark can identify, its interface is shown like graph 3a place. Graph 3a SIMODRIVE 611 advocate power source module (10~55kW) join pursues 3.

SIMODRIVE 611D of drive of 2 611D number is the communication drive of drive of bus line of control of new generation number, its cent is double axis module and odd axis module two kinds; Corresponding feed servo electric machinery can use 1FT6 or 1FK6 series, coder signal is 1Vpp sine wave, can realize full closed-loop control; Electric machinery of main shaft servo is 1PH7 series. If pursue,its join 3b place is shown. Module of graph 3b FDD/MSD joins blueprint OP unit and PCUOP unit and PCU build the alternant interface between a SINUMERIK 810D / 840D and handlers. 1.

OP unit and MPIOP (Operator Panel) unit includes a 10/12/15 commonly " TFT indication screen and clavier of a NC. According to the demand with diverse user, xi Menzi distributes different OP unit for user choosing, be like: OP010, OP012, OP015. Among them OP010 is most commonly used. Applied MPI to SINUMERIK 810D / 840D (Multiple Point Interface) bus line technology, transmission rate is 187.

5K/ second, OP unit is a node in the network that this bus line forms. To improve interactive efficiency, have OPI again (Operator Panel Interface) bus line, its transmission rate is 1.

5M/ second. 2.

PCUPCU is a computer actually. It has its independent CPU, still can take hard disk, take soft drive. OP unit is the monitor of this computer, and the control software of Xi Menzi PCU also is in this computer. PCU (PC Unit) it is special operate face plate OP10 newly to cooperate Xi Menzi, OP10s, OP10c, OP12, OP15 the PCU module that wait and develops, have module of 3 kinds of PCU at present -- PCU20, PCU50, PCU70, PCU20 is corresponding at PCU50, do not take hard disk, but can take soft drive; PCU50, PCU70 is corresponding at PCU20, can take hard disk. The software of PCU is called HMI, HMI divides again it is two kinds: Namely embedded HMI and advanced HMI. When average level offers money, what PCU20 lades is embedded HMI, and PCU50 and PCU70 lade advanced HMI. See this book appendix A about the concerned hardware dimension of PCU and interface detailed. 3.

MCPMCP (Machine Control Panel) configure for numerical control machine tool technically, it also is a node on OPI, basis application situation is different, its position is different also. Current, have lathe edition MCP and MCP of milling machine edition two kinds. (see a picture 4) to 810D and 840D, the MPI address of MCP is respectively 14 with 6, with the S3 switch set at the back of MCP, see an appendix. Figure of face of MCP of lathe of figure of face of milling machine MCP pursues interface of graph of opposite of MCP of edition of 4 cars milling machine CNC Milling CNC Machining